Title: Moving on...finally
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 1/19/2019
Location: Here
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)


“To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.” - Jack Kornfield




It felt like she had just left this place a couple of weeks ago.


She smiled, packing away things with a more leisurely pace than before.  Putting things in gently instead of just tossing things in without paying much attention.  The TV was playing in the background, some repeat of that old show Mythbusters. She laughed at something that was said on the TV and continued to throw the rest of her stuff into the suitcase that was in front of her.  Several minutes, and a few bad commercials later, said suitcase was snapped shut and thrown onto the floor as she took the place of the suitcase, relaxing for the few minutes she had before getting out of here.


It’s moments like these, when there’s no crowd or anything around, that I really enjoy…


She picked up her phone, twirling it idly in her hand while watching her show.  Her phone had been a near non-stop mess ever since Frozen Over had officially ended a week or so ago.  Tweets, texts from friends and family, ideas for a photoshoot for CWF. The never ending flurry of activity for the Aversion and newly crowned WCWA champion.  A glint of dual gold sparked at the corner of her eye and she turned her head to look at the two belts, polished to perfection, sitting on top of her duffel bag, waiting to be placed inside and secured gently.  Autumn’s (good) eye twitched slightly as her memories took her back to the final moments of the last man standing match at Frozen Over.


Hanging off of the tron, with the bottom of the stage being a good fifteen feet below, she had kept hammering away on the bruised and bloodied face of Silas.  She took great pleasure in watching his head rock back and forth with each punch, but not so much when his fists rained in on her already pounding head and face.  It felt like a mach truck at this point, and her body was sore in a billion places. All she wanted to do was shut her eyes and just fall at this point. But she couldn’t.  She had come too far and survived this much punishment from him to just give up.


She had survived a year of punishment from him.  A year of barbs, glares, and everything else under the sun.  This was her moment...their...moment...and she wasn’t going to surrender to his will.

So she climbed up his body, ignoring the blinding pain in her limbs and wrapped her legs around his head, probably to his shock.  With a primal yell that would have made Tarzan proud, she flipped backwards in a perfect avalanche rana and sent Silas 15 feet to the stage below, her body curled around the rungs like a spider.  She only left this precarious position, when she heard that heavy and sickening *thud* on the stage below.


It has to be over...it has...to be…


She crawled down a few feet, then a few feet more before turning her body to look down at the unmoving form of the Psychotic Aristocrat, face calm and cold as she continued to watch for any sign of movement.




The count took forever… it seemed like…








He still hadn’t moved a muscle.  Autumn thought she had knocked him out cold at that point.








He’s out...he’s really out this time...






A ghost of a smile crossed her lips as she took a deep breath, waiting to hear those satisfying words.  Words she had been waiting a year since their first one on one to hear.




The bell rung and the small form of Autumn shakily crawled down, jumping onto the stage and nearly collapsing as the ref “Big” Denny Davidson picked up her hand, raising it high into the air, the ring announcer proudly calling her the winner...the last man standing….


Autumn blinked, wincing slightly as the stitches above her eye throbbed slightly in response to her emotions.  The titles continued to shine in the light of her room, reminding her of the pain and roller coaster of emotions she had went through to gain those.  Without even looking, she grabbed for the nearby remote and shut off the TV, still looking at the belts on her duffel bag. She tossed it down and stood up, grabbing for her suitcase, walking over to the lone bag on the floor.


Her head nodded as she carefully slid both belts into the duffel bag and zipped it up, picking it up as she wandered out of her room with a small spring in her step.  A honk sounded outside and she smiled even more. Her ride was here, and it was time to say goodbye once again.


For a little while at least.


She opened the door and walked out, shutting and locking it behind her as she made the strides to the cab, throwing her stuff in and following behind it.  It sped away from the curb and into the afternoon.


I’m feelin good…




The next you see of Autumn, it’s with flashes of light reflecting off of her face as she stands against a grey backdrop with a camera lady quickly taking pictures of her, both belts slung over her shoulders.  She struck a few poses, before the woman told her to take a few minutes of a break to relax as they switched things around. Autumn took this time to wander off to the side of the room and pull out her cell phone, pushing the button to record a video, setting the device on a small shelf so she could have use of both of her hands.


“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, what you see before you is no joke.  I have two belts currently in my possession, and I am very proud of how I came to possess the second one.  It was a fight for the ages, and one that was a long time...a year...in the making. I did everything I said I was going to do at Frozen Over, I made it my night, and I ended everything between us once and for all.”


She smirked, tilting her head to the side.


“I put my body through hell and then some, just to finish this war, to prove a point to him and to everyone else.  I’ve got the bumps and bruises to prove that I am my own person, and I live in no ones shadow. I live by my own rules and no one elses.  That’s it. If you don’t like it, tough. That’s what everyone should take away from that match. I tore my way out of the shadow of Silas Artorias once and for all.”


She sniffed, crossing her arms over her chest.


“I know at my age, people may think that I have seen and done it all.  Reality is, I’m just getting started. I feel great, I have two belts under my possession, and I know the sky’s the limit for me.  I don’t know how things will go from here, but I want them to go up and up. At Jack’s age, I bet he’s seen it all and done more than I have at my age.  Must have some great stories too. I don’t know much about him beyond that, so I’m going off of just mere assumptions.”


She sighs, shaking her head.


“You must have your head on backwards or something, because I don’t think you're a dog that’s lived way past his prime.  I just think that you’ve been mistaken about a few things that you’ve spoken up to this point. I don’t know whether to support you in this new...old...journey of yours or help support you to a doctor once you get your bell rung again for the umpteenth time.  All I know is your some relic from Carnage that got inserted into Modern Warfare against a champ like me to test yourself coming back into this game once again. Honestly I’m excited to face someone like you. It will be a good test for me...and for you I think.”


Autumn laughs.


“My brand of insanity is different than any other person you may have encountered.  Take a look at the Frozen Over match. Beaten bloody and nearly blinded in one eye, and I still managed to get up and tell the son of a bitch to keep swinging.  Because that’s what it takes to put me down, is to just keep coming.



My motto going into matches is never give up, never surrender, and always kick someone in the nuts when you get pushed into a corner.  I size people up by watching their skill, watching their heart and passion in the ring. The second they slip up and show a little bit of weakness, bam.  The Raven strikes them down. I have no fear of ego driven guys like you, because I’ve fought ego driven guys like you before in my past. It’s easy to pick them apart and expose their greatest fear to the world, then smear their face into the ground as you smile in total and utter victory.


People can either fear me, or stand with me and watch me soar into the sky above the haters, above those who doubt, and watch what I can do to everyone from this point out.  I didn’t spend a year in someone’s god damn shadow to be called out by some dusty old relic and called a loser. I didn’t come here to talk smack and listen to someone call me names, try and drag me down to that darkness, to that spot I used to be.


I FUCKING refuse to go back to that place anymore.  I am no one’s welcome mat. I am a champion with the passion and the heart to face any challenge, any person who wants to fight.


I will fight you, or I will fall to the floor trying to.


Whether I win or lose, it doesn’t matter.


I’m Autumn Raven, and this is my time.”

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