Title: Might as well..
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 18th, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Evolution 39 (Modern Warfare Round 1)



[The scene opens at a movie theater. There is a huge line up to get snacks for the movies. The line for the tickets is fairly empty so Jace LeRose and his brother Kyle walk up to the cashier. The two brothers are spending some time together before Jace LeRose has to go back on tour with the Championship Wrestling Federation. Jace LeRose is wearing a blue tee shirt and blue jeans. Kyle is wearing a red tee shirt and blue jeans. The two men pay for their movie tickets and then head to the snack line to get their popcorn for the movies.]


Kyle LeRose: This is pretty good fun. It’s good to catch up with you after all this time. I don’t think we’ve even spoke on the phone in the last two years. You’ve been so busy with your wrestling career. I am super proud that you got to live your dreams. I wanted to be a stand up comedian but I never took the chance.


Jace LeRose: Yeah, I know, I’ve been super busy living my dreams. The thing is with your stand up comedy, well, you can do it anytime you want. It’s not like professional wrestling where there is a window of time to do it. You can still be a comedian if you wanted to. All you have to do is do it. It’s that simple. Now, let’s go see this damn movie. I rarely get to see movies anymore.


Kyle LeRose: Yeah, neither do I. All I get to do is watch some children’s show I’ve seen a hundred times. Oh well, I love my kids. It’s just great to get out and see other people than my kids and wife. We better hurry, I don’t want to miss the previews!


[The two brothers walk to their movie theater. Once the movie is over, the two are seen walking out of the theater.]


Kyle LeRose: Wow, that was a really good movie. Lots of good action and it was funny too.


Jace LeRose: Yeah, it was pretty good.


Kyle LeRose: So tell me about wrestling, who are you facing next?


Jace LeRose: I am stepping into the ring with Impulse. It should be a really good match. I know I am going to win though because I am the best wrestler in the world.


Kyle LeRose: I wish I could be there for your big match. I guess I could always record it and watch it when ever I have time to myself, which is never. Maybe I’ll watch it when the kids grow up. These kids are my life, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. I have to be going back to see my wife and kids. It’s been good seeing you Jace. I wish you the best of luck in your match and your career. I hope you turn the wrestling world upside down and you win plenty of championships along the way.


Jace LeRose: There is no stopping me.


Kyle LeRose: Well, I’m going to go. Let’s keep in touch though bro.


Jace LeRose: Absolutely!


[The two men then go on their separate ways as the scene cuts out to the next.]





[The scene opens outside a mansion. There are a few expensive cars in the driveway, two Mercedes and then a red Lamborghini. The shot then zooms in and we are standing on the front porch of the mansion. We are right in front of the mansion door. The camera reaches his hand out and rings the door bell. We wait a few moments and then the door is answered by Championship Wrestling Federation’s Jace LeRose. He is wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans. He motions for them to come in and the camera man walks into the front door.]


[Jace LeRose then walks into his front hallway and then takes a right. We see that we are in his living room. He takes a seat on his black, leather couch. He turns on the television and then sits back on the couch. He has the remote for the television and he begins to flip through the channels. Finding nothing interesting on tv, he shuts it off. He then gets off his couch and then walks into the backyard.]


[The shot of the backyard to Jace’s mansion is breathtaking. There is a giant pool, complete with diving board. He walks out closer to his pool, removes his tee shirt and takes off his jeans shorts to reveal some short swimming trunks. He jumps into the pool and there is a big splash of water. We see that he went under the water and we watch as he rises up from the water. He then begins to swim around in his pool before he swims towards the edge of the pool. The camera zooms in on him and he begins to speak.]


Jace LeRose: So my next big match is against Impulse. You call yourself the Marathon Man, well guess what pumpkin, being the marathon man isn’t going to help you walk out with the victory. You see, you are no match for me. I am beautiful and perfect in every single way. My body is flawless. I am very capable of putting a beating on you when we step inside that squared circle together.


[Jace LeRose exits the pool and walks over to the lawn chair where there was a towel. He dries himself off and then walks back into his mansion. He immediately walks up the stairs to his bed room. The camera man follows him up the stairs and we see that Jace LeRose is getting dressed into nicer clothes. He then continues to speak.]


Jace LeRose: People always ask what it is like to be as perfect as me. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s absolutely marvelous. I am the best wrestler the Championship Wrestling Federation has ever seen. I am going to go very far here, I just know it. I am Jace LeRose, the best damn wrestler in the wrestling industry.


[Jace LeRose then makes his way back down the steps of the stairs and walks back into his living room where he takes a seat on the black, leather couch. He has the remote in his hand and turns on the television. He begins to flip through the channels and stops at one channel that is showing monster trucks racing. He then looks at the camera and begins to speak.]


Jace LeRose: So this match is a first round match in the Modern Warfare tournament. I am going to win this tournament, I just know it. You wrestling fans out there should know it too. When we step into the ring in Seattle, well, it’s going to be a war. I’m sorry to say this buddy but you’re not going to win. It’s just that simple.


[He pauses for a moment and then gets up. He walks over to his refrigerator and opens it. He pulls out a cold bottle of water, twists off the top and takes a swig of it. He then twists the cap back on and walks back into his massive living room with the big screen television mounted on the wall. To say that he is living comfortably is an understatement. He sits back down on the couch and then continues on with his promo.]


Jace LeRose: The Key Arena will go wild when I step past that curtain and make my way down the entrance way. They are going to become even more unglued when I defeat Impulse and go on to the second round of this tournament. There are thirty two other people in this tournament and the champion and Loki Synn will be defending the strap each and every match he is in. So when it gets down for me to face the champion, be it Loki Synn or whoever, I will be the new champion.


[He pauses for a moment and then gets up again. He walks into his spacious kitchen and opens the fridge again and takes out a juicy, red apple. He takes a bite and chews it up. He then continues speaking about his next big match.]


Jace LeRose: I am going to run through the competition. There is no stopping me. It doesn’t matter who it is. Loki Synn or Impulse, anyone who steps into the ring with me will fall victim and I will be the new Championship Wrestling Federation champion! If you don’t like that, well you just have to beat me and you won’t be able to do that - I guarantee it! I am going to bulldoze through everyone. Just watch me do it if you don’t believe it. I’ll show the wrestling world why I am the very best. See you in the ring Impulse! Everyone else, watch as I show you how it’s done.


[He then stands up and the shot then fades to black. Will Jace LeRose win his match against Impulse? Or will Impulse be too much for him. We will find out soon. One thing is for sure. It’s going to a hell of a match and it is going to be a war.]

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