Title: The Desolation of Samwise
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: 6/2/18
Location: Buffalo, NY
Show: Evolution 22

Craig was never one to question his superiors when it came to where they sent their trusty cameramen. He is a hardened veteran of the company that has seen it all, experienced everything that a wrestling federation as combustible as this one could possibly contain. So when the “powers that be” came down upon him and said,


“Now Craig, we need you to go to this abandoned apartment complex in downtown Buffalo, New York…”


The executive pauses on the phoned in conference call as if expecting a cheap pop, no one obliges. He coughs to cover up the faux pas and continues,


“We have a request from The Forsaken.”


Craig though it wouldn’t be “that bad.” That this venture wasn’t going to be anything more than another over hyped and arrogant terd of an athlete promising complete and total decimation of their opponent on such and such a date.


Can one really blame Craig for this type of thinking? Seriously, this is such an overused cliche at this point. Regardless…


Craig pulls up to the one area of the parking lot that has been opened for this occasion, presumably. Parking, he takes his keys out of the ignition and steps out of the van. His eyes narrow at his surrounds as he tries to get over the brazen cliche that his life had become. Shaking his head, almost in the darkened interior of the long abandoned building with its shattered windows and doors hanging off their hinges; and almost has a heart attack as Mia Rayne steps out from behind his camera van.


“Evening gov’nor! Perfect night for an ol’ pow wow aye?”


Her gaze is slightly crazed and glazed. Craig wasn’t sure what to make of her, which let’s all be honest here, is probably for the best. He smiles and nods at the bimbo, presumably the one that forced him here tonight. Sure it is the second day of June, but the air has a certain chill to it tonight, and being at the waterfront doesn’t help. His weary bones just aren’t what they used to be. Poor Craig…


Mia shakes her head and starts skipping around, following her cameraman for the night as he starts to unload equipment. She stops skipping and watches as he opens up the back hatch to take out an equipment bag, carrying various spotlights, extension cords, microphones, and various other necessary pieces of electronic hub bub. This bag goes over his shoulder by a canvas strap. He grabs his tripod and his camera bag, which goes over the other shoulder. He tries to shut the hatch and almost steps on Mia, still watching his actions from his backside. She jumps back and he slams the hatch shut, maybe a little forcefully. Mia backs up and watches the entire debacle, a sly smile on her face. She might enjoy mischief but she is certainly cute.


Craig shakes his head and follows Mia as she skips through the complex, pausing here and there to marvel at the occasional room, all in various states of disrepair. Slowly, maybe a bit too late as they are now entering back into the parking lot and heading back to his van, sitting by itself.


“What’ery doing back ‘ere?”


Craig huffs and puffs as he readjusts the bags slung over his shoulders and his tripod under his arm. Mia looks back over her shoulder innocently and in a voice so sweet it could give someone diabetes dos replies,


“I was just scouting the place mister. This is when you are supposed to start recording with just a camcorder. Oh, before you get angry about the misunderstanding, recall that I never asked you to follow me quite yet. You grabbed your stuff of your own accord and following me on my trek was your own damn fault.”


Craig opens his mouth to say something but stops himself. Flabbergasted by logic of all things. Maybe this is a night that he wasn’t going to forget anytime in the near future. He eyes her suspiciously and fishes his keys out of his pocket to toss the extra weight into the back of his van. Fishing around he finds a compact video recorder for such an occasion and powers it on. Satisfied with the battery level and relieved to find that he had already changed the tape earlier in the day. Slamming the hatch once more he is surprised to find Mia leaning against the van, staring up at the stars. He clicks the camera to record and watches Mia through the lens of his camera.


He’s finally done getting ready. Maybe I should start this thing, but in all honesty, I don’t really feel up to it this week. Harumph. Harumph I say! Still… It was fun to pick on Craig...


She takes a deep breath and begins walking slowly back toward the apartment complex, this time taking her time and stuffing her pockets deep inside the oversized hoodie she is wearing.

“The word ‘desolation’ came to me the other day as I strolled by this place. Believe it or not, I called this place home once upon a time. Back then, it…


Well it still sucked, but at least all the windows were there.”


She continues walking with her back to the camera and her hands deep in her pockets, occasionally rubbing her hand along the wall, and then sticking it back in her hoodie.


“It honestly got me thinking about random things that have gone on in my life, trips down memory lane being what they are, and eventually I wound up coming full circle to the present. The here and now.


My match against one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys that seems to have lost his lost brother. Or something like that. Mr. Samwise.


I did some research going into tonight for once. The term desolate…”


Mia stops in her tracks and gazes up to her right. Craig follows her gaze and sees something he didn’t notice before. A piece of paper taped to the wall with the definition of “desolate” on it. Mia continues her slow trek through the abandoned complex, stepping carefully over various debris and obstacles that Craig hadn’t noticed before.


“Means to be deserted and in a state of bleak and dismal repair. Sam, I get it man. I can certainly tell that what you’re going through sucks a big and hairy donkey dick. A man you called ‘brother,’ ups and betrays you for whatever reason, to join in the Oreo Cookie Gang, and leave you high and dry.


You defend your titles valiantly, your trust waning and in the end falling to our current champions, and soon to be former champions, but that ladies and gents will be a story for the future.


