Title: Book 2 Chapter 3: Natural Selection
Featuring: Dorian Hawkhurst
Date: June 2, 2018
Location: Some rural area
Show: Evolution 22

Image by FlamingText.comThe gray clouds hang overhead, casting a somber mood upon the day. The camera pans down from the bleek sky down to the side of the road. Behind the shot, on the road itself, a pair of wheels with rusted hubcaps flies past. As it disappears into the distance, you can hear more of the sounds of the natural world. Crickets chirp. Birds tweet. All is peaceful.

After some time, the sound of the the roadside gravel crunching underfoot is heard. The pacing is slow and deliberate. A small pair of Doc Martens makes their way into the frame, immediately followed by a larger pair of beaten up combat boots. The camera zooms out, and we see the Hawkhurst clan walking alongside of the road. They are walking in a rural area, as the old wooden posts, rusted barbed wire fence and wide open field would imply.

You want to tell me what this is all about, baby girl?”

“Just wait, Daddy. You’ll find out soon.”

Dorian continues walking beside his ‘Mini Demon’, trusting in her judgment. Granted, this hasn’t always worked out for him in the past, but at worst, he’s getting to spend some quality time with his daughter. They continue until the end of the road, where the barbed wire fence connects with a wooden gate at the entrance of the field. Chloe climbs up onto the gate while Dorian simply leans against it.

So, guess what I learned at school last week.”

“That algebra is stupid because no one wants to find their ex?”

“Funny, dad.”

“What did you learn?”

“I learned in science class about carnivores. “

“What about them?”

“Well, hawks are carnivores.”

“Yes, they are. I still don’t get where you are going with this.”

“Did you know that ravens are also carnivores.”


“This is important, Daddy. Even though they are both carnivores, did you know that hawks actually eat ravens.”

“Do they, now?”


“So, why drag us all the way out here?”

“I was hoping we’d see it.”

“See what?”

“A hawk swooping down and snatching a raven.”

“You don’t think it would be gross?”

“I don’t care, Daddy. I want to see it.”

“Maybe another time. You just gave me an idea and I think I need to take care of it before my train of thought gets derailed.”

Dorian grabs Chloe under her armpits and lifts her onto his shoulders.

“Come on, baby girl. We’ve got work to do.”

The camera cuts fades out to black and then cuts to our CWF’s most talked about family, The Hawkhursts. While Dorian is adorned in his usual “Forsaken Demon” t-shirt, Chloe is wearing the newest Ataxia t-shirt, available at cwfshop.com for just $24.99.

“Autumn, I know you and I have done this before, We both know what happened the last time we met.”

“But, that doesn’t matter. Ms. Mia says that you can’t stake your claim on the past because she has moved onto bigger and better things. So has my daddy. But, you… you haven’t grown at all.”

“People are supposed to grow. People are supposed to change. People are supposed to evolve. I look at you, Raven, and I have seen none of that. You are still in the same sorry state of affairs you were in when you and I did this last.”

“Last week, Caledonia, that’s right, sweetheart, I haven’t forgotten you. Sweetheart. Last week, Caledonia said something to me about not forgetting who I am. Raven, the last time, you didn’t see the real Dorian Hawkhurst. You didn’t see the real ‘Demon of Sobriety’. What you saw last time was a mask, a lie. You saw a man pretending that he was happy with his station in life. The Forsaken is about being true to yourself and about letting your freak flag fly. We might not be what you would call normal, but we are exactly what we claim we are. What you see is what you get.”

“We are hawks. You are a raven. You are our prey. You are our food. Last week Daddy was talking about our meal ticket. You aren’t a ticket. You are the meal. First, we will catch you in our claws. We will watch as you try to get away.  We will laugh was we tear you apart. You are weak. We are not. We are the top of the food chain.”

“When you go on a little vacation, you become very observant. I was given some time to reflect on things. When you are in prison, they don’t care if you are hurt. You sit regardless. You notice the little things like walking, being able to break a sweat, and simply being able to put on your own shoes.”

“As you also know, the little things add up. The little things become big things like competing, earning pay checks and winning championship after championship after championship after championship. The Impact Championship was just the first of many for me. Last week, I made clear to Caledonia that I wanted what she has. The reason that she won last week was because of what I did. Let that sink in, Autumn. Let it serve as a warning to you. Caledonia won because of ME!”

“I decided when I stepped back into the ring, it was going to be my way. And if I have my way, a lot of people are going to go ‘on vacation’. So, what I would like to do now, is have a moment of silence for the little things.”

“For you, Autumn Raven.”

Both Dorian and Chloe close their eyes, and lower their heads for a few moments. The camera slowly zooms in, as a wicked smile crosses Chloe’s face and the camera fades to black.

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