Title: Therpy Session for JT
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 01-26-19
Location: Therpy office
Show: Evolution 40


As the scene opens, we appear in a room with JT Barrett laying on a couch with many bookcase behind him. We also see a unknown gentleman in his mid 50s sitting across from JT. The gentleman has a notepad and reading glasses on with the sound of a clock going tick, tok, tick, tok. We see on the wall a degree from the University of Oklahoma in Psychology with the name Dr. Alfred H. Brown on it.


Dr. Brown - “So...for this therapy to work, you have to talk. Be open about your feelings.”


JT has his fingers on his forehead.


JT - “Doctor, I've been living on tums and blood pressure medicine for the past 2 weeks! I feeling like everything is collapsing right in front of me.”


Dr. Brown - “and how does that make you feel?”


JT looking annoyed at the question


JT - “and how does that make you feel?”


mocking Dr. Brown


JT - “Well, obviously I'm frustrated and I think he his too but I don't think he understands our contract situation. The more we lose, the less money we make. The less money we make, the more of an expense I become.”


Dr. Brown - “So do you feel responsible for his transgressions?”


JT - “Well of course I do but I know what he is capable of. I've seen what he can do. He has been pushing every opponent he has faced to the max but just seems to come up short.”


Dr. Brown - “Have you explained this to him or express your feelings?”


JT looks at the Doctor with a puzzled face.


JT - “Doc, you try expressing your feelings to a 270 pound Samoan and see how long it takes before your counting the ceiling tiles. He is a very sensitive person and now this week at Evolution, he is in a massive tag match with someone he just faced last week. Now I got to convince him to trust someone named Crimson Ghost!”


As the doctor is writing every word down he asks.


Dr. Brown - “and what is a Crimson Ghost?”


JT - “I have no idea what it is...all I know he is a tough son of bitch though which I know Kendo respects...wait a minute...”


JT sits up suddenly.


JT- “Doc...I think I might have this figured out cause if we win this match, then we get a shot at the tag titles and when we win the tag titles, then his bonus in his contract happens and with my percentage of that bonus...”


JT using his finger in the air as he is doing math.


JT- “Thats it Doc! Problem solved!”


JT gets up and walks out of the room into a waiting room where Kendo is sitting quietly looking at JT. JT smirks at Kendo and asks...


JT- “How about being tag champs with the Crimson Ghost? I think this is a great idea...”


Kendo interrupts JT


Kendo - “ I have nothing but respect for Crimson Ghost. If he brings just a fraction of what he brought last week in our match...then you will see the future CWF tag team champions.”


JT with a big smile on his face.


JT - “That is music to my ears. Lets go hit the gym.”


as they walk out, the scene goes black.


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