Title: [CD] Who I Am - Part Three
Featuring: Dan Ryan
Date: Various
Location: Various

December 3, 2005

Empire Pro Wrestling Corporate Headquarters --

"I think it's over."

Lindsay Troy stared straight ahead at the Empire Pro owner. "You think what's over?"

"Me. In the ring. I think it's over."

Lindsay, the reigning EPW World Champion, raised an eyebrow. "I suspected as much when you laid down for Big Dog in A1E. Four championships at one time in one year will take it out of the best of us."

"Your sister brought Cecilia."

Lindsay seems shocked, but only on the surface. "To the show? I wonder why your wife would bring your two year old daughter to a wrestling show..."

Dan Ryan is unconvinced. "Well, I think my wife most likely had been frustrated with her husband's inability to let go of his career after he promised to spend more time with family, and so, she asked her sister for advice."

Lindsay smirks. "Is that what you think?"

Ryan nods. "That's what I think. Dirty pool is what it is."

Lindsay Troy stands up from her leatherbound chair and picks the EPW World Championship off the desk as she prepares to leave.

"Well Dan, you don't have the best track record of knowing when to let go, do you?"  Troy's gaze softens. "You lost a daughter once because of this business. Two years of beating bloody everyone you could get your hands on without regret didn't make any of it any better. You have a second chance with Alaina and Cecilia..."

Ryan nods. "That's why it's over. I blew it once. I'm not blowing it again."

Troy smiles. "Well, I'm glad. In the meantime, why don't we get going? Your wife.... is waiting downstairs."

"You're joining us, then?" Ryan puts both hands on his desk and stands.

Troy cocks her head sideways. "I never pass up a free meal, Dan."

Ryan chuckles. "I figured as much."

Ryan and Troy walk to the door, opening it and heading out into the foyer.

"So --- Dan Ryan, Corporate Edition --- that's gonna take some getting used to. You gonna buy some new ties, or just keep turning that one over?"

An employee steps up and opens the door, letting them both exit toward the waiting car. Ryan pats her on the back.

"Don't worry. This isn't the end of the story -- just a new chapter. Maybe I should stop taking from this business... and start giving a little. I could use a fresh start...."

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