Title: The Redemption of Jimmy Allen Part 3
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Interesting Days
Location: All over the place
Show: Evolution 41

The Redemption of Jimmy Allen Part 3(The final chapter?)

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups” - U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant

When I first arrived on the scene in CWF, I made an assumption about someone. That was a huge mistake on my part. My assumption was that Jon Stewart was under the burlap mask, just as he was when I was in Boardwalk. This lead me down the road I traveled for a while. Including but not limited to my war with Dorian and the Forsaken. I’ve been told countless times that I owe these people an apology. Trent Steele made that plain to me not all that long ago. I own my story Trent, I won’t apologize for it, nor should anyone ever feel obligated to do so. My father knew this, apologies do not fix the damage done.

When a person is truly sorry, they just make sure not to make the same mistake again. A single instance can be forgiven by most people. After the first time, it’s no longer an accident or a mistake. After the first time it happens, it’s something that a person chooses consciously to do. My brother and my goddaughter have forgiven me. I’m very thankful for that. I was able to reach an accord of sorts with Shadow. The warning or threat if you will was expected. I expect that from a good man who’s only looking out for the best interest of his family. I would do the same, if the circumstance were reversed.

Right at the height of the Hostile Takeover, Ataxia disappeared,  no one knew where he went and now it seems he doesn’t either. If he’s willing my plan is to have similar discussion with him that I had with his friend. That only makes the circle three quarters of the way complete. I would be remiss if I left what is left of Mia Rayne out of this equation. That is the only way to complete the circuit so to speak. 

I am not the only one who made assumptions. When “they” saw my name on the bracket for the tournament, “they” all laughed. “They” like to play the part of the judge. “They” Also like to play the part of the Jury. The thing that “they” like to do most is play the part of the executioner. We live in a time of social justice warriors, people trolling social media and blasting people for their opinion. These are people that would “unfriend” their mom on social media if her political views differed from their own. “They” counted me out in every match I’ve had so far in the modern warfare tournament. “They” like to have their opinions heard. “They” don’t realize that the wolf doesn’t care about the opinions of sheep. 

Comeback Kid?

This ain’t the Hallmark Movie Channel, this is a World Title match! Keep doubting me and I’ll keep showing you how very wrong you are. I am none of those things, I’ve been a contender for any title you’ve got since the day I walked through the door. I proved that when Tobias and I were just thrown together on a spur of the moment booking decision. We had nothing in common, no common ground whatsoever. What did we do? We simply beat some of the best tag teams in the world to claim the CWF Tag Team Titles. Anyone who thinks that I wasn’t carrying my own weight? Step between the ropes with me and I’ll show you what the fuck is up.

My second round opponent, Amber Ryan discovered exactly that. Before that match I had a ton of respect for her. Her reputation precedes her and it turned out to be a fraud. Showing an opponent no respect by not saying a word all week? That’s pathetic, it tarnishes your legacy in this business as much as no showing a show does. Did you think you would get a free pass because of your past? Not a chance, not when I’m your opponent. I exposed her injuries and her frailty. There’s no cure for the weak, you should have stayed retired due to injuries. That way the only thing that got hurt was your pride.

Pride; it’s an interesting word isn’t it? By definition, pride is a feeling of satisfaction or pleasure with your own achievements. 

That word brings me to my third round opponent, The Shadow. He was not afforded the opportunity to feel that sense of accomplishment. He was robbed of that by Loki or Cheshire or whatever Mia is calling herself this week. I bring this up, mostly because he has voiced a sense of disappointment.  It never feels quite the same as earning something does it champ? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be the champion, but the ending of that match was sketchy as fuck. I’ve heard you called the champion the people deserve. I can appreciate that, truly, I have mad respect for you and the things you’ve done. The ending of that match though….it really cast a shadow on things….see what I did there? I’m sure you did.

I’ve heard it said that defending a title is always far more difficult than winning one. You’ve got me there champ, I’ve never won a world title. You definitely have the edge there, and in the fact that  you’ve beaten me before. My first real match here was against you. We are very similar in the ring, height, weigh, reach...all virtually identical. The only edge I have against you is hunger. I’m hungry for that first singles title Shadow. Look at virtually every other person in the tourney and you see multi time champions. They’re here for fucking show my man, I’m here to win that strap you have around your waste. 

You and I have an understanding with each other. An accord as some might call it, but all that aside. I’m coming for that title, just as vicious and savage as I’ve ever been. You’ve been the champion that the people deserve, but what if I told you they could do better.


Tacoma, Washington
Right after the impromptu interview with Tara at Evolution.

