Title: It Ends My Way
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Over there
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019


//  When the devil comes to town

He will appear dressed in black

He shall arise upon white horses

Fallen angels on their back  


The TV continues its replay of Evolution 38, just about closing out the final moments of Autumn and Silas Artorias’s explosive confrontation in the ring, declaring their intent to end the story at Frozen Over once and for all.  It fades into the next segment, playing in its entirety before heading into the KC3 vs Ataxia match, the bell ringing throughout the room. Autumn, however, was barely paying any attention to it. She was more interested in getting her suitcase all packed and ready to go so she could fly out to Omaha for this whole thing.


A few shirts were folded and put into the suitcase, eyes briefly flickering up to the TV screen to watch the action between the two before lowering to pay attention to getting this shit done before she lost all urgency to do it.


She sighed, pushing the last of her goods into the black suitcase, glancing around to make sure that everything was in there that needed to be there.  She nods to herself, making a satisfying grunt before reaching up and shutting the lid of the suitcase, latching the thing closed. A black duffel bag with a purple outlined raven sat close nearby, carrying everything she needed, including the title belt.  That was the most important thing.


The TV was shut off, remote being thrown down on the bed and a phone was picked up in its place as she grabbed the two bags one handed and slowly walked out of the bedroom.


Glancing at her phone, she saw a couple of recent texts.  Sliding her shoes on, she pressed her finger on the screen to see what they were all about.


“I know you’re probably busy honey, but I just wanted to wish you a safe trip and good luck!  I love you!”


“Sorry I haven’t been keeping in contact lately.  Personal stuff has come up, and I know this is kind of a bullshit excuse to get out of seeing you, but this is important…”


Autumn shook her head, deleting that one.


“Hey A-Ray, I know you’re probably on your way to Omaha so I’m gonna make this short.  Good luck, beat his ass, and may the force be with you. Sorry I was watching Star Wars earlier…Wish I could join you on your trip.  I know some cool places in Nebraska. #icanthelpit #goravengo #endofthestory”


She let out a sigh as a cab pulled up in front of her home.  Hands went to grab everything and she stepped outdoors.


Time to go face the end.




// Don't bother with forgiveness

Salvation can't be found

He will strike upon the righteous

And shall burn the heavens down  


Autumn yawned, walking down the carpeted terminal tunnel connecting her flight to the rest of the building.  The flight had been smooth and relaxing for the few short hours...or more...that she could remember. She had spent the majority of the time listening to music, playing on her tablet, or sleeping.  She was dressed for the chilly Nebraska weather, that was for sure. Long pants, metallica t-shirt, shoes, and a fuzzy looking coat that looked way too comfortable.


Her bags were held in both hands, trailing slightly behind her.  She didn’t trust the airport system to take a hold of her stuff, let alone a championship belt worth way too freakin’ much to her at this point.  Holding onto this responsibility wasn’t slowing her down, nor was it making her aloof with power or whatever you wanted to call it. It was a reminder of a lot of things.


She stepped out into the fresh air of the airport and stepped off to the side, taking in a lungful of air after being cramped on a metal tube with everyone and their god awful body spray/cologne.


“At least there isn’t a mob or anything of the sort waiting here for me.  They offered to hire a bodyguard when I landed in Omaha, but I told them to bugger off.  I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.”


“Passengers boarding for flight 119, please make your way to…”


The rest of the message was drowned out as Autumn made it outside of the building and into the cold cold weather of Omaha.  She sighed, a puff of white following as she lifted her phone to her face, attempting to google some sort of cab service here in the city.  She barely got onto the search engine when a shadow fell over her. Her head snapped up and eyes met with a very familiar face indeed.


“Shannon?  What the bloody hell are you doing here?!  You said you were busy. You said you couldn’t join me.  What gives.”


“Yeah I was busy setting things up for you.  If management isn’t gonna protect you, someone has to.  Now let’s get moving, people are starting to stare at us.”


The tattoed figure smirked and turned around, Autumn hot at his heels.  They walked to a dark escolade in the parking lot, and a click noise was heard, allowing the Beautiful Psychopath to throw her stuff in the backseat before climbing into the passenger seat with a huff, slamming the door shut.   He got in, buckled himself properly and started the car, slowly pulling out of the space and rolling away into the Omaha city itself.


“Ok seriously, start talking.  I was expecting to be here alone.  A-L-O-N-E. Why are you here, and who sent you?  Better not have been Phoenix. I’ll plug the brat’s feathers when I see him again.  Whenever that is. Good god…”


A chuckle.