No, tonight we’re here to talk about The Desolation of Samwise. How does it feel to be left by someone you thought had your back Sam? How does it feel to have someone that you saw as family, turn their back on you as you’re left to fend for yourself? How does it feel to sit back and watch as that same person that you called “brother” viciously attacks another member of OUR roster? An attack that left this other roster member in a state that requires constant medical attention?!


Where were you Sam? Where were you when your former partner signed his soul away to Oreos & Co. and added his own stamp onto Impakt’s demise? And don’t get it fucking twisted, NO ONE decimated that boy! ‘Decimation’ is defined as cutting someone or someTHING up into ten equal parts and distributing them wherever. I HATE it when people misuse that word…”


During this last section Mia stops as her vocals become strained, as if she’s trying to contain herself. Not contain joy or anything positive, but a wrath of which the world has yet to see. Craig shudders. He wasn’t a fan of the roster members usually, but this particular one was giving off such a powerful aura, that even a simpleton like Craig could feel it; and he wants nothing to do with that. He continues filming and pushes onward after Mia who has started walking, once again calm.


“In all honesty Sam, when I first got here I thought you and your ‘brother from another mother’ were somewhat good people. Sure you were mixed in with a… Bad isn’t the right word, but maybe weird? Regardless…


I honestly thought that you carried some sort of honor, or code, or just…. I thought you were a better person than to just let the numbers game catch up to a brave and little kid who was all guts, but no patience. You could have helped him you know Sam. You could have done something. But where were you?


Wallowing in self pity?


You lost your partner slash bro, your half of the tag titles, and any and all respect that I may have had for you all in one night. I get it though, you’re going through a lot. Those were all big hits to take all at once. You were feeling quite desolate I’m sure. Just like this complex I’m currently touring because of how… Homely I feel  here.


Sam, your skills are something, I’ll give you that. You’ve always been one to impress from what I’ve seen of you in the ring and I can’t honestly fault you for any of that. I will tell you this though and mark my words Sam, you better pay heed.


I can fault your principles. I can fault your lack of drive. And I can most certainly fault you not showing up to defend someone beaten to a pulp by a group involving a partner that you chased away. All it takes is one spark Sam, one single solitary push for the right choice and I think that a wave of people would have followed to help you out in that one. Impakt is a good soul. He didn’t deserve what he got that night. You could have been that spark, you could have taken all that pent up anger and frustration that you feel and channelled it into something productive. Yet…


You didn’t. You sat back and watched. This week we face each other for the first time in singles competition. Something involving beating and cocks. Or rosters. Clocks? Whatever…


I don’t feel that we have any unsettled business to finish in this match Sammy boy. I’m looking well beyond this week, I don’t want to get distracted by half of a former team that is too hurt and betrayed to do anything about it. There’s going to be no taking my time with you. You are going to feel exactly what Impakt felt when Oreos and Milk took him down and you stood back and did NOTHING. You THOUGHT that you were hurting when Dean left you for greener pastures, I’m going to show you what it’s really like to be Forsaken.”


Mia stops and turns around, blowing a kiss at the lens, or was it Craig? He couldn’t tell in the dim lighting.


“Semi colon.


Right parenthesis. Smooches!”


She turns around and Craig turns off the camera, taking his eyes off Mia for the slightest of seconds and looking up to see that he is left standing alone in the parking lot. He shakes his head and gets into his van, happily driving off into the distance.



As soon as the arrogant cameraman who looked like he needed to retire was distracted Mia took off and hid in the shadows, waiting for the man to drive away. She had hoped that she poured enough crazy into her introduction that he wanted to split as soon as she had said her piece, and she wasn’t disappointed.


She sighs and wraps her self tighter in her Venom hoodie. As tattered, worn, and thin as it was, it was still something that she has had for over a decade, and hasn’t had the heart to get rid of it. Through thick and thin, this hoodie had stayed with her and she saw no reason to change that. With a huff she stays in the shadows and continues to explore the complex, alone with her thoughts.


I don’t understand why I was so upset about Impakt all of a sudden. I took it all personally and I don’t get why. Still, I think I got my point across right? I mean, desolation and forsaken against Sam, the thing kind of wrote itself. Why didn’t Sam try to stop his partner though? If he’s so upset and distraught about things, why isn’t he doing anything about it?


I guess it doesn’t TRULY matter, but at the same time it does. I want to win, but I think Sam needs to get a reality check first and foremost. Shit happens and I’m sure what’s his face had his reasons for selling his soul to Origamis. Maybe? No one with a soul could be that evil to want to join a group bent on…


Well making an impact at the cost of someone else’s livelihood. Pardon the pun…


Mia continues roaming the empty and forsaken hallways of the apartment complex, grateful for Shadow pitching in some money to make this possible. The place was hers to roam, interruption free for at least another couple of minutes. Solitude was always something that Mia both fears and quests after. A paradox she hasn’t quite found resolution for.


I suppose I should get back to the meeting place and try to eat something. Haven’t done that yet today… There are bigger fish to fry than Desolated Samwise. It’s only a matter of time before things start getting more…




Mia shakes her head from the cobwebs and focuses on the people in the distance. Her Forsaken brethren and of course Ataxia, out in his best burlap, coming to fetch her. She can’t help but smile as she joins in with her family as “forsaken” as they might be.


Semi colon.


Right parenthesis.

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