Title: Pluck and luck with Stuff and Fluff
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Plenty of nuts in the peanut butter
Location: The Rabbit Hole
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

"Well, isn't that cute."

C$J pauses Jaiden Rishel's attempt at intimidating his choice in champion, Max Becker.

It was the act of a coward, a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. It was almost charming, had kind of a romantic flair to it, but it was a fairy tale story that Mr. #1derful wasn't going to put up with. Why should he? He bought Jaiden's father's dying federation, gave it a much needed shot of adrenaline, and then gave it some competition in the hopes that it will give CWF a reason to exist. To be an annoyance.

Yet C$J is the bad guy in all of this? C$J and the Reawakened Hostility need to be put out of their metaphorical misery and disappear from existence? Please. C$J is much too pretty to allow such a thing to happen. What God's Gift to Everything wants. He gets. Hands down, no bottle of pills to back him up. He didn't need them. C$J snickers at Jaiden's image, his Eminem shirt, the gold chains. It was as if he was trying to convey a message. One of savage toughness, not to be messed with spirit, and that never say die attitude that would make daddy Rish proud and C$J puke.

Or Jaiden just wants to be laughed at. It didn't matter, it was his funeral and there was one very important reason why.

As if on cue to The Personification of Perfection's inner thoughts his personal intercom buzzes.

"Mr. Numbah Wondaful? Mr. Becker is here to see you."

C$J smirks and urges Tiffany, his perky (in more ways than one) secretary to send in his champion.

C$J: MAX! My friend! It's great to see you!

Taking the big German by surprise, C$J bounds around his desk and grabs Max Becker by the hand and shakes his hand warmly, a genuine smile plastered on the owner of CWF and Hostility's face. He motions for Becker to sit and he does so, putting his feet up without bothering to ask. C$J eyes them suspiciously but maintains his composure. A smudged desk could have money thrown at it to make better. Max Becker? He was the goal.

C$J: Listen, Max, buddy, and pal. I asked you here for a couple things. First and foremost I hope you got my message, I want to reiterate to you that money? It isn't anything that we can't add to. I want you happy, I want you to be you. I know that you've had a rough couple of weeks. Shadow costing you your undefeated streak, Big Rig rubbing it in callously the week after. I see your fight Max, I see your resolve. You didn't lose those matches in my eyes, you have inspired me to try and make you a Hostility exclusive roster member! But... I know that you're your own person, you enjoy doing your own thing, this is all fine. I'm nothing if not patient and motivated to ensure that you are taken care of and happy. 

That said Max, I feel that you've been grievously mistreated by Jon Stewart and anyone else that thinks it's ok not to protect an asset such as yourself. Your undefeated streak? I mean, I had money that you were going to beat Shadow, but I was scared for you Max! Shadow is a tough cookie! Look at how he made Cheshire think that she had to give the title to him to put him on a chase to prove he's worthy enough to hold it! Why mess with those mind game shenanigans when you have ample opportunity here in Hostility to let your more... Vicious side fly, which brings me to your match against that man, Jaiden Rishel.

C$J points to the screen that is still paused on Jaiden's cocky demeanor and poor taste in dress decorum. His expression is one of pure hatred and disdain. Max wears one of utter confusion. Every time he tries to open his mouth, C$J cuts him off with a hefty compliment and well placed chuckle.

C$J: Now Max, Jaiden might not look like much, because, well, he isn't. He has a famous last name and that's about the extent of how exciting this man is. He played entourage to someone in Evolution that faded into obscurity, had his chest carved up by Loki Synn, and now thinks that I'm a bad guy. Max... I'm an absolute saint! I've treated you right, right?

C$J looks into Max's eyes with boyhood innocence, like a lad looking up to his father, asking for an extra scoop of ice cream after an evening playing baseball. However, before Max can even formulate a word to start a sentence with...

C$J: Of course I have been! You essentially have a blank check with the option to add zeros to your heart's content, something that Jon Stewart can't do. There's one more thing that I wanted to let you know that I can do, for you, that Evolution didn't or won't. Max, the way I look at it, you're still owed a match where you get to choose your own stipulations. Now, I have to say, that match you came up with, the... Brigadiers Bring the Weapons with the added spiciness of a falls count anywhere match? Oh Max, how I LONGED for this match to happen! 

