Title: The Dawning Part 1
Featuring: Nina
Date: February 8, 2019
Location: Varies
Show: Modern Warfare 2019

Omar Martinez


June 13, 2010

Manhattan, New York


Nervous would be an understatement for the emotions that were flooding my body at the moment. Not because it was my first time in New York, nor was it because this was my first time in the United States. I'll tell you why, because as a fifteen years old kid, I never thought I would be enjoying this moment with the beautiful Rosario Ruiz. She hated the name Rosario, said she'd rather be call Nina. After chasing her for four years, now finally able to say she's mines. I'll call her whatever she wants me too.

Just to celebrate our love, also to try and help her clear her mind off of personal matters. We got away from the island for a few weeks, just to put our minds at ease. Wrestling every weekend for the past five years, takes a toll on your body. We love it though, all the aches, pains and bruises, hell it brought us together. Probably another reason why I had us booked for a few shows while here. But for now we were just going to enjoy the Puerto Rican Festival.

Along Fifth Avenue, the street were littered with boricuas. All proud, waving the red, white and blue flag of Puerto Rico high in the air. Even on the island, you wouldn't see this many of my people together at one time. It was beautiful. The reggaeton beats of LaMega flooded the open air as he performed live. Everyone danced their lives away at the moment. Me... myself, I watched Nina dance to the music as I drank my Budweiser. I was mesmerized by the sweat sliding down her cropped ‘Proud Boricua’ T-shirt covered chest, dripping down her beautiful abs. I nodded my head to the beat as she moved her hips. I was a lucky man. Taking the final gulp of my beer, I began shimmying my way towards her, I bring her in close as we begun to dance like it's going out of style.

Omar: ¿Estás disfrutando, hermosa? (Are you enjoying yourself, beautiful?)

Nina: ¡Ayy Papi! Esto es lo más divertido, lo he tenido en mucho tiempo! (This is the most fun, I've had in a long time!)

Omar: Estoy feliz de que estés feliz. ¡Tenemos que venir aquí más a menudo!(I'm happy that your happy. We have to come here more often.)

Nina: Sí, definitivamente vamos a venir el próximo año! (Yes, we are definitely coming next year!)

LaMega is unto his next song as we continue to dance, I bring her in for a kiss. I wanted this moment to last forever. There was no one like Nina and she was all mines. I really didn't plan this trip as a getaway. No I had bigger plans in mind. So as LeMega did his thing, I did mines, getting down on one knee. Totally catching Nina by surprise.

Nina: ¿Qué estás haciendo? (What are you doing?)

Omar: Rosario Guanina Ruiz, desde el primer día que puse mis ojos en ti, supe que te quería en mi vida. Cuando tenía ese niño de quince años, persiguiéndote, sabía que algún día serías una mina. Hoy es ese dia. (Rosario Guanina Ruiz, ever since the first day i laid eyes in you, I knew i wanted you in my life. When I was that fifteen year old kid, chasing you around, I knew one day you would be mines. Today is that day.)

Reaching into my pocket, I pull out a beautiful diamond studded engagement ring. Nina not able to contain her excitement instantly shakes her head up and down in agreement to the question, I wasn't yet able to ask.

Omar: ¿Te casarías conmigo? (Will you marry me?)

Nina: ¡Si! ¡Si!

She was jumping for joy as I placed the ring on her finger, finally standing up, to give her a kiss.

Omar: ¡Te amo! (I love you!)

Nina: ¡Te amo!

We shared another embrace and kiss as the people around us begin to clap and cheer. A celebration it was indeed, it was time for a new life together. Nina and myself began to once again dance, letting our bodies have fun as the day soon became night.





February 8, 2019



The room we find ourselves in, seems to be fashioned out to be a nuclear bunker. As the drone pans through the area, we see that it is very spacious. Visible is a nice size play area for children, a number of seating areas, an area occupied by glass cubicles and right in the center of ground zero is V.E.N.O.M. Nina sits upon her reptilian fashioned throne, Vince to her right and Omar on her left. As the drone moves in closer, Nina seductively smiles as she begins to speak.

“February 12th I have a date with a raven. I have a date with a raven because she was too proud to accept the truth and our offer. There's a reason why pride is considered a sin. Pride causes people to aimlessly stroll through life as if they're the greatest thing to man. As if the Creator purposely put them here for us to bask in their glory. Figuring somewhere in their mind that they're always right and everyone else is just here for moral support.”

Nina begins to giggle a bit, reaching to her left as Omar hands her the Book of Truth.

