Title: A sit down with Tara
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 01-19-19
Location: backstage
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)



Scene opens with Tara Robinson sitting in a makeshift talk show area looking like the set from Maury Povich.


Tara- “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me tonight as by request we have the self proclaimed “Samoan Suplex Machine” Kendo and his agent JT Barrett.”


The camera pans out to revile JT and Kendo sitting with JT dressed in his famous black suit and Kendo with his gym sweat pants and tank top.


Tara- “I'll start with asking...”


She is quickly interrupted by JT.


JT- “Let me stop you before you ask. First, your welcome that we are here. I know this is a the biggest breakthrough in your little career but I got to ask you first...what do you mean by “self-proclaimed”

Samoan Suplex Machine? Do you think that we just Googled nicknames or just draw one out of a hat!? “


Tara has a puzzled look on her face.


JT- “You don't have to answer that because I can answer that for you. This man has been fighting his whole life and developing multiple suplex's has been a staple of his and after his match with Maxx Becker, he should off just some of his suplex's and I guarantee that there is more to come. So to say “self-proclaimed” is almost an insult but I'll let that slide Tara and you can ask your questions.”


Tara still looking a little puzzled.


Tara- “Well I certainly apologizes for that comment but I have to start with my first question. The past couple of weeks haven't been great for Kendo and you JT. He was in a brutal fight with Maxx Becker which he unfortunately lost and then at Frozen Over was eliminated early in the battle royal which means he doesn't get to pick the stipulation of the match. So, I have to ask, what's going on with him?”


JT quickly sits up in his chair.


JT- “What he going on with him!? NOTHING! Yes, the past couple of weeks haven't been the kindest for him but I assure you that he is more then ever focused. Next question.


Tara- “Well we have the first round of the World title tournament and you are in the Beta Block and are facing Dan Ryan and the debut of the Crimson Ghost in a triple threat match. How does Kendo prepare for this type of match with so many changes and a debut of a new superstar?”


JT- “Tara that is a great question. A really great question because as his agent I try prepare him as much as possible but we've had so many moving parts its been difficult but I have to give credit to CWF management because I have been asked all the way because it honestly doesn't matter to Kendo. Lets start with Dan Ryan, the “Ego Buster” and you can call him self-proclaimed cause even though he stands 6'7 and comes from a wrestling family, you are nothing compared to the Samoan Suplex machine and you will feel the pain and leave with a busted ego.”

Tara- “How about Crimison Ghost?”


JT- “Well he is a question mark to prepare for but we have become a custom to that. Kendo has became the welcoming party here in CWF and its not much up for Kendo to be ready but for him to be ready for him. For him to be ready for the onslaught of suplexes and pain we will have to go through and...”


Kendo reaches with his hand on JT's chest and stops him talking.


Kendo- “Let me say something...”


Kendo sits up in his chair and looks at Tara.


Kendo- “It doesn't matter to me who is going to be in the ring cause I'm determined to go after the world title. You will see at Evolution as I start my climb to win the Modern Warfare tournament. So, Ryan and Ghost...entering the ring is an option, surviving is no guarantee.”


JT looking cocky.


JT- “I think he summed it up perfect.”


The camera goes back to Tara.


Tara- “Well you heard it here. I'm looking forward to Evolution.”


Camera fads to black.

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