Title: Hamburgers For Everyone!
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 23rd, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Evolution 40

The scene opens at Jace LeRose’s mansion. He is in his backyard with his whole entire family. All his cousins, aunts and uncles are there. There must be at least thirty five people in the backyard. Some are in his giant pool, others are sitting in the sun speaking each other. It is a beautiful day out. The shot goes onto “The Beautiful” Jace LeRose.


Jace LeRose: Welcome to my home. We are having a little celebration. No we aren’t celebrating me losing in the tournament - more on that later. We are celebrating my ten years of sobriety. I haven’t touched a beer in over ten years after hitting rock bottom and nearly ending my life. Today is a day of celebration and I wouldn’t want anyone else but my whole entire family to be here.


Jace LeRose takes off his white tee shirt and then walks over to the edge of the pool. He looks down into the pool and then jumps into it, water splashing everywhere. He then begins to swim around with his nieces and nephews. He then walks up the ladder of the pool and gets out, walking over to the lawn chairs. He grabs a towel and towels off. He then walks over to one of his Aunt’s and begins to speak.


Jace LeRose: Hey Aunt Jeana, I want to thank you for sticking by my side throughout my battle with this disease. I wouldn’t have been able to have done it without you. I wouldn’t have been able to become the self made millionaire that I have become. I owe it all to you Jeana. You are my everything.


Jace LeRose then gives his Aunt a big hug. He then walks over to where the majority of people are and yells.




Everyone turns around and looks at him. He then clears his throat and begins to speak to everyone in the massive backyard of Jace’s mansion.


Jace LeRose: I just want to thank you guys for coming out this afternoon. I am sorry it was last minute, but being a wrestler I have a certain schedule that I must keep up with. I just want to thank everyone who put up with me when I was at my all time low. I want to thank everyone because without you I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Now who wants burgers and hot dogs?! Burgers and Hot dogs for everyone!


Everyone cheers and get up from what they are doing. They head to the barbecue which is manned by his Uncle Tom. While everyone is celebrating and having a knee slapping good time the scene then cuts out. The shot then goes onto Jace LeRose who is sitting on a lawn chair. He is still in his massive backyard and it is much quieter right now. He smiles and then starts to speak to the camera in front of him.


Jace LeRose: So I lost my damn match in the tournament. Impulse got the better of me and is still in the tournament. It’s a damn shame but there isn’t too much I can do about it. I’ve been in the wrestling business for a long time and I’ve lost matches before. You just have to not worry about it and put it aside and concentrate on your next match. I have a hard time letting this one go. I was meant to win the damn match. I should have one. It’s not fair and Impulse you haven’t heard the last of me.


He pauses for a moment. He gets up from his seat and walks over to the pool. He then sits down and slowly puts his feet into the cold water of the pool. The shot then goes onto the sunset. The camera then pans down to Jace who is pushing his feet around in the water. He then takes off his tee shirt and slides into the pool. Once he is in the pool he starts to swim around for a bit. After swimming back and forth he leans against the edge of the pool. He smiles and then continues on with his promo.


Jace LeRose: Impulse, you may have one the match but haven’t won the war. I will come for my revenge, you know it’s going to happen. I know you’re going to lose sleep over it. I am going to haunt your dreams. I am going to make you my bitch when this is all said and done. But, I can’t concentrate on you because I have to focus on my next match which is a wild card tornado tag falls count anywhere match. Say that five times fast. Anyway, it’s three teams against me and my partner, Pandalike.


Jace LeRose swims around some more. He then swims over to the ladder and slowly climbs out of the pool. He then walks over to the lawn chair and grabs his blue and orange towel. He wipes down his legs and arms and then ties the towel around his waist. He then walks over to the door of his garage. He opens the small fridge and takes out a bottle of water. From there he twists off the cap and takes a big sip of it. He then walks back to the backyard and sits back down on the lawn chair.


Jace LeRose: Why did I get teamed with this guy. I don’t know a damn thing about this guy and he’s my tag team partner? I am not too pleased. It’s a damn shame that I am being wasted in a tag team cluster fuck of a match. I am Jace LeRose, I belong in singles competition. That’s where I thrive, but I can wrestle in tag teams as well. The thing is when it comes to me in tag teams, well, I actually have to like my tag team partner. I don’t even have an opinion on this guy.


He then gets up and opens the side door to his mansion. Once inside, he walks up the giant stairs and makes his way to his master bedroom. From there he walks inside and flips on the light. He takes off his wet towel and tosses it on the floor. He then puts on a clean blue tee shirt. Once he is dressed he heads back down the steps and into his large living room. The camera zooms in on his face and he smiles. He then continues on with his promo for the next event of the Championship Wrestling Federation.


Jace LeRose: How are we supposed to even co-exist as a tag team when I don’t even know the guy. This smells like trouble. This isn’t good. I hate that I am being forced to compete in this match. At least I am honest when I say I don’t want to wrestle, but I have a contract with the Championship Wrestling Federation, I have no choice but to compete in this bout. I love wrestling. I really do. I guess I got to make the best of the situation and fight. I know that the winners get a title shot but why would I want to champions with some guy I don’t even know. I just don’t get this at all.


He sits down on the black leather couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table. He then grabs the remote for the television and turns it on. He then begins to flip through the channels. He realizes that there is nothing good on and shuts it off. He then walks over to his fridge and opens it. From there he grabs a juicy red apple and takes a big bite of out it. He then walks back into his living room and sits back on the couch. He looks at the camera and then continues on with his promo.


Jace LeRose: So what else can I say but that I really don’t care about this match. I can’t be excited. I am honest. Why put me in the match with no real reason. Just seems like a waste of time for everyone involved. I do have to show up but I don’t really want to show up. Oh well, I’ll see all you guys in the ring. I’ll show you what I can do in that ring.


The scene fades to black.

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