Title: Questions and Answers
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 1/25/19
Location: Wouldn't you like to know?
Show: Evolution 40

It’s a misty morning as Cheshire walks through a public park. She reached out with an “olive branch” and while the response wasn’t exactly what she would call, “receptive” it did give her cause to have a smidgeon of hope for reconciliation. She smiles under her hood as Dorian and Chloe Hawkhurst stroll up through the fog, understandably apprehensive but at the very least there. It is a welcoming sign. The former champion stands slowly and holds up her hands to show she’s unarmed. 

{Mia in head} I’ve always found that saying funny. “Unarmed” but you’re still holding up your arms. It’s always given me a chuckle.

Cheshire pauses and lets out a light giggle to herself, something that Chloe has picked up on and has caused Dorian to tense. Apparently Loki did more than sully the good name of Mia, but also the distinct pleasure in a good laugh. Bitch.

She shakes her head and tries to smile. It doesn’t help and only causes Dorian to tense even more and Chloe to give her a look of warning. They came sure, but that didn’t necessarily mean that Cheshire could be trusted. She has of course come out and said that Mia is currently indisposed of after all after that business with Loki. Ah, the quiet rantings of an insane mind. How did Cheshire get through the forest?

She took the psychopath of course. But just like any journey, this next chapter required friends and family. People she could trust. People she could rely on. Dorian might have fallen off the wagon in recent times, but he’s still fighting the good fight and standing strong to boot. Chloe serves as inspiration for a better tomorrow. Why wouldn’t the psycho kitty want them on her side? But first…

Cheshire: Thank you for coming I…

Dorian holds up his hand, cutting her off.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Save it. We didn’t come here looking for apologies, or at least I didn’t. If it were up to me, we probably wouldn’t be here at all. But…

Chloe Hawkhurst: I wanted to come. Once upon a time, I believed in Miss Mia. I have had to sit and watch Mia masquerading as Loki, or Loki pretending to be Mia, or… whatever it was.

Cheshire stares intently at the young one, admiring her for all of her courage and fire. A smile plays across her lips.

Cheshire: You were right in two m’dear. Now let’s take a walk through the park and I’ll do my best to explain in the meantime. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, I asked you here for a reason and you have BOTH earned answers to the questions you seek. Now, walk this way.

Cheshire turns on her heel and skips forward a few steps, then stops to check on the other two. Chloe is mimicking Cheshire perfectly, Dorian is stalking behind the two of them. 

Cheshire: Now, now Dorian. I asked that you walk this way.

The girls giggle at the joke and Dorian scowls. Cheshire holds up her hands in innocence while laughing.

Cheshire: I swear I come in peace Dorian. I haven’t come to fight anyone at the moment, only to explain a painful time for everyone involved.

Dorian digs his hands into his pockets and continues walking, taking in everything he can. He has only participated in the most notorious of mind games with the master himself, Ataxia. There wasn’t any reason to go on the offensive.... yet.

The trio walk in silence for a short time, Cheshire pointing out her favorite spots that she feels would be excellent alone time to think places to Chloe, Dorian following in silence. Finally, Cheshire turns things to more serious matters.

Cheshire: Ok, so I know you two want explanations about the last several months. Please, I know what I’m about to say might sound crazy, but this is how it is for the time being. I swear that this is the truth and I only come here seeking your forgiveness for a dark time.

The Hawkhursts exchange glances. Dorian looks like he might be ready to walk away. Everyone involved knows that Chloe won’t let him do it and in all honesty? Cheshire is right, she owes some answers at the very least. Other arrangements could also be argued for, but that bridge would be crossed when the time came. For now, Dorian decides to let the girl talk. He nods his ascent and Cheshire smiles a gracious grin. Wide and toothy, eerie considering the misty landscape in the park and her namesake.

Cheshire: Thank you both! Now, as far as I can tell, Mia was attacked by The Aces back when running around in ski masks was a fad. This put her in a weakened mental state which allowed for some sort of catalyst to activate Mia’s more… Violent personality. One that she had held in check tirelessly without even realizing it. That is until that bogus tape was used to incite red hot rage that had been bottled up for quite some time. The dams burst and Loki Synn was born.

She falls silent at this as if remembering the time. A painful look crosses her eyes as she continues.

Cheshire: Once Mia’s defenses were down and Milenko brought about that catalyst, there wasn’t anything that she could do. The Loki Personality overwhelmed her, forced her in chains, and had her watch every monstrous thing she did over the course of several months. Laughing at Mia’s pain, enjoying the struggles, you know, all that monstery stuff that made Loki, Loki.

Chloe nods and Dorian scratches is head. Cheshire falls silent, appearing to be lost in thought. He can’t tell if it’s because she is actually thinking about what to say next or if she is giving him time to think things through. 

Dorian Hawkhurst: So to get this straight. Mia was in there all along, just wasn’t in control of her actions? 

Cheshire: Precisely. The more she fought, the more Loki laughed, and the more The Jester was able to take over this body.

Chloe Hawkhurst: Ok. But if all that is true, where do you fit in and what is Mia doing now? Like, is she still in there?