“No he didn’t send me.  I came with the kids from the school.  I figured it would be a surprise for them to come down here and see the real deal up close and personal, train, have some fun and just enjoy things.  I did it so you wouldn’t get suspicious A-Ray. You’re good at figuring things out ahead of time.”


Autumn sighed, leaning her head against the window.


“True.  Don’t call me A-Ray.  Billy called me that all the time, and about drove me to throw him into a snowbank once.  I just...I just wanted my own moment alone you know? I can’t even get that?”


“You’ll get your private time later...later Autumn, don’t worry.  This is just to relax and have some fun with us. Plus you can share your stories of the road with them.  I’m sure you’ve got a lot. Then the whole lot of you are training until ya drop.”


Eye roll.


“Oh goody.  Just what I wanted.  Where are we going anyway?”


“To the hotel, duh.  It’s got a casino in it too.  Win win.”


“You mean lose lose.  It’s all rigged.”


“All the time.  Say did you get that custom gear finished for Frozen Over?  You were pretty excited about seeing the finished product. Did the seamstress from CWF do it all or did you outsource that?”


“I went through another source.  Once I caught wind of Silas going through the company for it, I said screw that and made some calls.  Got a very reputable source who works with a big named company to make a little something something for me.  Supposedly, she’s supposed to be there at the arena the following day to hand it over to me personally.”


The car turned down a road and kept going, Autumn’s eyes never leaving the road passing by.


“What did you tell her to make?”


“Something dark, gothic.  Something to fit the theme of this whole match.  Something that’ll let me move around freely, but get a point across.”


“What about the face paint.”


“I got that with me.  Theater face paint and an imagination to work with.  I have a few ideas for what I want to work with.”


“If you do something like Jeff Hardy, I’m putting you in the looney bin.”


“Don’t.  I watched that time lapse video, thought about doing something similar for a second, then just said screw it.  I’m good thanks.”


He coughed.


“How are you feeling physically, yknow?  You took a few bumps with that last match.  I just want to know if you’re going to be okay going into this.”


Autumn sighed, shaking her head.


“I’m fine.  Azrael knocked me around a little, but nothing a good nights sleep didn’t cure.  I expected more from him, but it’s whatever at this point. There’s a final chapter I need to write and it doesn’t include him.  It includes someone who’s been repeated in this tale for far too long. I want to put the damn dot on the page and burn the book finally.”


She paused.


“I want this all to end.  It *has* to end. One way or another, it will.”


“Good mindset to have.  I don’t blame you for wanting this.  It’s hard to want to break out, yet be tied to someone you completely despise for the better part of a year.  You have to want to break out, break free and kick that part in the butt straight into the burning fire otherwise they’ll drag you right back in.”


He pulled into the parking lot of the Ameristar Casino Hotel, shutting off the ignition.


“End the cycle Autumn.  Don’t let it end you. Make it your night.”


He nodded and slipped out of the car, letting the Beautiful Psychopath mull over his words for a while longer before she too got out as well, carefully removing her things from the backseat.


Tick tock you sick fuck.  I’m coming.




// When the devil calls I'm gonna ride that train

When the devil calls I'm gonna ride that train

Gonna lay my bullets down

Gonna send him back to his grave

When the devil calls you better hide

'Cause hell's coming down these bloody rails


Autumn is sitting in the middle of the ring being used for the Frozen Over event, with a chess board sitting in front of her.  She’s dressed still in her street clothes as she slowly moves the pieces over the board in a careful manner. One of her nephews taught her how to play the game a long time ago and she found it peaceful in a way.  Not something she would take up hardcore on the side, just something to connect her with family and a way to focus...sort of.


“I never really understood the game of chess.  Never understood the rules of it or how people could get so competitive over it.  Then my nephew showed me how to play it at one of our many family get-togethers and I found myself silently at peace for a while.  I wouldn’t play this all the time, dear god my brain would rot. I need substance. This wouldn’t do it for me.”


She twirls one of the pieces in her hand, pursing her lips tightly together before placing it on the board and removing the one that was there, putting it aside, still continuing to play the game.


“Everyone’s got their own way to escape the pressures of the world.  Music, movies, sex, drugs, or whatever else the human mind can come up with.  I don’t know why I decided to pick this of all the things to do before this big event.  It’s like you said, we all need a respite from the world now and then. We both want that respite, but unfortunately, we don’t have the time for that...and we both know it.”