Jaiden Rishel is a headache to me Max. He needs to be extinguished before he thinks he has a following and before he thinks he has the ability to send us all into oblivion. I need you to be my champion of Hostility, a man that I can count on no matter what, against any kind of half assed resistance a Rishel can throw together to try and throw in my face. YOU Max, are that champion for me. I see it, the urge to be hostile. To incite violence, unleash your rage, and be applauded for it. This. Is. Your. Chance! USE IT! Get on social media and tell all your fans, whatever it is you might call them. Your fans bring the weapons, falls count anywhere, Max Becker versus Jaiden Rishel, live on Hostility Reawakened numero uno!

A crazed look has come on C$J's face and he straightens suddenly, straightening out his faux hawk. He coughs slightly, clearing his throat, and proceeds in a calmer manner.

C$J: Now then, I now you're still relatively new to the states and to show my support of the man who will be taking Hostility to the next level, if he wants this limelight, I have called in a favor to my dear, sweet, half-sister Ava. She has been doing the books for me lately, being a lot better with numbers than I ever was. I know how to spend it, she knows how to save it, together, we're unstoppable. Anyways, Ava has been dying for a break and I thought it would be good for her to travel around with us as we follow Evolution on tour. Well, she won't be travelling with "us" per say, but with you as your official guide. I trust her implicitly and I assure you she only has your best intentions at heart.

Without skipping a beat, C$J pushes a hidden button underneath his desk and a secret door behind him opens to reveal Ava St. James. The only feature that Max could tell that would make them siblings was the name. And her eyes. They are crystal blue, deep, and impossible to avoid getting lost in. Before he knew it, Max Becker finds himself being led out by Ava as she tells him about a marvelous steak house that she knows of, insisting that it's her treat, and winking back at her brother. C$J waves and smirks as the doors close behind them before silently laughing to himself.
Personal. We can do personal. Let’s do this shall we? 

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty now that once again, I, WE, have been proven correct. There are no star dates as much fun as that was to announce and there won’t be any fanfare where we go out into public.

More like “pub-lIC” but that’s besides the point.

Anyways, we told you all didn’t we? Mia made mention that Madness was coming to the CWF. Loki came.

Loki said that she would bring about the destruction of CWF as we knew it. CWF is splintering into two separate brands under one happy little umbrella.

Cheshire? She said that she would prove to the world why Shadow deserved to be champion and then force him to dig even deeper if he wanted even the slightest hint of a chance in beating me for something I gave to him on a silver, Jarvis sized platter. You were in no condition to face off against me at your worst. I saw this and I took pity on you. Cheshire sees everything that Loki did wrong and everything she completely missed. Like the real meaning of holding that championship belt, what it represents, and how to go about doing it. Outside of MJ, who is the person in the CWF that most anyone when prompted, except minus Mike Rolash, would say deserves that title more than anyone else on the roster?

Two out of three voices in our head say The Shadow. The third doesn’t really matter as we all see what happens when she is allowed to come out to play unchecked. Good news though for those looking for news on Mia. She understands everything that I see and knows everything that I do. Cheshire may not be long for this realm but are you ready for the next change? Only time will tell…

But we lose ourselves in mental drabble don’t we? Everyone is focused on Modern Warfare and everything that it means for the future of the federation, the World Title picture as a whole. Will Shadow win it? Will Cheshire? Ataxia or that other guy whom we’re told can be described as “plucky.” 

Yet we hear rumblings of something much different. We don’t know you intruder to the CWF and we haven’t been properly introduced. In all honesty, to say that it matters much more than being the one last intruder to this federation that needs to see their way out, would be giving you a bit too much credit. There are rumblings of what powers you truly possess inside that ring, rumblings of how big of a trophy it would be to be able to say that we have beaten you clean. 

We are told that it would mean more than the title strap and considering our sources, we are willing to believe them. Underestimating a stranger is dangerous. Doing the same to a potential opponent is suicidal.

