Title: Bunch of punks!
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: February 9th, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Modern Warfare 2019


The scene opens at Jace LeRose’s mansion. We see that he is in his living room sitting on his black, leather couch. He sees that the camera is on him and then gets up off the couch and stands up.

Jace LeRose: Hello everyone and welcome to my home. Now you may wonder how I got a place to live that is this large. I am going to tell you. I have created a multi-million dollar online business. I sell courses to people who want to change their lives. I’ve got some of the courses out there to improve your life. One of them is about time management. I go through with you how to manage your time wisely and to work smarter and not harder. I’ve made all these courses and I’ve made a killing off of them.

He pauses for a moment and then starts speaking again.

Jace LeRose: Today I am going to talk about reframing limiting beliefs. I touched on it a while ago but I want to go more in depth with it. With me is my friend Louis and today Louis and I are going to do some reframing.

The camera then pans to the right and we see Louis, a skinny man wearing blue jeans and a yellow tee shirt. He sees the camera and smiles. 

Jace LeRose: So today we are going to talk about reframing when it comes to speaking to the opposite sex. Louis what is something that is holding you back when it comes to talking to women.

Louis: Well, they always look like they don’t want to be talked to.

Jace LeRose: Well how do you know they don’t want to be talked to? Can you read her mind? 

Louis: Well no…

Jace LeRose: See, that was a reframe. You are changing your idea about something. You can do this with anything. Anything that you think is holding you back you can reframe and look at it a different way. It’s a very powerful technique. You can reframe the situation multiple ways for even a bigger effect. Anyway, that’s reframing. Hey Louis, do you want to go to eat before I have to go to Modern Warfare? I am really hungry and there isn’t much food here to eat.

Louis: Sure, let’s go somewhere to eat. I am starving too.

The scene cuts into the next.


The scene opens at Denny’s Diner. Jace and Louis are outside in the parking lot. They walk past the doors and into the diner. There aren’t many people in there and it is pretty quiet. They find a booth to sit at and sit down. A few moments later a blond waitress comes over and hands them menus and brings them glasses of water. The two guys thank her and then they start looking at the menus. After looking at them for a few moments they put their menus to the side and wait for the waitress to come back to take their orders.

Once the waitress takes their orders, they then begin to talk about his match coming up at Modern Warfare.

Jace LeRose: So my next big match is at Modern Warfare. I am in a triple threat match against Mad Dog Murphy and August Frost. We are in the opening match. It’s going to be a interesting match. I don’t know too much about these guys but it’s going to be a great match and we are going to start off the show with a very entertaining bout.

Louis: I think it’s time to take Mad Dog Murphy out behind the shed and put him out of his misery. 

Jace LeRose: Yeah, that guy is going to get his butt whipped. He’s going to be put to sleep by me and then I am going to walk out with my hand raised.

Louis: Yeah, there isn’t any doubt that you’re going to win this match. I mean who are these two jamokes?

Jace LeRose: They are nothing more than a bunch of punks. They are going to get destroyed in that ring. The match isn’t going to last too long. 

Louis: Yeah, you’re going to beat them in record time. Everyone will remember this match as the time Jace LeRose took out two men in about a minute. 

Jace LeRose: I plan to make it even less. Give me thirty seconds and it will be all over.

The waitress comes back with their food. The two men thank her and then she wanders off. The two men then begin to chow down.

Jace LeRose: Wow, this is the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had in my life. So good.

Louis: Yeah, my chicken fingers are great too.

Jace LeRose: So yeah, once I beat those two bums they are going to disappear from the Championship Wrestling Federation. Once I destroy them they won’t be able to wrestle again. They won’t know what hit them. I am going to win and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

Louis: Yeah dude, you’ve already have this match won. All you have to do is show up and collect your pay check.

Jace LeRose: Yeah, it’s going to be easy pickings for me. I am the best wrestler in the whole league and soon everyone will see that. They are probably going to lose sleep over this. I don’t blame them. If they were getting in the ring with me, I’d be scared too if I were them. They can always just not show up and just give me the win and save themselves from a beating. Anyway, let’s get out of here! I have a show to go to!

The scene then cuts out to the next.


The scene opens inside Jace LeRose’s hotel room. The bed is properly made, there aren’t any clothes or towels on the floor. We see Jace sitting on the edge of his hotel bed. He has the television on and is watching some show. He sees that the camera is on him and then begins to speak.

Jace LeRose: Hello everyone, I hope you guys are keeping up with your affirmations. Affirmations will change your life if you keep up with them. If you’re unsure what an affirmation is, it’s something you tell yourself over and over that you want in your life or what to become. I use affirmations every day. My daily affirmation I use is “I am the future of Championship Wrestling Federation. I am going to be the future Paramount champion!” I tell myself that every day, all day long!

He pauses for a moment and then continues.

Jace LeRose: So my next match is a Triple Threat Match. It’s between me, August Frost and Mad Dog Murphy. We are going to start the Modern Warfare show with a bang. I want everyone else to want to compete with us to have a better match. We are going to set the wrestling world on fire. Us three are great wrestlers and it’s going to be a hell of a match.

He takes a second to pause and then starts speaking again.

Jace LeRose: Mad Dog Murphy, you’re going to be put to sleep. You’re going to end up on the mat with your tail between your legs. I hate dogs and I hate you Mad Dog Murphy. Murphy, you liked to party in your day, well this ain’t no damn party. This is the real deal. You’re stepping into the ring with one the best wrestlers in the whole world, me, Jace LeRose. You have a fresh start at thirty years old, well I am going to make sure to stop you before you even get started you punk.

He pauses for a moment and then continues on with his promo. 

Jace LeRose: August Frost, you’re using wrestling to get into the movie or the music business. I hate people like you. You waltz in to Championship Wrestling Federation and you want to use it to make movies or albums. Man, I am going to break your legs when we step into the ring. I am going to hurt you and make sure you will never make movies or albums. You’ve got me fired up and I am going to ruin you in that ring. You don’t belong in the wrestling business and I am going to make sure you don’t last here in the Championship Wrestling Federation.

He pauses for a second and then continues on. 

Jace LeRose: I am Jace LeRose, I can go in that ring and at Modern Warfare I am going to walk out of the match with my hand raised in the air as the fans in attendance scream and shout as they see their hero, win. The time is ticking down. The time is ticking down until I can show the wrestling world that I am the best. Get ready Murphy and Frost because when that bell sounds it will be all over for you. See you in the ring.

The scene fades to black. 

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