Title: [CD] A Response? Old Man River, You Can't Handle It
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 1/26/19
Location: Name it


Mr. Veteran of the Ring has some words to say for Cheshire.

Did I strike a nerve with my N'Sync reference Mr. Answer? Did you really think that with people like The Shadow running around and insulting me by insinuating that I am not my own master, I would really care about what the hell you thought of lil' ol me?

Now, I'm sure that you've been expecting this, savoring this moment. Betting odds are forever in your favor because you have the experience and you have me pigeon holed in some messed up generalization of what you think that "crazy" or "psycho" MIGHT mean. Once again I get to laugh at the punchline that no one sees but me. But please, continue to gloat about your experience.

How easy you'll have it to come up against the woman that destroyed the knee of Aidan Dempsey, a visitor to this "illustrious" federation, much like yourself. He left with his tail between his legs and a permanent limp. With any luck the powers that be over at SEE will see to it to take him out back and end his miserable career.

Or let's talk about my former championship reign where I dethroned MJ Flair, the prodigy child that was thought unbeatable. She went up against the greatest that anyone in CWF could throw at her. She got knocked down and everytime she did, she would get right back up again. That is...

Until I threw her from the ring. She landed on the ramp and she didn't move until long after I left with a strap everyone had thought was hers. It's all in the history books and now dear Mr. Answer, if YOU'LL take note.

I did that without specifying which of several personalitites did any of our prior accolades. The fact remains. They happened and you're about to go to war against the very person that accomplished all of it. Such a young career against such a "veteran of the business." The young novice mustn't have a snowball's chance in HECK!

You've seen all the tricks, what was it that you said? Fourty-six years in this business? That's a lot Mr. Answer I'll give you that. I'm sure you have a lot of lines if I were to slice off one of your limbs and count the rings.

Drip, drip...

I know. You've heard all the threats before and you're not quaking in your booties. I'm not intimidating. You have nothing to worry about. Sleep tight Mr. Answer and we'll see if I can't be the exception to your rule. We'll see if I can't hold a candle to your experience and make you regret the day that you tried to get into MY head.

The psychopath is NEVER the path the sane should travel alone. I'm going to make you just one solitary promise JC. Only one and I do hope that you take heed. Ask around and you will know how sincere about these words that I am. Are you ready?



No contest.

Disqualification in either favor.

Any finish to our match that you could possibly conceive in that peanut sized head of yours... You will remember my name. You will know who you were in the ring with, and you will WISH that your flame could withstand my candle.

Semi colon.

Right Parenthesis.

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