Lucky for you, I’m neither. Just Cheshire, the resident psychotic. Nevermind what that Raven chicky might say or think, she is wrong. We are the psychotic. We are Cheshire. If she has a problem, she can come see me about it.

That said, it’s funny how everyone who is witnessing my little diatribe currently knows exactly who I’m talking about without mentioning names? No, we all know that we aren’t talking about Ataxia. In time perhaps, and soon, but we don’t know if it is time for that dance quite yet. The Outsider knows who we are talking about, he knows we are referring to him. We don’t call Him by name because, that’s the power of names isn’t it? 

That and I haven’t considered taking the time to learn it. Why should we? Why should we devote more time to you than we already have? Especially when reaching out to usual places we’re told to find information, we get the word “plucky” in response to our inquires about you.


Plucky, doesn’t make it this far in a tournament where we see an infestation of the “best” other federations have to offer come in and fight for a championship they have no business fighting for. Call me biased, but “plucky” doesn’t scare me or cause me any great distress. We might toss around one extra time, just so we don’t deflate your ego too much and you can say at least that when we force you to leave this tournament.

This federation.

My realm, with your tail tucked between your legs. Plucky…

They’re Looney and tooney folks and we made mention of it before, but there is the slimmest of chances Cheshire vs. Ataxia happens on this oh, so eventful night. Since Mia is a part of Cheshire, WE are Mia, Mia is We, Cheshire is in there too, but don’t get lost too far down that rabbit hole. No one would enjoy that.

Not even Mr. Enjoys Everything Man. You can trust him, he enjoys everything after all.

So Cheshire versus Ataxia, Mia versus Ataxia, a CWF historian SLASH lunatic’s wet dream of a match COULD happen this night, oh this glorious night! We do not run from this potential battle but run to it, falling into its embrace, and flowing with the melody that envelops us. 

This my friends is the Madness Mia once warned about and this is what you’re all only getting to scratch the surface of. As a former “scratcher” herself, possibly current, it has yet to be decided; Mia would know all about scratching things, now wouldn’t she?


And a TISS. Or is it “hiss?”

We get them confused.

However, this potential match up, Ataxia versus Cheshire, has us confused to begin with. We are friends with Ataxia but a part of us yearn for his embrace again. We long for the confusion our union caused the masses, the sheer comfort showing him our deepest secrets, and having him returning the favor.

Oh yes, our memory is coming back and we knows what lies beyond the burlap and more burlap tricks. We know the mind games, the move swaps, the tricks and treats that Ataxia brings. We love this opportunity to cave that precious burlap in. We loathe the fact that we say that because we are pretty sure that we long for Ataxia to hold us once again, like Loki never happened and Mia just woke up from an awful… Awful… Dream…

Weaver… We have dreams to weave…

We know the tune don’t we Shadow? Don’t think that we are done. We want answers. We want to know why you left Mia in a hospital bed to recover on her own, only to be manipulated by Milenko. 

We want to know why you didn’t come forth sooner when you had discovered the identity of Loki Synn.

We want to know what happened to our family. Mia was good at keeping what the kiddies call “sefies,” and let me tell you all, we have cried over several of them. Nostalgia is a bitch and we yearn for where we used to be. We yearn for our family. 

It was ripped from us from manipulation by a man we can no longer get our hands on. It was torn from us, forced to watch it liquidated before our eyes by Loki Synn. Ever wonder what her motivations are? You should know better than most Shadow that “evil” has no rhyme or reason. While Loki as you knew her is no more and well within control, the damage caused is assessed at critical levels.

As in we’re not sure if these relationships can be fixed. Is the effort worth it? Should we risk friendship all over again? How could you trust us? Is it Mia or is it Loki? Is Loki just that. Damn. GOOD?!

No, we assure you that she in her current state is not. Take our word on it, what do you have to lose? 

Sanity is overrated anyways.

So we come to the end of our little speech out unto the public. We know you’re all out there reading this, we know who “you” are. We see you but does that really matter? Dan Ryan, we gave you the courtesy of learning your name. We give this as a parting gift as your time here in CWF, the one last fuck that Cheshire had to give about a random somebody from somewhere, best described as “plucky.” You made us learn your name and roll over in bed once, congrats for that but that is as far as you get from me.