“The truth is something that most people try to stray away from.. mainly because humans are too weak to accept truth. They want to stay stuck in the fantasy world of golden roads and shiny gates. A fantasy world where they think they can do it all on their own. Sound familiar Autumn?”

Taking her attention away from the drone, Nina begins to flip through the pages of the Book of Truth. Coming to the page she was searching for, she glance back at the camera.

“Autumn, the truth is clear and plain to see. Those two titles you hold are mere pawns in the false sense of security, you have built for yourself. A sense that everything is right in the world. A sense that your hardships are coming to an end… It's not…”

Nina begins to laugh again as her brown recluse is seen crawling down her leg.

“Shall I bring up the past? Is it really relevant? All things considered, our last couple of encounters are going to fail in comparison to what I have in store for you at Modern Warfare. See Autumn, you may walk in with both the Hostility Aversion Championship and the WCWA US Championship draped proudly over your shoulders. But I plan on breaking down that wall, I plan on helping you see the light… That you so desperately need.. Not because I want to be champion, but because I want to help you see the error of your ways.”

She continues to carelessly flip through the pages of the book, never taking a moment to read any of it. She just simply stares blankly into the camera.

“February 12th, all truths will be revealed. And Autumn like I told you this past week at Evolution. Embrace that darkness, use those shadows to your advantage. V.E.N.O.M will be here to help guide you through that darkness. Help mold you into what you're supposed to be and after I beat you for your pathetic Aversion Championship, I will extend the same offer as before. The choice is yours.. straighten up and fly right little raven.”

Her signature giggle echoes throughout the bunker as Espinoza and Martinez are as still as stone.

“Now Elijah…”

Before she can finish her statement, the sound of footsteps bounce off of the walls as all three members of V.E.N.O.M come to full attention. A figure donning a gray hooded robe walks into view, coming to a stop in front of the three, they all drop to their knees as the hooded person speaks.

“Elijah will be in for a rude awakening..”

The three keep their heads bowed as the figure stands there, the scene soon fading out.







October 2, 2017

Puerto Rico

3:24 AM


Just weeks shy of Hurricane Wilma, we thought the worst was over and done with. I feel horrible that I made Omar wait as long as he did for us to get married. But after all those years of waiting, it seems that Mother Nature had her own plans.

We all knew the storm was coming, so our only option was to seek shelter. Terror had swept over the entire island as people searched for refuge from the storm. Omar and myself, along with our family sought safety at the nearest storm shelter. Because Maria was here and she brought her wrath upon us with a mighty vengeance.

For ten days, we sat in darkness, patiently waiting to be saved. A rescue being sent becoming more futile as the days passed by, Omar and me had became comfortable in the small corner that we claimed as our own. We sat and listened as the hundred and seventy five mile an hour wind tore through our island like paper to a shredder.

Terrified of the unknown, I sat within the arms of Omar as he stroked my hair. The only thing that would keep me calm in such a dire situation. I love that man for that, he always knew what to do to make me feel at ease.

Omar:¿Estás bien? (Are you alright?)

Nina: Estoy bien, solo estoy listo para que termine esta tormenta.. (I'm fine, I'm just ready for this storm to be over..)

Omar: Solo dale tiempo, lo peor ya ha pasado. (Just give it time, the worst has already happened.)

Nina: Tengo tanto miedo Omar. (I'm so scared Omar.)

Omar: No hay nada que temer, todo ha estado en las manos de Dios. (There's nothing to be afraid of, everything has been in God’s hand. He'll protect us.)

I knew he was right, it's just that everything felt like a nightmare that would never end. But then it happened..

The winds had calmed down and it seem that the worst was over. Rescue still felt light years away and our food supply had ran low the last two days we were in the shelter. So things looking up, was for sure a weak understatement. I had been up all night worried, wondering if this would be the last time I laid in Omar's arms. However, it didn't matter if we were in a storm shelter, this was the only place I felt safe. And my eyes slowly became heavy as I closed them, finally able to get rest.




The sound of explosives sent my body into a panic as I awoke! Looking around, I could only see clouds of smoke as screams of terror invaded my eardrums. Drowning out the screams were the orders of a man, yelling for everyone to get on the ground.

Luckily Omar had never left my side, he stood his ground in front of me as the men forced our family, friends and neighbors to the ground. This was 1993 happening all over again. Omar stood there, ready to protect us from these masked faced soldiers. With a lead pipe in hand, Omar stood tall as one of the men approached.

“GET ON TH….. Nina?”



How did he know my name? Who was he? I quickly look at the name tag attached to his vest.



To Be Continued….

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