After Tara had thrown it back to the ring, I bid her farewell and continued on my way to the locker room. As I round the corner, I’m nearly run over by a madman in a golf cart! Ataxia brings it to a halt and looks me up and down.

Ataxia: Come d'artagnan we’re saving the king!

I smile at the young man behind the burlap mask and politely decline as I turn to continue on my way. Suddenly a rubber chicken with a knife in it’s head slams into the wall near my head. I look back at the masked lunatic as he smiles.

Ataxia: Get in the fucking cart, we need to have a talk.

I never let my smile drop, I look at him, he’s serious. He could just be seriously pissed depending on what he’s been told. I decide, well, I wanted this anyway.

Jimmy Allen: Okay, let’s do that..

I climb in the golf cart and we zoom away towards the back entrance of the arena.

Ataxia: So. You and Dorian made all nicey nice now? Yas?

Jimmy Allen: We did, I’m thankful for that. I was hoping you and I could still possibly be frands

Ataxia speeds up the golf cart well as much as it can go and he turns to me. I can only see his eyes and his mouth in that mask. Best poker face ever. I don’t know if he’s going to break my neck or bake me cookies.

Ataxia: I was always your frand Jimmy-chan, but you betrayed my trust. Now you didn’t pull a ducebag or be a jacehole about it, but you fucked with my family. I want to make this perfectly clear to you. I do care about CWF. You’re good for CWF Jimmy, but rather you are good as an example of why not to fuck with my family or that you are good as a person who continues to function outside of an iron lung...is up to you. In other words Jimmy, as far as I am concerned. We’ve buried the hatchet, but the handle is still sticking out of the ground. You ever pull a stunt like this again and I promise you...I’ll not just wear a copy of your face...I’ll wear yours as a jockstrap. We good?!

It’s all I can do not to laugh but the point is well taken and I know he is deadly serious about this. I smile and think for a moment.

Jimmy Allen: That’s fair, and as far as I’m concerned the hatchet is buried and we’re good. Although I have to say the threats are really unnecessary. I get it though, I would do exactly the same thing if I were in your place. Family is family and blood doesn’t define it. 

Ataxia: And don’t worry...you might get to that point to...just keep your nose clean kiddo. Unless you got some pixie sticks...wanna snort some!

I laugh and shake my head declining the invitation.

Jimmy Allen: No sir, I choose my vices very carefully and I might enjoy that a bit much more than I should. As far as the other, one can hope that’s the case.

Once again an accord has been reached, the cart comes to a stop and I hop out.

Jimmy Allen: Later gator

Manic laughter is all I hear in response as the man in the burlap mask speeds away.


Miro Uptown Apartments
Dallas, Texas

The fog clung to the patio furniture like a stripper on her first date with a new sugar daddy. Unlike the aforementioned, it was cold and annoying. I check the seat cushion of my glider and find it too damp to sit on comfortably, so, I decide to just flip it over. 

Jimmy Allen: Problem solved.

I set my Darth Vader coffee cup on the side table and sit as I hear the slider open. My brother Aeric had been staying with me for a few days, he had some huge decisions to make about his own career. His wife had filed for divorce, he really wasn’t all that broke up about it. He knew that the baby she was carrying wasn’t his. That made him more sad than the divorce. He sets his powder coated Yeti travel mug down on the side table on his side. 

Jimmy Allen: That’s still the coolest Yeti I’ve ever seen man. The star Wars symbolism on that is cool.

He picks the mug up and looks at it smiling. The outline of Darth Vader with the silhouettes of Luke Skywalker among other characters was really well done.

Aeric Bane: Guess we know who the favorite uncle is now don’t we?

We both laugh and I have to agree. He’s had the time to be there when I couldn’t be. It’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen over the years to not be involved in a relationship. His pending divorce is another reason.

Jimmy Allen: Indeed we do brother, indeed we do. 

I smile and relax, leaning back it’s only then that I realize I hadn’t flipped the cushion that covers the back. I cringe a little as my baby brother laughs at me.

Aeric Bane: Devil’s in the details ain’t it?

I shake my head and laugh.

Aeric Bane: World Title Match eh?

Jimmy Allen: Yeah, The Shadow is one tough son of a bitch. No doubt about that.

We both allow the conversation to fade and other than the sips of coffee and the occasional passing car, nothing but silence. It’s not a bad thing, the hectic pace of this life can burn you out quickly, so you enjoy any moment of silence that you can. I was about to talk about Shadow with Aeric but the silence is eliminated when a softer voice breaks the silence. 

