Title: Shattered
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 1/12
Location: Unknown
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019


A voice speaks up, very familiar. Fuck it, you all know who it is.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to be the best. No matter how high I got, the shit continued to pile higher and higher. No matter who I beat, and by what great marginal they suffered defeat, there were still the few who felt I was over rated.

It's why I know I'm the best.

They try to tell me that Legacies fade out... that nobody remembers one thing... or for that matter... one man. I say that haven't read the entire story all the way through. I say that they are living in some fictional paradise that they create for the sole reason to escape me... my wrath... and my actions. I am a Legacy... and I am far from fading.

Just ask any man on the roster

NO... Fuck that... Ask any former champion who's belt I am wearing around my waist. I'm sure they will let you know how bold my writing is on the page.

I've called myself everything from a cornerstone, to a king. Self proclaimed or not, each name has become something more. Wrestling GOD, King; they all point to one thing. They all describe the one person who took the dreams of many, and turned them into a reality. They describe the one man who was able to overcome every hurdle in his path, and prove that he was the greatest to walk this earth.

Yet there are still the nonbelievers.

The one's that fail to accept what is the truth, and remain in their sheltered lives. It's what they do to survive. Who can blame them? They were born weak, and continue to grow weaker.  Weaker in mind... body... and soul. All opinions of the Aces aside, removed your fogged glasses from the view... and then tell me what you see. It should be clear... like the sun peaking itself over a snow covered mountain... we can be seen. However... clouds tend to get in the way, taking away the true beauty that is before you. Fight the good fight against Freddie Styles?  I am that good fight. I am part of the greatness that has hammered the foundation of the CWF back into place. I am the voice that refuses to go unheard. And for what... so people like Zach van Owen can play hero. So "good hearted" individuals can make a name for themselves. Heh. Nah... that isn't how it goes at all. For the people who stand against the message of Freddie Styles... will only be putting one foot in the grave, and have another tripping on a stone.

Everyone hates the one who doesn't follow everyone else's expectations. They hate the men who step out from beneath the curtain of leaders, and form their own path to their destiny. Everyone hates the man who takes the easiest route to accomplish their goals. Only because the haters weren't intelligent enough to make their own path to glory. They hate what they couldn't think up on their own. I have been hated because I am someone who dominated everyone else, yet still decided to begin my own pathway to stardom.
You all hate me because I succeed. I hate you because you can't accept I'm better.
In the end, there is no good nor evil. There are only the ones who follow, and the others who lead a separate path to fame. I led that separate path, as does Duce. You only hate what you don't understand. We are something that frighten you. Only because you have no way of knowing how to overcome the blemish in your career, for which we represent.  So ease yourselves into the light in which we create. Gaze at the glory we hold. Dream about accomplishments that you will never have... and watch as this Ace re-writes the history of the CWF. Watch as this Ace... bury your bones under the sand of our empire. Zach...watch yourself... disappear.

The warning has already been administered. For those who didn't heed, and decided to face the task alone, had ended up with more than they planned on. Confidence shattered, dreams broken, and set back yet again. We are a question that few know the answer to. The few who can solve this riddle, have already been sorted out, and left among the rumble of their once great empires. Zach, you have no one to look forward to to stop me. This is how it was planned. Whether you believe in God, Mohammed, Buddha, or any others I haven't named; they have decided on the greatest conquerors of our time. They aren't any Spanish conquistadors, or knights of God. They are two men, cloaked in the shadows of themselves. Beginning what is now to be a long journey.

This is your demise.

I'm comin to get you Zach, you made too big a mess of my Impact division

I'm comin back for what's mine, and you better be watchin everyone you meet

I might not be the one who sticks you...it could be one of your friends

I'm comin back for my Impact crown Zach

I won't lay down before you do, that's on me.

Glass will break


...blood will flow.


No extra lives for you either.

I'll tell you the same thing I told Amber..

You can reject me, but you will RESPECT ME

No matter how far you go, no matter how you level up, once i put you through that glass, you will REFLECT ME.


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