Title: [CD] How I Met My Girlfriend Part 3 of ??
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 13th, 2019
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As Jace LeRose woke up the next morning, he threw off his blankets and rolled out of bed. He immediately went to the washroom to do his morning business before returning to his bed room. He made his bed because he never liked climbing into an unmade bed at the end of the day. After making his bed, he walked down the stairs to his kitchen. He flipped on the light and opened the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of orange juice. After taking a sip he walked over to his front door and opened it. He took the morning newspaper that was sitting on his front porch and brought it inside.


Once he finished reading the newspaper he put it in the recycle bin and then made his way up the stairs to his room where he had a shower. He was getting ready for his lunch date with Megan, a woman he met at the bar the two nights before. He wanted to take things slow with her because the last girl didn’t work out too well. Once he was dressed he went to his living room and sat down on his black, leather couch and turned on his massive television. He put on some old wrestling from the eighties and sat back on the couch.


After watching for sometime, he realized that it was almost time for him to go to meet Megan. He took one more look in the mirror to make sure that he was looking good and he his way to out of the house. He locked the door and headed down the steps to his car. Once inside the car and once it was running he backed out of the driveway and headed to the bagel shop where he was going to meet Megan. There was plenty of parking at that time and he was lucky enough to find a spot right by the bagel shop. He got out of the car and locked it. He then walked inside the shop and looked around.


He saw Megan sitting in the corner. He walked over to her to say hi. She already had her bagel and coffee. He said that he’d be right back and went to stand in line to get his food. It was pretty busy in there but not as busy as it usually was. It was a great place that everyone and their grandmothers seemed to like. Once he got his food and orange juice, he walked over to the table that Megan was at and sat down. They began to talk about stuff and seemed to hit it off pretty well. Once they finished their food, Megan gave him a hug and they planned their next date. Usually at this point he’d be trying to get her back home but he really wanted to take it slow with this one.


They parted ways and Jace went out to his car and fired up the engine. He then backed out of the parking spot and went straight home. He was happy with is date with Megan and he couldn’t wait for the next one. They had agreed that they would go for ice cream at a local ice cream place that was all the rage. Until then, he was going to go back home and watch some wrestling. Wrestling was his life and at the time he was hoping to be a professional wrestler some day. He spent the whole evening watching wrestling but he couldn’t help but think of Megan. He really liked her he thought.


On their next date, Jace LeRose and Megan ate ice cream while walking down the street of the city. They weren’t going to go far but it was better than sitting across from each other and exchanging resumes. They talked about all sorts of stuff including dreams and passions. Jace made it clear that he wanted to be a professional wrestler and that he lived for pro wrestling. Megan said she wanted to be a teacher, maybe an English teacher. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to teach but she wanted to be a teacher, that was for sure.


They ended the date with a kiss and then went their separate ways. When Jace went home he immediately called his best friend Patrick to tell him about the new girl he found. Patrick said he was happy for him and was glad that he wasn’t with that Jessica girl anymore. Jace told Patrick that Megan would make a great girlfriend. He told him that their next date they’d be going to the fair that was coming to Ottawa next week. Patrick said he was happy for him but said that he had to go because he had a big business deal to prepare for.


The next week came quickly. Jace and Megan went to the fair and had a blast. They went on the Merry Go Round and they saw some horse racing. They really had fun and that night they had an even better time. The time was right and they waited long enough. The next morning Jace said that he was glad they waited to get together. Megan spent the night the a few more times and before they knew it they were living together. They got along pretty well and everything was going well until they had their first fight.


Megan started giving him crap about leaving a wet towel on the hardwood floor. Jace said that it was house that he could do what he wanted. Megan said it was her house too, now that they were living together and Jace just flipped on her. They decided that they weren’t meant for each other and broke up shortly after. Jace was devastated and spent the next few weeks just sitting on his couch watching wrestling. Oh pro wrestling, always there when things are good and when things go wrong.


Patrick called him up one day because he hadn’t heard from him in a bit. Jace told him that he and Megan broke up. Patrick said that they should go to the bar and meet some women but Jace said that he wanted to take a break from that whole thing for a while. Patrick respected his wishes and Jace spent the next month inside. He never left the house - only to go to work. Soon though he was feeling antsy and decided that he’d take Patrick up on his offer and head to a bar and meet some women.


Patrick was thrilled that he had someone to go with and the two had a blast meeting women. Jace didn’t meet anyone in particular but he was having some of the best times of his life just going out there and meeting the ladies. Patrick and Jace grew closer as friends. Jace was loving the single life but then he found someone that really caught his eye.


He didn’t see her at a bar. She was the secretary at the dentist office. He always found her attractive but he was usually in a relationship so he couldn’t really do anything about it - until his next appointment. He came in one Monday afternoon for a cleaning and when it came to pay for it, he and the secretary flirted a bit. He asked her for her number and at first she hesitated but eventually gave him her number. When he got home that morning from the dentist he immediately called Patrick to tell him the good news and asked if he had any dirt on her.


Patrick said that he knew the woman but he hadn’t really heard anything about her, which was a good thing for Jace. The next day Jace called the secretary, whose name was Rachael and then set up a date with her. They planned to go for dinner and a movie. How did that work out? Well, I am all out of time right now but tune in next time to hear how things went.

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