Title: Wanna be FRANDS?! (Pre-Requiem)
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: That's a detail
Location: Where she is
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)

The night is brisk and Cheshire can see her breath as she rustles a couple well positioned branches. Her eyes narrow as she watches Shadow look out of the window he is sitting in front of this night at his hidden away mansion. In all honesty she would have to thank Mia for sharing this location with her; to her credit, it does feel like home to her. It’s a weird feeling and it wasn’t one she is willing to give up on. The concept of “home” has always been a foreign one to both Mia and Cheshire. After everything that Loki had caused, would either of them be able to call this place home again? 

Would they be brave enough to ask?

Positive that Shadow had seen her signal, willing it to any deity that would listen, Cheshire went to Mia’s spot, now her spot. She finds her perch atop a small waterfall, the wintery weather causing it to almost slow to a frozen stop. The will of water is never sated though and Cheshire can see the current as it falls over the edge and into the babbling brook underneath. She smiles to herself as she feels his presence over her shoulder.

Cheshire: I appreciate you meeting with me Shadow. It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to talk.

The current World and Paramount Champion of the CWF comes out from the line of trees he was hiding behind, a small smile on his face as he shakes his head and takes a seat beside Cheshire. There is a tense silence between the two as they both just watch the water flow under the slowly forming ice. Neither of them move, both just enjoying the serenity the scenery presented to the audience of the two of them. Both experience the world differently but both can appreciate the need for such a moment in the chaos of life. The tension is noticed by both of them and it is Cheshire that first breaks the silence. 

Cheshire: I’m sure there’s confusion right now, you’re trying to wrap your head around the events that have brought us here to this very moment; a kind of awkward meeting of Champion and Challenger… Mentor and me, your student at one point if that memory serves. 

Another silence falls as Shadow takes in what he’s hearing. Cheshire smiles a devilish grin as she continues.

Cheshire: I’m not here to fight you. I’m here to tell you that Loki Synn is no more, or at least she won’t be a concern of yours any longer. You and your kin in The Forsaken can call me Cheshire for now. I am NOT Mia and I can not stress that enough. I am here to have her atone for her sins. She might not have been strong enough to hold off Loki, but the circumstances leading up to putting her in that state is her own doing. She will learn her mistakes and in time, she might come back, IF…

She pauses as Shadow clenches the ground beneath him. She notices and pats him on the shoulder briefly, noting to herself how tense her touch makes him.

Cheshire: I told you Shadow, I’m not here as your enemy, I’m here as a neutral party. I’m here to right all the wrongs that Loki has caused and ensure that the repercussions of her actions aren’t felt forever and a day. I know that sounds a bit like a hyperbole, but think of Mia’s effect on the young Hawkhurst girl, figuring out that her idol turned into Loki, and had to watch as Loki terrorized a federation while fighting off the demons of her father’s feud with a former family friend. Shadow… That’s A LOT for a kid, even with someone with as cool of a last name as “Hawkhurst.”

But we’re not talking about Chloe. We’re talking about Mia.

She… She feels terrible about everything that happened while she fought from the inside out to try and regain her life. She needed help, MY help. I took over, I put Loki away and now I’m here to ensure that Mia has learned the lessons she needs to. Trust me when I say that she is alive and well, but she still has so much to learn. You should know it was her idea to get you the World title. I agreed with her because in all honesty, you seem like the champion the CWF needs and deserves right now.

Shadow: You underestimate her you know.

The two fall silent, appreciating what the other has said. 

Cheshire: We’ll see Shadow. We have after all, only just begun this dance.

The stream continues to flow and the babbling underneath can be heard echoing throughout the night. As beautiful as the moment is, the two can appreciate the danger that lingers. Anyone that has no experience in these experiences can find themselves lost in the woods. Wandering aimlessly lost and forsaken, hoping for the best… The two smile, appreciating the fact that they both know that they just shared the same tangent.

Cheshire: I do owe you this as well. Shadow, I didn’t mean to taint your victory in any way. I feel that you DO deserve the prestige that those belts carry with it. You mean more to this federation than I think even YOU realize, and I feel that it’s high time that both you AND the world recognize this fact. Take the time you deserve to enjoy your victory and if you feel that you need to “earn” those belts; bear in mind that I still have my rematch clause to use after this tournament is done, despite the outcome at the end. What is it that Mia used to say that is quite catchy and feels fitting in this situation? Oh yes…

Semi colon. Right Parenthesis.