She curiously watches the same video from Silas’s shoot, frowning at the conclusion of the match.  She had knowledge of it, but never thought much of Daniel Gordy the person. He was just some….person.  Then he was nothing, having ‘taken his ball’ and ran off. It was unfortunate, or fortunate if you wanted to be stingy about it.


“I wish I could sit down and show you a moving presentation of my first match, but no one really would give a damn about it anyway.  I don’t even remember who it was that I faced. At this point, does it even really matter, considering how far I’ve come since then? Not really.  Right now, the stakes have never been higher and the end point never more clearer. No one understands this whole story, not Daniel Gordy, not the seamstress who sewed up your outfit, or the guy on the corner selling fake tickets.  The only ones who understand are you...and I.”


Autumn continues to move the pieces until only half are left.  The arena around her is decorated in grand style for Frozen Over.  Signs are hung in the appropriate places and the tron was flashing with the show’s logo in blue and gray.


“So Frozen Over of last year comes around, and because of Gordy’s unfortunate exit, we get plopped together in a match.  I had the fortunate opportunity to duel your Passenger and quite good I must say. Even you have to be impressed with someone dealing with that madhouse.”


She clenches her hand tight.


“You were something else.  Tough, no nonsense. Someone I thought could be a decent partner, and surprisingly you saw the same though I don’t know why.”


She tilts her head.


“We made the pact to team together.  We trained together, with the rest of them.  We were like two peas in a pod, close like siblings, whatever the fuck you want to call it.”  A pause. “Tag teams came and went, and we fought them all, even though the outcome was sometimes never good.  We called others into our fold and considered ourselves family.”


“We fought, we cried, we laughed all together through thick and thin.  Through the good times and the bad. There was a lot of fun, even though we had our moments.  We had a lot of them, but we tried to persevere through all of it. Then Paradise came along and everything started their unfortunate downward spiral.  God I can still remember that shit. You threw me through a table and left me to rot in the aftermath.”


She grits her teeth.


“YOU left me in a table.  That night wasn’t Paradise, it was fucking Hell and you know it.  You and that stupid Passenger you keep hauling around like a god damn security blanket.  I told myself that asshat was going to be a problem. I was right. But despite our very public split, management thought it would be funny to keep pushing us together.  Every time I blinked, here we were in a match. Here we were in a tag match, or whatever the fuck they could come up with. You remember WrestleFest right? I sure do. Dear god we nearly tore that place apart.  But the crowd cheered. They cheered the former tag team to beat the snot out of one another all over. We would have, honestly.”


Pause as she twirls the piece in her hand.


“I could never crawl out of your shadow after that.  Every time I tried to rise up, someone would drop your name and boom, down to the basement I would go .  It was my kryptonite, my weakness. I couldn’t find my footing because everyone kept tying my shit….my world...TO YOU!  It was a fucking pain in the ass. Where I went, you went with me. Like a god damn disease, you were there. Not in the flesh, but you were there.”


She smirks.


“Northern Crown was beautiful.  I led you on so much, I led you on.  You thought I was being genuinely nice to you, trying to help you up the ramp after that match.  The crowd ate every minute of it up without fail. So did you. You believed in it so much that you didn’t see the snake in the shadows roaring to strike.  I smashed your head into the staging over...and over...and over. My god that was music to my ears! Watching you moan and groan in pain as the blood gushed over your head and face, that...was...bliss.  I stepped on your neck and relished the feeling of your flesh flatten under my boot.”


She giggles.


“I kept you on the shelf for the majority of December.  And I’m damn proud of it. I’m damn proud of it, because it gave you a chance to sit back in your dark little hole in the wall and watch me ascend to new heights in this company.  I finally got my chance to be in the spotlight without your stupid little ass hounding me every step of the way. Your name was nowhere near my title win. It was all me. ALL ME. I crawled out of that shadow and into the light for the first time, and I owe none of it to you.  It was all me and my dogged determination. I don’t give up, and I don’t surrender so don’t you dare try and take credit for this you twisted fuck. This isn’t about you anymore and *your* wants. Remember like I told you last time. This isn’t about you.


This is about us coming full circle one year later or so and being able to stand in that ring and close this chapter of our lives and finally get to walk away from it without any regrets.  We’re both title holders and we both have a story to end here and now. We will wash away our sins and cast them into the fire.


I will end this story of ours by leaving you in a pile of chairs and misery.  I don’t plan on loosing tonight. I plan on winning. It’s the only way this can end.  I will have my revenge, I will have my end to this, and I will have your god damn head on a pike without fail.  Do YOU HEAR ME?!”


SHe stands up and picks up a chair, bashing it over and over on the ground.



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