Ataxia? M’dear this is a match made in a lunatic’s dream and should we meet each other, we will give it everything we have to show why Frands and Madness go hand in hand. You have our heart whether you remember that you have it or not.

And Shadow. You and Cheshire is as personal as personal can be. This is where you show the world, ourself, exactly why you are holding that championship, you prove what we’ve seen in you all along. 

Us? We have the luxury of not really losing much in any of these matches. At the end of the day, we are still owed a one on one rematch for the World Title, this match with Shadow? We do not feel should count as it is part of a separate series of matches which so happens see us in the World Title picture. We haven’t declared this is our rematch and as such, we will seek it should we need it. But…

We don’t believe that it will be needed at the end of this tournament. Shadow, everything is personal, Cheshire desires answers as far as why The Forsaken turned their backs on Mia so easily. She disappeared and they all accepted it on their own. The truth was laid bare and an olive branch extended to all members of The Forsaken, minus Mr. GameBoy himself only due to the fact we haven’t played that game before. We aren’t quite sure how to navigate that… Yet.

They took the olive branches and here we are. Shadow versus Cheshire. Title once again on the line but so much more at stake. 

Cheshire versus Ataxia in a dance of romance, intrigue, and madness.

Cheshire versus Sir Plucky of some unknown division of the Universe sent to pester my existence with theirs. We see your interference Universe, and we don’t like it.

None of these matches matter in the grand scheme of things because isn’t this the point where we are supposed to say that no matter what, we will triumph above the rest? 

Tsk tsk general populace, you should all know us better than that. Each and every outcome of these matches has already been played out in our head and we all know how crazy it is up in there. No matter what you all THINK might happen, it is no where near what we have planned for the future of CWF and Evolution. 

Hashtag postscript: Take this as a declaration. We are staying put here on Evolution. Shadow wants to stay and prove himself, he’s going to want to chase after the title that WE have taken back, rightfully so we might add, and why would I make things difficult for him?

So we leave you all with these wise, WISEST of words from yours truly. Pay close attention and take note because we’re only going to say this once.


Right parenthesis.
Moments after we have beaten the Impulse man, we make our way to the back taking our mask off and heading to our dark corner of the world. Comfy clothes are essential if we must be out in the icky public for longer than necessary and a uniform showing all the unsightly bulges and curves of this gross excuse of a body gifted to our birth doesn’t actually lend itself to the idea of “comfort.” 

But it is important that we take this breather. We need to recognize how important this moment is. Loki Synn made an appearance this very night and not only did it go mostly undetected by the better part of the populace, but it was reigned in and controlled. It was used when needed, that extra bit of rage to take things the next step to secure a victory over a worthy competitor. Impulse man cared about their well being for some unknown reason.

Human decency? In 2019? This isn’t something that was counted on. It cost him in the end though and we saw the opening, we took it. He might not be willing to bend some rules to win an important match, but we suppose that that means he doesn’t have what it takes to win when it counts, now doesn’t it? He put up a good battle all the same, his words rang true. Loki can’t be trusted with the World Title, she proved that. 

Cheshire is not Loki.

Mia is no longer Loki.

Loki has become a part of us and she will continue to serve her purposes toward whatever our intent might be on a given day. We are a fickle being of enigmatic mysteries. 

We say all of this during our all important breather because we know that there are more people privy to our thoughts than the standard roster member might expect. We know you’re reading this currently as the thoughts play out within my head. We know you’re there and this is ok.

You all give us that unexpected edge that makes us so… Unique. However, we also plead that you do not call us by our former name. You may call us Cheshire, or “Hey you, over there in the morph suit!” We are not Loki Synn. Loki Synn has had her place in the CWF history books and made her indent. 

We are here to say that we are going to make a bigger indent than that, someday, with a little help from frands.

Maybe someday we will earn them back. Whether it is with Mia, Cheshire or whatever else this incredible world before us may hold in store.

Before I forget the biggest point out of all of this though, one thing must be mentioned beyond a shadow of a doubt. Fluff and peanut butter will ALWAYS trump Nutella and peanut butter.

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