Title: To End A War
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Today
Location: Texas Mostly
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

To end the war

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups” - Unknown Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

Trainers Room
After Evolution has gone off the air….

How I made it to the trainers room, I have no clue about. All I know at this point is there is not a part of my body that doesn’t hurt. All I hear from our trainer is a series of grunts as he looks me over. He hands his report over to Doctor Leggett.

Dr. Leggett: Well, nothing broken, although we believe a trip to the hospital to checked out would be wise. That floating rib is a concern, the training staff thinks it may have been fractured during the match. You passed the concussion protocol, that’s about all the good news I have for you. Typical regimen of ibuprofen.

I smirk through the pain and wink at the doctor.

Jimmy Allen: So, take two aspirin and call me in the morning?

Doctor Leggett returns my smirk and nods.

Dr. Leggett: Something like that, it’s none of my business but….

I hold up my hands forestalling his commentary.

Jimmy Allen: You’re right doc, it’s none of your business. Am I cleared to leave?

He gives me a curt nod and says nothing more about my status or that of my relationships in the company. I grab my title belt and make my way down to the locker room. I enter and take a seat. Leaning back up against the locker I allow a deep and rather painful sigh to escape me. I look down at the tag team title belt and I wonder….

Was it all worth it? The money? The title belt? The personal loss?

I shake my head clearing the fog, grabbing my towel I move rather slowly towards the shower.



2 days later….
Port Arthur, Texas
The Crooked M Ranch

The city of Port Arthur; it’s normally got a chill to the air this time of year, but right now...it was cold. No one could remember the last time it was this cold in early January. The weather was always an easy conversation piece. Especially if you wanted to start a fight between the old and the young. The young would espouse this and that about science and global warming, while the old would declare cyclical events throughout the history of the world. Thankfully for me, the family ranch was an escape from all of that crap.

Within certain circles of this business the man known as Mac Bane was a legendary figure. He had grown to know the value of tradition and of legacy. He had quietly gone back into retirement knowing his legacy was safe, there was a tradition that he needed to see to though. He smiled as he handed his on the leather bomber jacket. I held the jacket up in front of me admiring the patch on it’s back. I had looked at and worn this jacket a thousand times, it was an old jacket that he  no longer wore. The patch on it’s back was his old “Alliance of Violence” jacket. That legendary group were among the most violent and innovative the wrestling world had ever known.

Jimmy Allen: Dad...thank you, wow...I never thought….

He slaps me on the shoulder and grunts.

Mac Bane: I hope…..

I look at him, I remain silent waiting for him to continue.

Mac Bane: that you learn your lessons much earlier than I did. I hope that this jacket will remind you of our family legacy. Of the work, the honor and the pride that went into all of this. I’m not asking you to be a born again Christian or some kind of role model. We sure as shit ain’t made from that kind of material. 

I smile as I look back up at my father, his eyes wet with pride, mine with admiration. I embrace the gruff old man that had raised me and to my surprise he returns the gesture. He had never been one for showing emotions….well other than anger. Tough but fair is the phrase often used to describe him.

Jimmy Allen: I know pop, I’ll take care of it….all of it.

I reassure him as we turn back towards the house for lunch and some conversation that wasn’t about wrestling or mistakes made or consequences suffered. Just family time, and it was by god long overdue. As we entered the house and made our way to the dining room, my sister and brother in law sat quietly waiting with their 2 kids. My brother Aeric and his wife sit to the right of them, they have a child on the way and then there is me, taking my place at the foot of the table while pops mans the head position at the table. 

Mac Bane: I’ve never tried to sway you one way or another about religion, that’s mostly because of myself not being a religious person to begin with. I’ll say this though, I’ll be forever grateful to have all my children under this roof today. I know your grandmother would be so pleased right now.

We all hold hands around the table as we all all bow our heads, each of us offering up a silent prayer or whatever the others were thinking. I was thankful that the majority of my family was together. I don’t think I could explain the feeling of peace properly if I tried. Now I just have to make peace with my brother and not get killed in the process.

Scene fades….


Voice Over

The Last Man Standing Match, now that was a fight, was it not? I got my ass kicked by my former best friend with his daughter, my god daughter, cheering him on. Were you not entertained as the villain got his just deserts? That’s the thing, no matter who you are, and no matter what you do. You are the villain in someones story. I’ve been more than okay with this over the last few months. I did what I did and said what I said. I’m expecting no forgiveness, and I’m certainly not asking for any. I’m not like one of these jerk offs that plead with the fan base of the company for forgiveness and understanding. I promised them nothing, so it wasn’t their trust that I violated. The trust I violated is that of a man who has been like a brother to me since we were children, and that of his daughter. 