Cheshire giggles as Shadow rolls his eyes with a grin. The Champion of CWF turns to leave, looking to head back to his mansion and the warmth of a good fire. He turns as he reaches the beginning of the path leading there and eyes Cheshire who is looking off into the distance, a blank look on her face. He opens his mouth to say something but stops as the branches nearby rustle and a familiar Knight in Shining Burlap comes out from the treeline, the frost from the trees lightly coating him. The Champion turns and puts his hands in his pockets, looking forward to the promising warmth of the mansion.
The former World Champion watches Shadow leave and smiles as Ataxia makes his way from the underbrush like all those times before Mia’s fairy tale ending took a turn down the wrong rabbit hole. If there was anyone that deserved insight, deserved something more than what he has gotten from her in the last several months, it was Ataxia. As he makes his way to her, she remembers through Mia’s eyes everything that Ataxia had gone through since her disappearance. She wanted to reach out and talk to him so much, to touch him once again. 

Cheshire looks down and realizes that she’s holding hands with the burlapped masked man. She can’t help but smile at the absurdity of the situation and she lets out a giggle despite herself. Ataxia also realizes the same thing and the two simultaneously let go of each other. In silent unison, they walk through the woods, familiar paths to both of them, yet on unfamiliar footing with each other. It is a weird feeling and any fairy woodland nymph that happened to stumble across the scene would see it and look down at it as fruitless human drama. Maybe it would give pity due to the addled brains of both Ataxia and Cheshire/Mia, but that was a call for the fairies and unfortunately neither one had any favors to be called in to them. 

The two walk in awkward silence for a bit, taking in the serenity of the woodland scene. It is almost the perfect image of mystical woods in a winter backdrop. The snow twinkles in the moonlight, casting a glow upon everything that leaves most people in Cheshire's shoes breathless in awe of nature's beauty. For an instant, she feels like letting Mia out of the cage she has her in to enjoy a breath of fresh air, remind her what is at stake. With Ataxia this close though, this... Hurt, it was too dangerous. It was bad enough that Loki was going to have to come out to deal with the plebians at SEE in a triple threat match that serves no purpose. 

Maybe she was bitter about it. Maybe she felt like she shouldn't have to work up to the Daughters of Doodie because everyone in SEE is and will forever be beneath her. Cheshire pulls her attentions back to the moment, the crunching snow doing its job to center her so she can take a moment to appreciate the beauty. It's Ataxia that first breaks the silence.

Ataxia: That was very kind of you, coming to this familiar place that brings back all these wonderful memories, but... I know that you aren't her, that's probably the one thing that I DO remember. Everything comes in flashes. In my dreams, I know, I just KNOW who she is. You have her face, but you aren't HER. So... Who are you?

Ataxia draws away from Cheshire a sad look in his eyes as he comes upon this realization that Cheshire and Mia might share a face, but are not the same person. Cheshire looks down where Ataxia's hand had been darting nervously around hers sadly, remembering the feeling of his touch and savoring it. She holds her hands to her chest and looks after him, her gaze pleading, her tone one of a confused child. If anyone were to guess Cheshire's sincerity based on her mannerisms, they would have a hard time saying that she wasn't trying. She glances at the ground but forces her gaze up to meet his.

Cheshire: I'm... I don't want to hurt you. I want that to end and I want to help ease your suffering. You're right, I'm not Mia. I wish I could bring her back right away for you, but I can't, not yet. She needs to learn her lessons, she needs to grow stronger from her past mistakes. Loki... She isn't gone, she'll probably be here to stay no matter what. I'm here to make sure that Mia learns what she needs to to harness Loki's power and wielding it as opposed to succumbing to it. Her time will come again and I'll be nothing but a memory. I'm hoping to make it a pleasant one for you and while I might not be Mia; you HAVE to know that she is alive and well in me and yearns for the day when she can hold you once again. Until then though... I have one question for you, maybe it will end up benefiting the two of us in some weird way and maybe we'll find the answers we're looking for individually... Together....

Cheshire lets her voice fall silent, letting the magic of the evening take over. As if on cue a slight breeze picks up and blows random bits of nature between the two.

Cheshire: Will you be my FRAND?

