Title: [CD] How I Met My Girlfriend Part 2 of ??
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 13th, 2019
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

When we last Jace LeRose he was on a date with a foxy red headed woman named Jessica. He had just met her after going on a date with Wendy. Jessica and Jace are seen walking down the sidewalk as snowflakes begin to fall from the sky. Jessica and Jace seem to be enjoying each other’s company.


Jace LeRose: So Jessica, what makes you stay in Canada despite this shit weather?


Jessica: Ha, well, that’s simple. I love skating.


Jace LeRose: Well, you’re on your own with that one. I don’t skate.


[As they continue to walk Jessica grabs his hand and stops him. She leans in and gives a kiss on the lips. Jace smiles and then the two continue to make out in the middle of the sidewalk.]


Jace LeRose: Well, I guess we are hitting off too well…


Jessica: Shut up and just kiss me.


[Later that day, after the two finished lip locking, Jace invited Jessica over. The door bell to his house rang throughout his place and he got off his couch and walked to the door. He opened it and Jessica jumped into his arms. They had a pretty good night.]


[The next morning, Jace woke up beside Jessica. He got up carefully from the bed as to not want to wake her. He went down the stairs and to his kitchen. He made some breakfast for the two of them. Jessica slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen and gave Jace a hug. Jace brought the plate of food for her to the kitchen table.]


[After they ate, Jessica said that had to unfortunately go. Jace gave her one last kiss and Jessica left the house. Before she left the she told him she’d call him after she finished work. As soon as she left and pulled out of the driveway, Jace immediately walked over to the phone and dialed his best friend, Patrick’s number.]


[It rang twice before Patrick picked up.]


Patrick: Hello?


Jace LeRose: Hey Pat, guess what, I met a great girl last night.


Patrick: Awesome dude, what’s her name?


Jace LeRose: Her name is Jessica.


Patrick: I hope it’s not Jessica Taylor, the town skank.


Jace LeRose: …Ah, I think that’s her name. What makes her a skank?


Patrick: Only that she’s been with every guy in town - twice.


Jace LeRose: Well thanks for bursting my bubble.


Patrick: There are other girls out there. Just a fair warning, dump Jessica now or she’s going to be a thorn in your side.


Jace LeRose: I can’t do that, she seems like a great person.


Patrick: Suit yourself. I have to get back to this online poker.


[The call ended and Jace LeRose sat down on a wooden chair. He sighs and then decides that he should call her up and end the whole thing. Just when he thinks he finds someone, they are not good for him. He dials Jessica’s number and waits for it to ring. After three rings Jessica picks up. Jace then begins to tell her that he can’t see her. She asks why and Jace says that he’s going to be busy with things and it would be better off they don’t see each other. Jessica can be heard crying on the other end. Jace tells her he has to go and then the call ends.]


Jace LeRose: Well, another failed attempt at finding a great girl. What the hell am I going to do now? I’m going to go to the bar for a drink, maybe I’ll see a great girl down there.


[Jace walks to his bedroom and makes sure he is looking spiffy. He then walks out of his house, locks the door and goes to his car. He gets it running and then backs out of the driveway. After driving for maybe five minutes, he arrives at the bar and parks his car. He gets out of the car and walks inside the bar.]


[Once inside the bar, he looks around and finds that there is a place at the bar to drink. He sits down and waits for the bartender to come over to him and take his order. He orders a beer and the bartender brings it to him. He takes a sip and looks up at the televisions that are playing no sound. They are showing hockey which Jace finds really boring.]


[He turns around on his stool with his beer in hand and surveys the bar to see if there are any attractive women in there. He sees one standing in the corner with her friend. She is wearing a blue top and blue jeans. Jace takes another sip of his beer and heads over to the two women standing there. He makes his way slowly and at first they don’t see him coming.]


[As he gets closer the woman in the blue top looks up at him and smiles. As he reaches her he puts his hand out for her to shake and he introduces himself.]


Jace LeRose: Hi, I’m Jace. I noticed you from the other side of the bar and I had to come over to talk to you.


[She smiles and then speaks.]


Megan: I’m Megan. What brings you here to the bar. Are you by yourself?


Jace LeRose: Well, I am meeting some friends soon but I figured while I waited I’d come over and say hello.


Megan: Oh okay, do you want to play pool with us?


[Jace nods and the three play some pool. They seem to be having a great time. Jace LeRose stops and then starts to speak to Megan.]


Jace LeRose: Look Megan, you seem like a really great girl. I want to take things slow because the last girl I rushed in. Can I have your number?


Megan: Absolutely, you’re cute. Here it is…


[Jace LeRose puts the number into his cell phone. He then tells them he’s leaving. He then walks out of the bar and back to his car. He then drives back to his house and goes inside. He decides that he is going to spend the rest of the night watching wrestling, something he hadn’t done in a really long time. He puts on some wrestling but then falls asleep on the couch.]


[He wakes up the next morning on the couch. He thinks about Megan. She was so cute, he thought. He looked at the time and it said that it was ten in the morning. It was too early for him to call her so he decided that he was going to make some breakfast. After making a healthy breakfast and cleaning his house he decides that it’s the perfect time to call Megan. He walks over to his phone and dials the number, bringing the phone to his ear. It rings a couple of times but then someone picks up.]


Megan: Hello Hello?


Jace LeRose: Hey it’s Jace from the bar. How’s it going?


Megan: Hey Jace, I’m good. I didn’t think you were going to call.


Jace LeRose: Well, I couldn’t resist. Look, I was wondering, do you want to go for lunch sometime.


Megan: That’d be fun. Sure, when?


Jace LeRose: Well, I was thinking we could go tomorrow at that great bagel shop on main street.


Megan: I love that place. It’s a really busy place. Okay, does twelve work for you?


Jace LeRose: Yeah sure! That’s good. I’ll see you then.


Megan: Okay well I’ll see you later. I can’t wait! Bye!


[They end the call and Jace LeRose does a fist pump. He is so happy that he has another chance at finding love. He then sits back down on the couch and turns on the television to watch some wrestling as the scene then fades to black.]

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