I have to say that I was most impressed with the way he approached our last match. The slow methodical pace that he is using now….I won’t lie, it’s pretty fucking cool, even from my side. You have to admire someone that puts in the extra work in order to achieve a goal. It’s obvious to everyone how much work Dorian has put in, just for the sake of beating me. Feels good don’t it bud? Now, that being said, you still didn’t beat me. Although you can take this morale victory, since I didn’t beat you either. It’s not much I know, considering how hard you tried to kill me. You still came up short, then enter Jon Stewart, who gives you another chance. Not just any chance though.

Welcome to Doomsday! A match that the Alliance of Violence made famous. Guys like Adam Knight, The Punisher, Mac Bane and many more. I saw this match for the first time when I was five years old Dorian. This match is so much a part of my family history it’s almost like it’s embedded in my blood. It’s as much a part of me as that sledgehammer I carry to the ring is to pay tribute to my father. This will be simply another offering made at the altar of The One Man Wrecking Crew. People like to talk about having to escape the shadows of others. I’ve never had to run or escape the shadow the old man casts. Dorian knows this, we’ve been talking about it since we were twelve.

When a person faces something, and that thing or person overshadows them. There are many ways to deal with it. You can choose to ignore it like Dorian does. You can choose to embrace it, like MJ Flair does. The final option in my opinion is to simply cast a bigger shadow than they do. Now, granted, I have a lot of work ahead of me in order to do that. I didn’t get my start at the age that MJ did, I came to the game a bit later, but still. There is time, and it’s on my side, I’m only 24 years old. I have plenty of time to make a name for myself and to clean up the reputation and the perception that I created for myself.

I make no apologies for anything I do. Have I made mistakes since my arrival? Damn right I have. My assumption was that Jon Stewart was under the burlap mask, I was wrong about that and a great many other things. That brings me to the second part of the night, isn’t that right Tobias. You are not my biggest mistake just the most recent one. I know who your tag team partner is but you don’t know who mine is.

In case you weren’t paying attention, that sound you heard was a collective sigh of relief. It came from the mouths of the CWF fan base when The Hostile Takeover fractured and went it’s separate ways. The fans don’t care who my tag team partner will be, and to be honest I haven’t sought one out yet. There are any number of options available. I could ask my pops to come out of retirement. I could approach KC3 to see if he wants a shot at reliving tag team glory with me….One! More! Time! I could also stand in the center of the ring at showtime and ask for someone from the back. 

There is also one other option that I hadn’t mentioned yet. I could simply enter this match without a partner at all. I could just bring my sledgehammer to the match and take care of business that way. Bring out the spirit of “The One Man Wrecking Crew” for this match. Do things the way my pops did for so long. But, where’s the fun in that? When I could simply dismantle you little by little. See for me, that’s where the true joy in this business is. The competition. The fight. I’m a bit different than most of the people here though. I don’t fight for them, I fight for me. That was the old me, the selfish me, now though. Now it’s different.

Now I fight for them, now I fight for the fans. With ten thousand people shouting your name, do you really need a tag team partner? I guess the real problem in this match is that I have nothing bad to say about Tobias or his partner Nathan. As a matter of fact, I have nothing to say about them at all. When you speak savagely about someone’s nature or their character, you are making them relevant. You are elevating their worth far more than they have earned. In addition to that, you are putting them in the ears and on the lips of every single paying member of the audience. Why would I do that? Doing that would be a disservice to the fans of this company. 

The fans of CWF need not worry though, I’ll not mention their names anymore than I already have. The psychological scarring might be too much for them to bear. On a more serious note; in case my opponents haven’t noticed, I’m really good at cutting the cord. It’s never a clean cut though, it’s jagged as hell and it hurts a great deal. Severing my ties with Hostile Takeover was not a sudden thing, this had been building for a while. So, now, now we reunite the tag team belts. Now we settle the score. I really have no personal issues with my former partner, there is literally no reason for mud slinging. These belts, I never asked for them, never even wanted a shot. The real thing is this though, they don’t fucking deserve to where them and rep this company. It’s time to pay the piper. There are tons of other cliches I could throw in at this point to make you laugh or cringe, but instead I’ll leave you with this. Kids, if someone treats you like an afterthought, don’t give them a second thought as you’re walking away. 

Toodaloo motherfuckers!


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