Title: Work Still Isn't Done
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 02-02-19
Location: GYM
Show: Evolution 41


(Scene opens in a in a gym with weight machines everywhere and a couple of rings set up in the background. The camera looks left and right as you hear the voice of super agent JT Barrett voice and the camera walks towards him. You see Kendo inside of one the wrestling rings, sparing with a weight dummy practicing different types of suplex's and conditioning. We see JT in set ringside with a newspaper in his hands as he reads)


JT- “Hmmm...Apple stock is down. Whirlpool stock is down. Even Amazon stock is down too."


(JT slowly brings down the paper as he looks at the camera)


JT- “But the one stock that isn't crashing or treading down is the Ghost and suplex experience!”


(As JT laughs to himself)


JT- “For everyone that hasn't seen Evolution 40 let me update you. My client was paired up with the most unlikely of partners...Crimson Ghost. To say we were excited about this would be the biggest lie ever told. When CWF came to me with this idea I was really grasping at any chance to get my client back in the spotlight and against all odds...we did it!


(JT has the biggest grin on his face)


JT- “We really did it! And now Crimson Ghost and my client are the new #1 contenders for the tag team champions. Can we say big money! This is so exciting!”


(JT looks at the ring)


JT- “You see that man in the ring?”


(The camera pans to the ring as you see Kendo repeatedly suplexing the weight dummy)


JT- “That man right there, the Samoan Suplex Machine is more focused then ever! No more counseling sessions for me...especially at $150 a session. Can we say overpriced but that is now in the past! Now that we are on the right side of winning, the bonus checks should be flying in...Oh wait...”


(JT looks at Kendo)


JT- “Kendo! What do you think about the Crimson Samoan Connection??


(Kendo kinda gives a nod of uncertainty and turns back to pick up the dummy)


JT- “Yea...not a fan of that name either but names aren't that important when we see Crimson Ghost and my client hold the tag team championship in the air!”


(JT is looking in the air as he day dreams of that occasion)


JT- “But before that wonderful accomplishment happens, we have a match against Pandalike and Jace LeRose...probably even a more surprising par up then us but they left that tag match with a defeat last week and this week will be exactly the same outcome.”

(JT looks and points at Kendo in the ring)


JT- “Panda, LeRose, take a long look at that man in the ring but that dummy will be replaced with the bodies of you too. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and just when you think its done...you will see Crimson."


(JT looks back at the camera)


JT- “Entering the ring is an option, leaving is no guarantee!”


Scene goes black

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