Title: A full circle
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 6/3/2018
Location: Tokyo
Show: Evolution 22

In a dark room a voice could be heard.

“Good evening to all and welcome to my humble home.”

A spark produced in thin air lit the candle in the dark room and the light shines over Revenant.

Revenant is seen in front of a fireplace watching the log burn in embers. He puts a new log into the fireplace and starts to use a steel rod to keep the fire going. Finally the fire starts to burn the new log.

Revenant then sits back in his black armchair and continues to watch the fire.

“For a very long time I tried to figure out who I am. My memories hazy and my emotions non-existent. I felt empty inside for a long time. A man without a purpose. Until I decided to accept what Schamor wanted me to do. To conquer CWF. Yes a heavy task. A very vague task. What does conquering CWF even mean? To become champion? To defeat every single person in the roster? Regardless of what it means I have left my destiny in the hands of fate. I have only set my mind to do one thing and one thing only and that is to fight. Very much like the fire in front of me. You see the fire doesn't care what it burns. It doesn't discriminate between what log was thrown towards it. All it knows is to burn. It’s very existence relies on it. I too have chosen a similar path, to fight through the competition whether it’s a demon, an angel or a nutcase. I fight to conquer. For only by conquering others can I truly exist. To be alive one must have purpose. In CWF I have a purpose. I wish to feel alive."

Revenant looks up and chuckles as he looks back at the camera.

"Fate has a funny way of twisting the paths of individuals who in normal circumstances never would have met each other. You, Azrael, the fallen angel and me, Revenant, the undead. Last Evolution show we teamed up with each other for an opportunity. An opportunity to win especially after tasting defeat in the Paradise pay per view. I for one was ecstatic. I thought here I found a strong partner who went in that brutal match against Mia Rayne. A partner who would do anything to get one over Mia Rayne. But sadly I was mistaken. You given up before you even tried. Let me quote you here “we stand about as much a chance as an icecube in hell”. Tsk... Tsk... I am disappointed. "

Revenant stands up and takes his drink and looks at his own reflection on the window. He takes a sip.

“You looked at us, an unlikely duo facing three established teams and what did you do? You immediately chickened out. And now all you have is excuses, Azrael. You said you would give it your best? Your best? How can one give their best when they think they do not stand a chance. Do you truly believe that you gave it your best? That you took every opportunity to ensure us a victory cause last I checked you got bested again by the Forsaken. Is this your best? You are probably the first person I met who takes pride in being a stepping stone, a stepping stone for Christian Starr, a stepping stone for Mia Rayne and yet you yourself have failed to rise to the occasion because boo hoo! things didn’t go your way. Here is thing. I never asked to get booked with you just as much you never asked to be teamed up with me. But where you saw zero opportunity I saw a chance. This is the difference between the mentality of a loser and a winner.”

Revenant looks back at the camera.

“This is the reason why you will lose to me. I dare you. I dare you, Azrael. Get angry, get furious. Come at me with everything you have got. You said you would push me to my limits. I challenge you to do so. Because even at your best, you are nothing.”

Revenant takes a cigar out and lights it. He looks back at the fire.

"Look over there. What do you see? You see fire controlled in a small chamber and the limited amount of logs given to it. Even then one must be careful with that fire if not, that fire will spread and then consume everything that is in its path. I am no different. I am just a flame waiting, biding my sweet time for the my embers to receive the fuel it needs for it to set destruction and chaos in its path. Tread lightly Azrael for you are nothing but a log to my never-ending hunger."

Scene fades.

Scene opens.

Tugging on my hoodie I walked these familiar streets of Tokyo. I came near a coffee shop and what I saw shocked me to my very core.

One of the customers was a lady wearing a light blue dress with a white scarf and holding in her arms was a cute little girl.

“Karin” I muttered under my breath.

It was nice seeing her again but looking at the baby made me realize something… She moved on.

The little baby was wrapped in a small blanket and kept tugging on Karin’s hair. I kept watching them from a distance, hiding everytime she looked my way.

“So Revenant this is where your mind has been all these days.” A voice from behind said.

I looked behind and standing in front of me was Schamor.

“Schamor, are you following me?” I asked him annoyingly.

“Well, it’s my job to know what’s happening in your life. Afterall, I invested a lot in you.” Schamor side-stepped and looked through the coffee shop window.

“Karin was it? The girl you loved.” Schamor still looking through the glass.

“Yes…” I said to him hesitantly.

At that very moment I wanted Schamor to disappear. I wanted to spend my time watching Karin not arguing with Schamor.

“Rev, Karin clearly has moved on.” Schamor said almost as if he read my mind.

“I know, she has. But still…” I couldn’t believe what I was even suggesting.

She is now having a happy life without me. I gave her nothing but sorrow when we were together and now to even suggest that I would try to comeback to her life… It was selfish of me to even think that way.

“Rev, I didn’t come here to tell you what to do. If watching Karin gives you peace so be it, but you should know your and her circumstances before you act. For now, I need you to focus on your next match. Two straight losses doesn’t go well in your resume Rev. Take care of Azrael. He was the man that cost you your match last show and managed to set you back.” Schamor resuming his serious tone started to walk away. "No excuses, Revenant. Win this time." Schamor dissapears in thin air.

It started raining and Karin started paying her the cashier. I quickly went to the side of the coffee-shop and hid myself. Drenched in the rain I kept looking towards the entrance.

Karin opens the door and opened up her umbrella. She then takes a step outside with her baby in her arms. I watched them both smile at each other.

She whispered to her baby.

“Lets go Lucy, we need to hurry back home.”

As she walked away I fell to my knees, crying.

Lucy. Karin still remembers me.  

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