Title: Second chance to make a first impression
Featuring: Kendo
Date: 01-12-19
Location: Backstage of Evoultion 38
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019



Scene opens with the camera looking at a door that is cracked with the slight sounds of fans cheering from Evolution 38. The cameraman pushes open the door to reveal Kendo sitting in a chair, elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. You see JT Barrett walking back and forth with his tie undone around his neck. Looking stressed JT says...


JT- “We might be under some press now.”


JT continues to pace back and forth.


JT- “That re-introduction didn't go as planned. I...I honestly thought we had that. What happened!?”


Kendo then jumps up and throws the metal chair across the room.


Kendo- “Watch your tone.”


JT looks terrified and says


JT- “I'm sorry! My apologies...I was just thinking out loud. We can recover from this. I know we can. All we...


The cameraman accidentally pushes open the door more and JT and Kendo now see him as JT says...


JT- “What the hell are you doing here?! Can't you see that this is a private conversion!”


JT then looks at Kendo who is clearly pissed off.


JT- “Kendo, get him.”


Kendo starts walking towards the door to grab the camera man but JT puts his hand on Kendo's chest to stop him and says


JT- “Hold on a second. This is what we both need right now. A moment in front of the camera to express our frustrations. So please come in because we have some things to say.”


Kendo takes a step back as the cameraman enters the locker-room. JT fixes his tie and puts his suit jacket on. JT says to the cameraman...


JT- “You ready? Good because we to get a couple of things correct. What you say tonight was one hell of a fight. One hell of a battle and this man...”


JT points to Kendo


JT- “This man fought his ass off and yes the results aren't what we both expected but its okay. This man has seen defeat before but there is always a second chance to make a first impression and Frozen Over is going to be that second chance.”


JT looks at Kendo


JT- “How do you feel about a Battle Royale...a chance to get your revenge and make that impression on several other competitors.”


JT looks back at the camera


JT- “A perfect opportunity to get an advantage going into the Modern Warfare tournament which is were Kendo will shine but Frozen Over will be the redo.” Max Becker, congratulations on your victory tonight but Frozen Over will be a much different ending. I honestly hope it comes down to just you and him so we could see round 2. For everyone else involved such as Pandalike...welcome back but your return will be short lived and for everyone else involved...entering the ring is an option, surviving is no guarantee! We will see you at Frozen Over!”


JT looks at the cameraman and then looks at Kendo and then back at the cameraman.


JT- “I think you might need an example...”


JT looks at Kendo


JT- “Get him!”


Kendo walks up to the cameraman and gives him a overhead belly to belly suplex as the camera goes flying and crash into the wall going to black.

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