Title: Sweet dreams aren't made of this at all
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: All over the place
Show: Evolution 41

February 1, 2019


Some random grocery store in Los Angeles…


“I thought he had everything for this Super bowl party.  What are we doing here again?” Autumn snorted, pulling a few cans of diced tomatoes off the shelf, tossing them in the item strewn card behind her that her friend was lugging behind her.  The two of them had been chosen aka forced to go out to retrieve more supplies for this big super bowl party a friend of both of theirs was throwing. Autumn was just annoyed at this whole prospect.  Her friend, not so much.


“He wants to make some other kind of dip or whatever.  Plus he wants more chips and some pizza rolls. All that junky stuff.”


Autumn shook her head, wandering the isles with her and pulling whatever she wanted off of the shelf, tossing it back into the cart, not really responding to what she was saying at the moment.  Currently she was talking with said friend on the other end of her phone, probably making sure she had everything he wanted and to see if there was anything else they needed. She didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, taking it upon herself to wander off in the direction of the candy.


“There isn’t anything in the rules that says I can’t get a few things just for myself.”  Autumn thought quietly to herself. Her friend came trotting up besides her a few minutes later as they turned down into said candy isle, Autumn’s eyes roaming over the various sugary treats and such.


“So Marc says what we have is everything we need.  Everyone else is bringing something or it’s being made right at the house, so we’re good to come back home.  Got a sweet tooth huh? I don’t blame ya, me too.”


“There isn’t anything in the rules that says we can’t buy things just for ourselves.  So I’m getting a couple of things, simple as that.” Autumn responded, shrugging as she threw a couple of things in the cart and waited for her friend to make that all important decision.  A couple of bags later, it was done and the two made their way to the front to buy all of this stuff and get it back to where it was supposed to go. Of course, Autumn was just spacing out, playing with the random gadgets situated around the registers, trying to occupy herself for a few minutes before walking ahead, waiting with the cart as she started putting bags in it.


Much later, the two of them were securely in the cart with the groceries in tow and slowly making their way out of the parking lot to get back to their destination.  The radio was playing over the din of her friend talking about something on TV or whatever, Autumn wasn’t sure. She had her head leaned against the window, and her eyes were slowly getting heavy.


Eventually, they shut, and she began to dream.


Autumn stepped into her locker room after that grueling house show match against some new up and comer from the academy, brushing a lock of hair out of her face.  The light in there was dim, only coming from the one light that worked, and that was directly in the center of the room. It would flicker every so often, which didn’t really help with anything but she was going to deal with it.  The light flickered again, sending strange shadows dancing over the wall but it kept going, flickering off and on at random intervals.


Laying on the floor was a familiar wooden box with a worn looking book sitting with it’s empty pages face down on the floor.  Autumn frowned, kicking the box lightly to the side, listening to it rattle before coming to a stop. She did the same thing to the book, knowing from experience that it was also somewhat empty, though when she nudged it aside it didn’t pop out that message.  It was just an empty book.


“Haha…scared of a damn book.  Gimme a break.”


The whirring of the air conditioning continued and Autumn could swear she heard someone giggling through the vents.  Now she knew she was going nuts. She was hearing things. The light continued to flicker, casting shadows on the wall, shadows that seemed to move and dance with the light.  The laughter continued, and Autumn continued to look around, expecting someone to pop out and say this was all a big joke. Heart racing in her chest, she slowly spun around, the camera following her every move as she came face to face with the mirror and the words written in lipstick on it.


“The Truth...will set you free….”


The light above suddenly shattered with a pop, and Autumn screamed…


Autumn shook herself awake, gasping as her eyes looked around in a panic.  They had made it back to the friends house, but her friend was nowhere to be found.  She probably left her to sleep in the car, knowing she could make it inside when she woke up.  She slowly opened the door and stepped out, slamming it behind her. She shook her head, shoving her hands into her pockets.

“Damn dream…”




The next you see of Autumn, she’s sitting in a large comfy looking chair with each title sitting on the arms of the chair.  One leg is crossed over the other, and she has this flat look on her face.


“I don’t have any memory of ever crossing paths with you Nina.  If I did, I would have brought it up first thing. Someone with a history such as yourself deserves a lot more here.  That’s how I picture myself, someone who fought and clawed her way through people and a man who stuck me in his shadow to win these two golden babies you see besides me.  I don’t know how you see this as a contradiction, this Aversion title. I don’t get it. I see it as my way of being me, my way of saying I am in no ones shadow, and I am my own person.”


She tilts her head up.


“I am everything that you’ve heard of.  Beautiful, destructive, passionate, wicked, and fearless.  Everything combined into one, that would be who I am. And here you are offering me a chance to stand at the side of you and your little group.  I can’t even begin...this is a title match not a tea party. I’ve got a title to defend and some lessons to teach honestly. Maybe afterwards, I’ll give you an answer...in the form of my foot jacking your jaw to the skies.


I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.


I am me.




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