Title: Modern Warfare
Featuring: Austin Bishop
Date: Sometime
Location: Somewhere
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)

No fancy set up.

No montage showing where Dick Fury and Austin Bishop have been the last month or so. Not even one set to 80's music.

None of that takes place as the scene just starts and we are welcomed by the likes of Dick Fury with Austin Bishop at his side. Fury cracks his neck and looks straight into the camera, his eyes piercing the viewers. Austin Bishop snarls and we begin.

Fury: Modern Warfare.

He pauses for a brief moment.

Fury:  Modern Warfare is defined as using the concepts, methods, and military technology that have come into use during and after World Wars I and II.

Dick just smirks.

Fury: You see, all of that is paints a pretty picture of what people think when they discuss Modern Warfare. They think of stealth bombers, nuclear and biological weapons, and other methods made popular over the last seventy or so years.

He shakes his head.

Fury: Well Dick doesn't. No, when he thinks of Modern Warfare he thinks of the pure destructive force of this man right here.

Fury motions toward Austin Bishop.

Fury: He doesn't need anything to help him get the job done. Oh no. Austin Bishop is a force of nature that has been cast onto this world with one soul purpose... to destroy all that step in his way.

Bishop intensely looks into the camera.

Fury: His next victim?

Fury looks agitated but continues.

Fury: His next victim is Bubba Love. While by all means, Dick and Austin were done with the CWF in December his contract stated that he must compete in this tournament and if he wins he must continue to compete.

Fury displays more annoyance.

Fury: It's a catch twenty-two really as Dick and Austin are ready to wipe their hands clean of the toxicity that is the CWF, but there is no God damn way that Austin Bishop loses to some fucking piece of shit named Bubba Love.

Dick chuckles to himself, almost as unable to believe it himself.

Fury: The brass figures why let Austin and Dick go? Let's just fuck them like they always do and put some fucking jobber out there for Austin to flatten and he will still be forced to stay.

Dick shakes his head.

Fury: The worst thing is that this is probably all orchestrated so that Austin will win the whole thing and be stuck due to contracts concocted by piss ant lawyers who have even less of a back bone than the powers that be.

He pauses for a moment and gathers his thoughts.

Fury: Fine. That's the way you want to play? You want to sacrifice this supersized jock itch just to ensure that you don't lose the only fucking names that put asses in seats? Well... you just signed Bubba Love's fucking death warrant.

Fury spits and storms off camera. Austin Bishop steps forward, grabbing the side of the camera and snarls into it.

Bishop: I'm coming and I will end you!

He rips the camera aware from it's holster and smashes it on the ground leaving us with nothing but static and the camera broken into a hundred pieces, much like Bubba Love will be at Evolution.

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