Title: A New Purpose in Life!
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: February 2nd, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Evolution 41

[The scene opens in Jace LeRose’s mansion. We are in his spacious office where we see him sitting down on an  black office chair. He is wearing a blue Championship Wrestling Federation tee shirt and blue jeans. To the right of him we see that there is a desktop computer. There is also a bottle of water sitting there, unopened. He sees that the camera is on him and then smiles a big smile and begins to speak.]

Jace LeRose: Hello wrestling fans, it’s me, Jace LeRose with another video here. I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie The Secret. If you’re not familiar with it, well it’s a great movie to check out. Basically, if you visualize what you want out of life as though you already have it, well, that’s when you manifest it. So today, we are going to use the idea of manifesting by creating a vision board. To create a vision board you first need a board. You can buy them at the dollar store. They are similar to the ones you see fans holding up at wrestling events. You can then go through old magazines or print pictures and paste it on your vision board. What you want to put on your vision board is stuff you want to attract into your life.

[He pauses for a moment, reaches for his bottle of water and twists off the top. He places the top to the bottle  on to the desk beside him. He then begins to take a big swig of the water and then swallows it before putting the it back onto the desk with the cap twisted back on. He then looks back up at the camera and then begins to speak.]

Jace LeRose: I recommend that you first get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and put on some good music. Write all the things you want in life. The sky is the limit. You do not censor yourself. Write everything you want, from the million dollar body, to the hot and great girlfriend and the mansion. I tell all my clients to do this. Once you are done with your vision board, you should look at it every day. Once in the morning and once before you go to sleep. The law of attraction is a crazy thing. You have to believe in it for it to work. If you think it might not work, well guess what, it might not work.

[He pauses for a moment and then grabs the bottle of water again. He takes a sip and then sets it back on the desk beside him. He then gets up, grabs the empty bottle of water and then walks out of his office and down the hallway to his kitchen. He then places the empty bottle in the recycle bin before returning to the office. He then sits back down on the office chair and grabs a poster that was set beside his office desk. He lifts it up and shows it to the camera as he begins to speak again.]

Jace LeRose: So what’s on my vision board? Well I want to have a great body. I do have a pretty decent body because I am a professional wrestler but I’d like it to be a little bit better. This stuff works, I attracted my contract with the Championship Wrestling Federation and I also attracted my hot and great girlfriend with a vision board just like this. This stuff works. I am proof of it. I also put on my board the Championship Wrestling Federation Paramount championship. I want that belt more than anything and I know that with my vision board and the law of attraction I can capture that belt but that is a story for another day. 

[He takes a moment to collect his thoughts. He then gets up and walks to his spacious kitchen. He opens the fridge and then grabs a carton of orange juice. He grabs a glass from the cupboard, twists off the top of the orange juice carton and then pours himself a tall glass. He then takes a sip of it and then brings it back into his office and sets it on the desk. He then looks at the camera and continues speaking.]

Jace LeRose: Another tip I want to pass you is reframing limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a belief that is holding you back from achieving something. For example, if I was bald I could say to myself, no woman would want me because I am bald and unattractive or you can change your perspective on it and think that you’re a chick magnet because women love bald men. Or, hot women don’t like to be talked to. The reframe on that would be women are social, they are more social than men and they love talking. Also you could say to yourself, hot women love being talked to because most guys think they are too hot to talk to. It’s taking a belief and changing it to something more positive.

[He stops speaking and then lifts the half full glass of orange juice and brings it to his lips. He then takes a big sip before setting it back down on the table. He gets up for a moment off the chair and adjusts his shirt before sitting back down on the office chair. He then looks at the camera and then smiles and continues to give his advice.]

Jace LeRose: Another thing I’d like to talk about is positive self talk. For example, if I wanted sexy women to like me, I’d say to myself I’d say “Damn, I am so good looking, hot women will do anything to be with me. Everywhere I go they look at me like I am the hottest thing that they’ve ever seen.” If you talk to yourself in a positive way then things will be positive in your life. The way you talk to yourself is key. You have to talk nice to yourself. Nobody else is going to do it for you - at least enough for it to be effective. If you want to change your life you have to do what others won’t do. All it takes is repetition. You can’t just say it once and expect it to work. You have to say it over and over. 

[Jace LeRose grabs his glass of juice and finishes it off right to the last drop. He stands up for a moment and checks himself out in the mirror, making sure that he looks good. Once he is satisfied with the way he looks he takes a moment to collect himself. He then sits back down on the chair and then continues to speak.]

Jace LeRose: I was talking to a client, yes I do private coaching. I don’t do private coaching for the money. I make plenty of money in the Championship Wrestling Federation and through the self help courses that I have created throughout my years. Anyway, the client was saying that he was having problems losing weight. I told him, stop thinking you’re a fat man and start thinking you are healthy and that will give you the right mind shift. If you think you’re fat and unhealthy, you’ll eat unhealthy. It’s kind of faking it until you make it. In other words, start with what I was talking about before and that is start thinking that you’re healthy and slowly but surely your life will change for the better.

[He then gets up and walks back into his kitchen. He grabs a bottle of water and takes off the top. He then takes a big sip of it. He walks back into his office and sits down on the chair. He runs his hands through his hair and then gets up for a moment to check himself in the mirror. He makes sure that his hair is perfect before starting his promo for the next Evolution.

Jace LeRose:  I think now is a good time as ever to talk about my next match in the Championship Wrestling Federation. So my next match is against Kendo and The Crimson Ghost. They are the number one contenders to the tag team championship. Now, my tag team partner in this match is Pandalike. I am damn sick of this guy. He and I don’t get along at all but we are in a damn tag team match again, teaming up. Last show, we didn’t walk out with the victory and that really pisses me off. I shouldn’t be losing matches because I am Jace LeRose, the best pro wrestler in the Championship Wrestling Federation. I swear, if I lose this match, Pandalike and I are going to have to settle the score the old fashioned way with a one on one contest. I’ll give this punk one more chance, but if things go crazy again and we lose, well, things are going to get a little heated between us, to put it lightly. Kendo and The Crimson Ghost, you better be ready because I am coming for you!

[The scene then fades to black.]

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