Title: A "Bit" of History
Featuring: Most Known Unknowns
Date: June 22
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 40

Vince Espinoza


January 22, 2004

Undisclosed Location


The sounds of propeller blades whistling through the wind is all I hear as me and my brothers make our way to our next mission.

Details are unknown to me. I really don't care I just follow orders. That's all I ever do, it's what I've been programmed to do.. For as long as I can remember..

Done expecting my Glock 17, I placed it in the holster on my hip. Beginning my check on the HK-416, the commander.. or leader.. or whatever the fuck he wanted to call himself, moved swiftly through the chopper.

Commander: You all know what we're here to do!!

With those words we all begin convulsing, the orders being etched in our brains in a fashion that I've yet to get accustomed to.

Commander: We're coming up on the location now! NO MERCY!

We followed with the common rebuttal.

Soldiers: NO REMORSE!

Things were finally becoming clear on what we were here to do. I never had joy in doing what I did.. Orders were orders.. you never bite the hand that feeds you. You do what you're told.. willingly… No one was forcing me to do this. No one ever put a gun to my head..


I just saw…


The light..


I understand why we do what we do. And truth be told, if I wasn't here doing this.. doesn't mean it wasn't going to happen.

You see.. there's a balance that has to be upheld..


And me..


Commander: Here we are boys! Move!


I'm going to make sure that balanced is kept.


Readying my weapon, the side door of the helicopter is slid open, my brothers in arms and myself, begin hooking harnesses to ourselves and begin descending on the unsuspecting village.

The moment my feet touched the soil, I unhooked my harness, removed the safety and unleashed hell on the villagers! Body after body hitting the ground… no mercy.. no remorse…

Like I said.. what I did was never easy.. but had to be done.. maintain the balance.. sacrifice a few for the many..

I understood.. I mean no one ever said the world was the most pleasant place to live. All we know is that we are here and only what have been taught to us as right and wrong.


My conscious is clear..





Vince, Nina, and Omar stood within the darkness, still as statues. Burning torches are the only source of illumination, casting shadows against the dark stone walls. As the fire flickers, Nina can be seen moving forward a bit as she begins to speak.

Nina: Have you figured it out yet? Or is everything still out of sight? For months now, our motives have been questioned. The sheep want to know… why are we here?

She continues to walk forward, soon the sounds of chains rattling behind her echo through the empty room, Espinoza and Martinez following her lead.

Nina: For months, that proverbial question mark has lingered over our heads.. Yet we informed you all of what we were here to do.. Our agenda had been clear from the start..

Caos. Destruccíon. Locura.

And that's exactly what we're going to bring. ¡Mira! Dark days are on the horizon for the CWF… and we are only the beginning… But please be patient… all will be revealed soon… in due time.. However before we get to that crowning moment, there is a matter to discuss.

Coming to a halt, she releases the chains as the fall to the concrete floor.

Nina: We've been so focused on other matters that we forgot that we do get a nice paycheck to hurt people.. ¡Mira! We caused the chaos and we are slowly destroying the legacy of what you people unfortunately call a business.. Evolution 40, we unleash a wrath of fury the likes of anything... Any of you have ever seen. Six victims step inside of a ring with these two!

The camera focuses in on Espinoza and Martinez as Nina continues.

Nina: Six victims who never stood a chance before things even gotten started.. ¡Mira! By the time it's all said and done, these two will stand victorious.. These two will bring torture and pain to every last individual who stands in their way. And not for the glory of winning a Tag Team title shot.. Because they can and they will..

Both men stare aimlessly into the camera as it pulls out to Nina who has a smile on her face.

Nina: No hay una maldita cosa que puedas hacer al respecto. (There's not a damn thing you can do about it.)


She begins to laugh maniacally, the camera zooming in as she cackles like a hyena. Suddenly everything fading to black.

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