She smiles, a grin that hasn't seen her face since she was a tag team champion as Mia Rayne. She knows he's familiar with the smile and she knows that it hits the mark. But she wasn't here to betray anyone. The Cheshire Cat was NEVER known to be callous or one to betray their friends and family. This is no different as Cheshire grins as only she can while looking into the eyes of a man considered crazy by most, but she knows better than to give into that misconception. Maybe it wouldn't be an immediate thing, perhaps Ataxia needs his space. She waits in breathless anticipation, her heart pounding to the point she wonders if he can notice it pulsating against her skin. Cheshire isn't sure what to expect from her former beau, current beau? Possible frand? She studies the burlap, pulling the face beneath from distant memories in her head. The tension mounts but before any kind of resolution can be told, the scene fades into the inky blue and starlit sky...

Aiden Dempsey, representing SEE wrestling. Please pardon me while I try to stifle my excitement at your very presence.


Sorry, that's about as much enthusiasm that I can muster for a guy that looks like just another carbon copy of the KC3 archetype. Look at you. You're rich. You have this aura of "I'm better than you," and I'm sure somewhere down the line you're going to make mention of the fact that not only do you not know me, but that I must not be important because the pond scum that is called "talent" at SEE has never heard of me or the federation that I represent. So allow me to remedy this Aiden and unfortunately, you're going to be the first to learn this lesson. After that I get fed Sarah Bryant and Summer Rae at your biggest pay-per-view of the year, and after I destroy those two? I move on to the Daughters of Dooty. So Aiden, I'm going to give you a history lesson and I hope that you're paying attention, real... Close attention to the words as they leave my mouth. After I am finished you will have adequate time to turn tail and run back to SEE to fend off whatever crazy championship match in Transylvania that you might be booked in.

I have gone by many names. Loki Synn most recently.

Mia Rayne who fell victim to an untimely demise. 

Amelia, who enjoyed pretending she is psychotic, but had no idea that she was only the early scratches on a used surface. She had a time and a place, now it is my time to push the reset button.

You may call me Cheshire and despite what you may or may not know about me or the federation I represent, I can tell you one very important detail. 

Your federation is obsolete.

You represent a place that has nothing more than vermin crawling around and pretending to be talented athletes. As I start my campaign to wipe out any and all SEE members I happen to encounter, I'm going to take special pleasure in the fact that you're going to be the face that starts my bloodbath. You Aiden. Please, take a moment to feel special. Blow up that over inflated ego a bit more and if I get lucky enough, maybe I can sharpen my claws by bursting your balloon. You represent a place that at best, resembles a circus of poorly trained monkeys.

And that is me being nice.

However, I'm not one to take the easy way out, aiming at your lackluster excuse of a federation proves nothing more than I know how to pick an easy target. I'm more intrigued by you Aiden because somehow, for some reason, you're PROUD to be a champion at SEE. I caught sight of your last promo and I have to be blunt with you sir...

Just because you hang out all naked and allow for random "accidental wardrobe malfunctions" to pretend to show off doesn't do much to intimidate. The only way I see this working out in your favor, is if I catch sight of you in the ring and burst out laughing, and let's all be honest here...

Who doesn't like a tiny penis joke? Especially when you make it oh so easy for me. I'm sure your skills in the bedroom equate to what you can do in the ring.

Which in all honesty... In my mind's eye I'm just imagining you flopping around the ring trying to hit me screaming at the top of your lungs that your some sort of champion. There you go making me laugh again. You're good at that game Dempsey, but are you good enough to last in the ring against someone who has sworn to destroy any and all SEE roster members she happens to come across in this tournament and beyond?

I don't think you have what it takes Aiden. I truly don't and I think that should you decide to show up for our match, you're going to get hurt.

A lot.

But please come at me with everything you have. Don't listen to my warning and just take my word for what you feel it's worth. The word of a ranting lunatic, just another opponent in Dempsey's Black Book O' Failures: An Autobiography. You might not have heard of that book, it isn't very well known for what I would hope to be obvious reasons. If you need help let me spell it out for you.

Cheshire, which is me, doesn't think that Aiden Dempsey, that's... That's you... Is worth any amount of time. Less than a second spent on that man is too much. He represents a garbage fed that I've actually done the research on and competing in to know how much of a horrible place it is. You can't fight the truth Dempsey.

And the truth is that you can’t hold a candle to CWF’s worse. Unfortunately for you, you’re up against one of the best in me. Your chances are not looking good, but you know what they say in Vegas.

Always bet on the wild card, I’ll bring the “wild” and you’re enough of a “card” for everyone combined. See you soon, I know that I can’t wait until I get to start my domination of the SEE roster with your blood. Sleep tight and I’ll be seeing you soon.


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