Cheshire smiles sadly in Chloe’s direction. 

Cheshire: You really are quite the special one Chloe, never forget that. So, at this point in my story, Mia is chained and forced to watch these horrific acts Loki commits. MJ being thrown through the air, the events leading up to that match. Running over Shadow and laughing in the shadow’s at Ataxia’s demise while doing nothing to help when, in all honesty, she could have if she had a heart. Mia needed some help and here I am. I am the parts of Mia that she never knew she had. Enigmatic and I must say a bit more powerful than Loki, but not by much. I was able to banish her, at least for this time and take over.

Cheshire turns in a circle, mimicking a ballerina the best she can before continuing on down the park path. Her giggles entice the confused Hawkhursts forward as she continues her tale.

Cheshire: So here I am. Powerful enough to hold off Loki while giving Mia a chance to recoup from her wounds. Together her and I seek to right our wrongs and reconcile differences. While giving up the World Title and giving it to Shadow might not have been the best way to go, it was the only way to go. We all know the man deserves it and at that point, how would he have fared against both Jarvis and I? What needed to be done, was done for the best possible outcome. Shadow now has a new chase ahead of him and I know he’ll be out to prove that he deserves that belt by attempting to beat me once again. For now though, I am only here asking for forgiveness and if it’s not too much trouble, perhaps your friendship?

The fogs swirl around the trio as Cheshire grins her smile once again at the Hawkhurst family. The two once again exchange looks as any view of the trio is obscured by the mists. 
Cheshire’s head. Stardate, pi times the circumference of Uranus squared. 

It seems I’ve landed in hostile waters as I find that I have to defend against multiple hostiles in this “modern warfare” tournament to determine who wins my belt.

Oh hello. Former champ here who is still owed her rematch clause, so technically, win, lose or draw, I get to win again! So who is it this week in the rolodex of people I could care less about?

“The Answer” JC.

Oooo, intimidating. I guess? Like, I hear JC and all I can think is JC Chavez from N’Sync. Bye, Bye, Bye Baby. Or something like that. Truth be told, I COULD head on over to Carnage Wrestling and see what you’re all about. I COULD look you up and see what you’re all about Mr. Answer.

All of those things are marvelous possibilities, but at the end of the day; do you know what I’m going to do when it comes to getting prepared for our match?


Or, to put more aptly, nothing different. Nothing special. Nothing unique because in all honesty, I don’t feel like you deserve the extra effort. You might FEEL like you’re the number one answer to everything, but what happens when I change the question on you? What happens when I turn your world upside down and make you realize that sometimes… Being an “answer” isn’t always a solution. 

See what I did there, or did I lose you JC? What does that even stand for? Should come at me with holes in your hands, I’m going to lose my shit. Seriously. Bless me father for I have synned… Oopsie… Maybe I let that one slip accidentally. Maybe I eviscerate you and everything you care for in one fell swoop?

Are you the “answer” to that question? 

You’re going to be a fun toy to play with JC. I’ll have to thank whomever is in charge this week for the opportunity for fresh meat. Without this tournament, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to knock out another member of SEE’s “roster of talent” in Aiden Dempsey, and now, I get to take out not only a member of another federation. But their supposed owner as well? 

Be still my ever growing heart.

I’m afraid JC, this is where your story ends and mine only starts to take off. You are nothing more than a stepping stone on the way up to my destined battle against Shadow, where we once again get to see who has outfoxed whom. I have mentioned before that I have absolutely nothing to lose in this endeavour. With that in mind, how likely do you think I’ll take any kind of mercy on you? Do you feel like I’ll go easy on you because I will find myself in another title match beyond a shadow of a doubt, or do you believe I’ll dispatch you for the fun of it?

I’m a fun loving girl JC. I’m not liking your chances in this tournament. Here’s hoping that I allow you to go back to Carnage able to walk of your own volition. What would I know about any of that though? I’ve only survived everything that anyone has tried to throw at me. I’ve actually held that belt that you and I are fighting for. I’m sure you’ve had your own accolades JC Chavez. I’m positive that you’ll inform me of all of that at some point or another. Again, do your thing chicken wing.

I’m not doing anything different than I do every week.

I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly that is, allow me to elaborate for you, though I find it ironic I have to give you the answers, Mr. Answer.

I am among the most feared people on the CWF roster. I took out someone that our entire roster at one point thought was unbeatable. Not only did I pin her, I put her on the shelf indefinitely. I have gone through everyone that has come before me and claimed that they were greater than me and I have made them eat their words. 

Maybe it’s arrogance when I tell you that I’m not worried about what you have to say. Maybe it’s experience telling you that everyone that has come before you to try and topple me? 

Has left regretting the experience with their figurative tail between their legs.

So come at me with your best shot Mr. Answer. Make me see JC Chavez while you sing me to sleep with N’Sync’s greatest ballads. I’ll be waiting expecting and I suppose I’ll expect big things from you.

But in the end, just like any other guy…

You’ll fizzle out right at the end. Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in the CWF. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Right Parenthesis.

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