Title: The Best Revenge is Massive Success
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 02-09-19
Location: JT Barrett House Gym
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

(The scene opens in the house of JT Barrett inside his private gym. The walls covered with with inspirational quotes such as “the best revenge is massive success” and “life is too short to wait”. You see JT Barrett in a black jump suit running on a treadmill with Kendo in the background wearing his MMA style shorts with no shirt on. He is curling weights over and over while looking in the mirror in the background of the gym. The camera walks towards JT.)


JT- “Take a look at that quote on the wall...”


(As he still runs on the treadmill; breathing slightly heavy, he points to the “the best revenge is massive success” painted on the wall)


JT- “That quote explains it all. For everyone that thought we were crazy for going into wrestling or even coming back to CWF after a...how do I say it...a lack luster debut but the best revenge is massive success and we have it right in front of us! Its now in the palm of our hands for us to grab.”


(JT press the stop button on the treadmill and gets off)


JT- “Now let me say that the success we've had isn't exactly the way we planned but we take and run with every opportunity we can get.”


(JT walks over to a chair with a towel hanging on the back. JT grabs the towel and wipes the sweat off his face from the treadmill run and then drapes it over his shoulder and looks at the camera)


JT- “Look at the new opportunity of working with someone very...very unusual. Crimson Ghost isn't like anyone I've ever met in my life but that's a good thing. Hell, I'll never met anyone like Kendo but it works. He trusts me as I trust him and now with Crimson I trust him and he trust us. Its truly a Samoan Ghost Connection!”


(as JT laughs to himself he looks at Kendo still doing curls in the background)


JT- “You see that man. I know I've said it before but he is even more focused on what he has coming up at Modern Warfare. The opportunity of capturing the CWF tag team championships and that is all he is focused on.”


(JT begins to walk over to Kendo. Kendo is drenched in sweat and puts the weights down as JT gets to him)


JT- “Kendo, are you done?”


(Kendo grabs a towel off the ground beside him and wipes off his face)


Kendo- “Yeah. I'm ready for Modern Warfare. I'm ready for my belt.”


JT- “and I'm ready for that bonus check.”


(JT laughs out loud as Kendo just stares at him)


Kendo- “Sometimes you talk to much.”


(JT laughs start to drift away as he is looking at Kendo)


JT- “Yeah...Yeah maybe I do but let me just finish by saying this.”


(JT looks back at the camera)


JT- “On February 12th, in the Oracle arena, the same arena where Golden State Warriors have won multiple NBA championships and on that night a new champions will be crowned because the Samoan Ghost Connection will defeat and dismantle Sanctioned Violence in ways that they can't imagine. Oh and its also Kendo's hometown so let end it with this...entering the ring is an option, surviving is no guarantee!


(Kendo looks at JT a little confused)


Kendo- “You watch NBA?”


(JT now looks a little confused about the questions)


JT- “Of course, I have some clients. I'll take you to a game don't worry.”


(JT and Kendo walk out of the scene as the screen goes black)


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