Title: The Fire of The Frost (vs. Mad Dog Murphy vs. Mike Munson)
Featuring: August Frost
Date: January 31st, 2019
Location: CWF Headquarters
Show: Evolution 41

August comes on screen in a fur coat and bell bottoms. He has dark blue aviators on. He smiles a wide smile and looks excited. 

August Frost: Well well well. I've finally made it. Mrs. Frost's little baby boy is here in the big time. CWF! Do you understand the gravity of what has just transpired? 

August looks at the camera, fixes his glass and flashes a huge smile. 

August Frost: You have signed the hottest up and coming talent in all of the world of professional wrestling. Hell, in all of entertainment. Put me on TV...ratings spike. Put me in movies...blockbuster. Put me in music...Grammy. I mean what else do you expect from this sexy face? 

August poses and laughs. 

August Frost: Yo, but really. I sign on the dotted line and I'm instantly put in a match for an opportunity to be placed in a tournament to crown the next CWF Paramount Champion?  Sure, I'm in the "rookie" bracket but, I mean, that's what it's all about. What better way to back up my words than being "the man"? CWF is definitely giving me the ol' "trial by fire" by putting me in triple threat match for my debut. It'd have been a cakewalk if it was a singles match. Hell, it'd have been easy if it was a tag match. But, no. I have to worry about two other men wanting my head. Two other men who are making their debuts just like me. 

August takes a moment to ruminate on his opponents.

August Frost: Mike Munson. MEGA MUNSON. Almost 300 pounds of pure Buffalo beef. This boy's so big any time he walks outside, people think a goddamn eclipse is happening. I'd say I wasn't worried. I'd say I ain't scared of him. I'd say that, but I'm not a liar. I like to stretch the truth to my advantage here and there, but I don't lie. Munson could pick me up and throw me around like a ragdoll. He's massive, but he's older than me and he's slower than me. I need to use my youth and speed to wear him out....Or I'll let the other guy wear him down while I take a siesta. I haven't decided yet.

August claps his hands and chuckles. 

August Frost: Speaking of the other guy. Sorry, man. I don't mean to refer to you as the "other guy". You understand. Mad Dog Murphy, eh? With a a name like that, sounds like you like to hit the bottle a little bit, you know what I'm saying? Hey, listen. I don't touch the stuff, but I don't judge anyone who does. To each his own, right? But..I can't see how being liquored up could really be that effective when you're wrestling. I guess I shouldn't just assume that about you because you're Scottish....or is that a stereotype about the Irish? Oh well. 

August shrugs and plays a bit with his sunglasses.

August Frost: I know what you both are going to say. That I'm a child and I have no experience or nothing to show. Yeah I'm a baby in this game but I want you both to think about this. I'm hungry. Honey, I'm starving! I see a five course meal spread out in front of me and I'm drooling. I'm salivating at the thought. Who's gonna come in and take food off my table? You, Munson? You, Mad Dog? You think you're gonna come take food from?

August suddenly gets very intense and serious but the changes his demeanour and smiles again.

August Frost: Nah, man. I don't think so. The way I see it, the wrestling world needs more youth at the forefront. Sure, you're both not that old, but compared to me, you might as well be admitted into a senior's complex. But look, I've been babbling enough. It's simple. I'm gonna win this match and then I'm going to go on to win the entire Paramount Grand Prix. You know why? Because I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win. Good or bad. If I have to climb to the top of the arena and do 5 back flips and break my back just to beat you two, I will. 

August takes off his glasses and stares intently.

August Frost: What are you willing to do?

He puts his glasses back on, smirks and walks away.

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