Title: Connecting The Dots...
Featuring: Nina
Date: February 2, 2019
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 41

Vince Espinoza


May 18, 2018

Undisclosed Location


If I told you I hated how my life had turned out, I'd be lying. I felt as free as anyone could ever feel. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and never felt indifferent about it. Memories of a past life had longed passed as I eagerly anticipated the future.

What a slow process it was though.

We were all promised that the world would be ours. In due time it would be. That's the funny thing about fate. You cannot escape what is destined. While majority of these people walk the Earth with the thought of what if, we countered with, why not.

The finer things in life are not that hard to obtain and sometimes your worst enemy can be your own self. For as long as I could remember, I vowed to do what I want, when I want and how I want. No mercy. No remorse.

True freedom.

Not the idealism that majority of the world's inhabitants confuse with freedom. But like I said in due time, everything would come into fruition.

I had been assigned an undercover task. It was my part in making things a reality, for the prophecy had been spoken. A triumphant reign, the likes of which the world had never seen.

I was assigned the task of infiltrating this particular country’s military force. Joining me on the mission were four of my brothers. The mission: infiltrate, gain Intel and subdue. We would know when the time was right.

You know it's amazing what someone will do for the right cause. To me it was necessary, the world blindly moseyed along ignorant to things that were right in front of them. These people needed to be saved… from themselves, the false security shields they put up to protect…


Pointless emotions…


Quite ignorant they were, some refusing to see things for what they really were. Always having 'hope’ that a brighter day was on the horizon..

It was…

The savior would soon be here to set things right. But like I say, things take time… For nine months, my brothers and me did everything that was needed. Boot camp, formal training, recon mission, gathered intelligence, relaying everything to the Commander. Waiting, abiding time, being patient. Everything would fall into place.. and that it did.




The planned had worked to perfection, the five of us, all working under code names giving to us by our Commander. Really the only father figure any of us ever knew.

The name chosen for me, Vince Espinoza, I guess it was a play on my Latin heritage. But as far as the past go, it's still a blur.

We had awoke that morning, going for the mandatory run through the mountains. It's a wonder this country has managed to stay out of the sight of the world public. It was beautiful, but like majority of things that hold great beauty, it would all come burning down.




The commands transmitted to my brain, gone were the painful jolts of electricity that used to send my body into painful convulsions. As the years passed, our technology evolved, making things more comfortable and efficient. But I digress from that.

The time was now.

We set out on our mission.

Seize control.

Within three minutes the task was done, our weapons laying waste to any individual who dared to try and stop the inevitable.

It was glorious. Body after body hitting the soil as our bullets pierced their skins.

Then we saw them..

Two figures making their approach, almost angelic, the enemy and the idol, both dressed in gray. Holding up their hands, the carnage ended. The five of us, kneeling in respect.

Our mission complete.. Our job done..





Nina sits on her throne, absent are her minions of destruction. She doesn't seem bothered though as she calmly pets her recluse. Her reptilian fashioned throne covered in topaz stones flicker off the torch lit dungeon. Raising her head, she looks into the soul of the viewers, licking her lips before they curl into a wicked smile.

Nina: I've been called many things in my life.. Cold blooded…. Sinful… Evil… Sexy.. Venomous.. Truth is, I'm all of these things and when combined together, it makes me dangerous… However, Autumn you should know that by now… At least I would hope that you know this. Our paths have crossed once already, though we never met physically. But that all changes when you place your “precious” Aversion Championship on the line. A title that's ridiculously enough of a contradiction… Or is it?

The flames from the torches flicker as Omar Martinez is seen stepping into the light at Nina's left.

Nina: ¡Mira! Autumn.. I got a slight inkling that maybe you're the embodiment of that championship if I've ever seen one. It's beautifully psychotic if you will. You won that championship and in spite of that.. I still get the sense that you're dreading it. You're dreading the fact that you have to prove that you're the best night in and out.

The flames flicker once more as Vince Espinoza steps into view to Nina's right.

Nina: The fact that you still have to prove that you no longer walk in Silas’ shadow. Which you are walking that line, under a false illusion that your minor steak of good luck is actually validation… It's not, because at the end of the day, you're still just that lost little girl. (slight giggle) We might have some things in common.. At times I'm still lost and that's why I walk along with my brethren.. I see a lot of myself in you and that's why this coming Tuesday.. I offer you a place at our side, we will help guide you on your destined path. How you see the way as you conquer the world… However if you deny… May the founders have mercy on your soul… Choose wisely..

With the end of that statement, she continues to stroke the recluse with her fingers, Vince and Omar standing there looking menacingly. The flames from the torches quickly die out as the scene blacks out.





Nina & Omar Martinez


July 23, 2005

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Local Wrestling Show


1… 2… 3!!

The bell rings and the crowd cheers as an eighteen year old Nina rises off her opponent, throwing her hands in the air in victory. Celebrating as her music plays in the background, she soon makes her way towards the makeshift locker rooms of the high school gymnasium. Her opponent, who made his way to the back during her celebration, approaches her as soon as she steps through the door.

????: Remember me?

Wiping the sweat from her face, she annoyingly looks at the kid, who we now tell to be a lean sixteen year old, Omar Martinez.

Nina: Umm.. we did just have a match..

Omar: Oh yeah… Anyway, I enjoyed working with you tonight..

Nina: Enjoyed working with you too. Keep working, you'll get better in no time.

Martinez begins to smile and nervously shift from side to side. For a moment, he begins to stare deeply into the brown eyes of Nina as if he was falling under a trance. Nina soon gives him a what the fuck look as Omar is suddenly speechless. Nina clears her throat. Coming out of his trance, Omar rubs the back of his head.

Omar: S-Sorry.. I think you kicked me in the head too hard..

Nina: That was payback for that elbow shot. Next time, you will not be so lucky.

Omar: So there's going to be a next time!?

With a smile and a wink, Nina pats Omar on the shoulder as she smiles and winks at him.

Nina: You never know what the future may hold.


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