“Hey Walker, I got your mail by accident.”

Came the voice of my neighbor, Marissa seemed to accidentally get a lot of my mail the last few months.

Aeric Bane: Who’s that?

Jimmy Allen: Just a girl that lives next door.

He smirks at me.

Aeric Bane: You know a girl?

I laugh at him and play along.

Jimmy Allen: What? I’m not supposed to know a girl? Want to go let her in?

He smirks at me again.

Aeric Bane: Not my mail, so no.

I sigh, take sip of coffee and go to the door. I open the door as she’s about to knock.

Jimmy Allen: Thanks Marissa, I don’t know how the mail carrier keeps getting this mixed up.

There’s something about those almond shaped eyes, there is almost a sparkle to them. Something I had found out was that she was here on a work visa. Originally from the philippines, she worked as a Systems Engineer for a local telecom company as a contractor. 

Marissa Marhara: What if I told you I was intercepting them on purpose in order to spend a little time with you.

I shake my head, and laughing I respond.

Jimmy Allen: What if I told you, that if you wanted to do that all you had to do was say so.

She finally hands me my mail and allows her hand to linger on mine a bit longer than she intended. Biting her lip, hate it women do that, but she knows this and that’s the reason she’s doing it.

Marissa Marhara: So, a drink later then?

Jimmy Allen: How about the Venus room instead? Around 7 okay?

She smiles, nods and then takes her leave.

Aeric Bane: I need to just get an apartment in this complex….she’s fucking hot.

I smile at my little brother and then caution him.

Jimmy Allen: Once that divorce finalizes big man, don’t want anything to jeopardize your future paychecks because your chasing tail.
He smiles, the sarcasm is never far from his mind as he responds.

Aeric Bane: Might be worth it if she has a sister.

Jimmy Allen: She has three of them actually. One older and two younger.

Aeric Bane: How much older and or younger?

Jimmy Allen: When the ink is dry on  your divorce, you can ask her yourself. 



Well kids,  here we are once again. The time is drawing close to my showdown with The Shadow. This will be my chance to show the world that I can hang with anyone. He’s not just anyone though. He’s the leader of The Forsaken and he’s the CWF World Champion. He and The Forsaken; they’ve shown time and time again how dedicated they are to this company. It’s certainly a great quality among them. They fight for their home. I’ve spent my career being more or less a Rhonin is the term I’ll use. I’ve been a hired gun for many different men in this business. 

I’ve made a lot of money doing the dirty work of others. James Milenko was just the latest in a long line of benefactors I’ve had. I’ve made my reputation and my career off the blood of others. Why would I tell the fans this? It’s simple really. In order to understand where I’m going, you have to know where I’ve been. I’ve followed in the footsteps of my father for a long time. They say that if you want to step away from the shadow that others cast, that you have to make your own footsteps. My promise to the fans of CWF and to myself is that those days are behind me.

If you look in our families training facility you’ll see the banners of a dozen different places that Mac Bane called home. I have no banners of any federation hanging or even collected. That’s something I intend to correct after this match with Shadow. I’m telling you this now, so you understand that CWF is my home. Every week going forward, this company and it’s fans will be the foremost in my mind. If I win or lose, that won’t change. Should I lose then it will only push me harder to be better. Better for the sake of the brand and the fan base.

I also realize that words without action are just that, words. In order to make that stick, I have to prove it every week. There are no intentions here, this is a fact, I will prove it every week. I’m starting with this week. With you Shadow, before that match starts I’ll shake your hand if you’re willing. After that match I’ll do the same thing regardless of whether I win or not. Should anyone from the back and no I’m not talking about The Forsaken. Should anyone back there like your Venoms and such decide to insert themselves in this match. May God have mercy on their souls because I have none. 

To The Forsaken; I don’t know what is hunting you, but it’s not me. Know this, I don’t care who it is. I know based on the reaction to Samford’s injuries, Shadow is worried, more worried than I’ve ever seen him. Something dark is coming, you don’t have to be a mystic to feel the surge of negative energy in the air. I don’t know who HE is but it simply doesn’t matter. I’ll not allow another person or group to threaten our home. I know you’re not focused right now Shadow, it doesn’t matter how much you profess otherwise. Family being threatened will distract anyone, no matter how powerful their focus is. In the meantime you and I have a date with destiny.

The clock is ticking champ, it’s almost time for you and I to show them what the CWF is all about. “They” don’t believe I stand a chance against someone like you. You and I both know I do but should you doubt me? If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, I can’t make you right, all I can do is prove you wrong.


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