Title: Fate and Faith...
Featuring: Nina
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)

December 31, 2018

York, England


Hordes of people fill the street in front of the York Minster, enjoying each other's company anxiously awaiting the turn of midnight to celebrate a new year. In the night air, joy is abundant as the sea of people converse amongst each other.  Out of the groups of people indulging in the night, one is recognizable.

Elijah, Omega and Eris are seen taking in the festivities along with Yusuf and Ray Skelton. The five can be seen smiling at each other deep in conversation, the other gatherers begin to move in close together as the countdown to bring in a new year begins. The crowd collectively counting down together.












A firework display begins as the screams and cheers of people can be heard echoing throughout the neighborhood. Focusing back in on Elijah and cohorts, we see them all sharing embraces, when suddenly they all come to a complete stop, looking frantically through the mass of humanity.

Elijah: Where's Eris?

With a slight hint of panic, they all look around but Eris is nowhere in sight.





Fading in, we find ourselves inside of the familiar dungeon of V.E.N.O.M. Through the darkness the familiar sounds of voices chanting in a dozen languages, ancient and modern, names sacred and profane. Sitting alone amidst the darkness, the makeshift throne of Nina is the only thing that occupies the room as the chanting gets louder and louder suddenly coming to a halt.


A blinding white light consumes the room, as things begin to settle the throne is occupied by none other than Nina. However absent are cohorts, Vince and Omar. Alone she sits, staring absently, straight forward, neglecting her recluse as it crawls freely around her body. The silence that fills the room is unsettling, the smell of deterioration of despair invades the air. Yet she sits there quietly and comfortably soon Nina's body begins to convulse and shake violently, her eyes turning complete white. Jolting back to unconscious life, she stares straight forward, beginning to speak. However the voice isn't her own, but that of the low raspy one that was heard at Frozen Over.

“Fate and faith…”

Her eyes blink continually as she carries on.

“Faith implies hope, loyalty and and a belief system that has no proof. Fate, on the other hand, implies resignation - a belief that things are predestined before time existed, and that simply falls into one's destiny.”

Head twitch.

“Is it destined for Nina to win the CWF World Championship?”

Crooked smile.

“No… For her destiny has already been predetermined. For her mission has been foretold to her. She knows what her destiny is, she already knows what's fated to happen. So she steps into this tournament knowing exactly what has to be done. But first….”

She begins to convulse in the chair once more, her body shaking rapidly.

“Silas Artoria.. Once a man of pride, a man of prestige, a man of idiotic honor. Now nothing more than a broken husk of his former self.”

The sound of Nina's voice creeps through.

Nina: Wake up…

“Silas, you like all other people are foolish. You tread on the line that is faith, hoping and wishing things fall into your favor. They are not.. Like the sheep, you live on the false premise of hopes and dreams.”

Nina: Wake up….

“The hopes that things will to the way you wish them to go.. Dreams that things may work out in your favor.. They are not… Just like the sheep, the wool is pulled over your eyes. Another victim of false beliefs and just like Job, the gods have used your life as a tool for their amusement.”

Nina: Wake up…

“Open your eyes Silas… embrace the truth for it shall set you free. For it will liberate you in ways unimaginable. For you will be able to accept what is destined. Only then will you truly be free.”

Nina: Wake up…

“We are not here to bring you down, but only lift you up. Help you to accept the Passenger as one in the same. With open arms, accept what is meant for you to do. Artoria with open arms, we implore you to cause chaos and destruction for it's the way of becoming free.”

Nina: WAKE UP!

The voice ends without warning as the iris’ of Nina's eyes become her natural brown color. She continues to stare stoically forward as another blinding bright flash occurs again. As the darkness consumes the area again, the throne is vacant once more.


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