Title: [CD] How I Met My Girlfriend Part 1 of ??
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 12th, 2019
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

How I Met My Girlfriend and Valet - Character RP # 01 of ??


As the scene comes into view we see a blond man wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans. The shot then goes onto his face where we see him lick his dry lips. He smiles at the camera. With a half full bottle of water he walks over to his black, leather couch and sits down. The camera zooms in on him and he then begins to speak.


Jace LeRose: Hello wrestling fans, I am going to tell you about how I met my girlfriend. It’s quite the story so buckle up. Here we go.


[We are taken back in time. It is New Year’s Day in the year 2000. The camera pans the room and we see a young man laying down on a carpeted floor in nothing but white boxers. The shot goes onto his face where we see him slowly lift his face. He must have had a wild night before because there is a whole slew of beer bottles around him. He lifts his head and pushes himself up off the floor. Who we are seeing right now is a young Jace LeRose.]


[He gets up slowly, adjusts his boxers and the camera follows him into the bathroom that is just down the hall. He slowly opens the door and we see a young woman with her head on the toilet. Jace chuckles to himself and then closes the door.]


Jace LeRose: Someone must have had a wild night last night. Damn, what time is it? I have work at some point today.


[Jace LeRose stumbles as he walks to the kitchen. He looks at the time on the microwave. It says that it is ten in the morning.]


Jace LeRose: Well, I’ve got two hours to get to work. I’m hungry. I am going to gather my clothes and then get a nice big breakfast down the street. Why am I talking to myself anyway? I must be still a little drunk.


[Jace LeRose grabs his jeans and puts them on. He sees his shirt and winter coat laying on the floor in the corner. He gets dressed and then heads down the stairs of the house and to the front door. After opening the door he feels the cold air on his face.]


Jace LeRose: I hope my friend doesn’t mind me ducking out. I bet he’s still sleeping after that wild party. I don’t really remember what happened but I knew it must be good because I woke up with just boxers on!


[Jace LeRose then walks down the sidewalk to the nearest restaurant. This restaurant was always open, regardless of it being a holiday. Jace opens the door and makes his way to a table. He sits down and a blond woman, who is the waitress, comes over to him. She asks him what he’d like to drink and Jace orders a large orange juice.]


[The waitress comes back with a glass of juice. He takes a sip and looks at the menu. Once he decides what he wants for breakfast, he puts down his menu and waits for the waitress to come over and take his order. He orders a cheese omelet with sausages on the side. She then leaves and after about ten minutes she comes back with his meal. He thanks her and then begins to devour the meal. Jace thinks to himself that, that woman is pretty hot and he’d like to date her. He waits for her to come back to check on him and then he makes his move.]


Jace LeRose: You know what, it’s a new year and I am going to take some chances. What would it take to get your number, you’re absolutely stunning!


[The shot goes onto the waitress. Her face turns red and she begins to speak.]


Waitress: That’d be nice. I’ll give you my number, you’re cute.


Jace LeRose: Just cute? I’m beautiful, I’m Jace LeRose.


Waitress: Okay, yeah, you’re right. I’ll write my number down on a napkin. I’ll go get one.


[As the waitress walks away he chuckles to himself. The waitress comes back with her number written down on the napkin. He smiles at her, pays for the meal and gives her a generous tip before leaving the restaurant. He decides that he is going to go home for a bit so he can shower and get ready for work.]


[The scene then cuts out to the next. It is now after Jace’s shift at work. He decides that he is going to give the waitress a call. He looks at the number. Above the number is her name written - which says “Wendy.” He smiles and then dials her number and brings the phone to his ear.]


[After a few rings he hears her pick up. He then begins to speak.]


Jace LeRose: Hey Wendy, it’s Jace, from the restaurant this morning. I was wondering if you were free tomorrow to go for coffee?


Wendy: Oh hi Jace, yeah, that’d be wonderful. What time and which coffee shop?


Jace LeRose: Meet me at the coffee shop on main street at eleven in the morning.


Wendy: Okay, I’ll see you then. Goodbye.


[The scene then cuts out to the next. It is now the next day and Jace LeRose is getting ready for his coffee date with Wendy. He is standing in the mirror in his washroom and he is making sure that his hair is looking perfect. He stops, satisfied with the way his hair looks and then exits the washroom. He then grabs his winter coat, puts it on and exits the house. He hops in his car and heads over to the coffee shop.]


[Once in the coffee shop we see Jace LeRose walk over to Wendy the waitress. She stands up and gives him a big hug. He smiles and he excuses himself to buy a drink as Wendy already had one of her own. After a few minutes he returns with a bottle of orange juice. He twists off the cap and then takes a sip of it.]


[The two have a wonderful conversation. They talk about all sorts of things like dreams and goals. They talk for a while and seem to be enjoying each other’s company. In the back of Jace LeRose’s mind he is thinking that this will be the only date he will have with this woman. He decides to be honest with her and she appreciates his honesty when he says that he doesn’t think they would be a good match. They both part ways. Jace LeRose has not given up however as he knows there is a great woman out there for him.]


[As Jace LeRose is heading to his car he sees a foxy looking red headed woman wearing a white winter jacket. He smiles at her and then begins to speak.]


Jace LeRose: Wow, you look stunning, how would you like to go on a date with me?


Foxy Red Head: Well you sure have balls asking someone out before you really know them. You know what, I’m going to take a chance. Where do you want to go?


Jace LeRose: Certainly not here. Want to just go for a walk and see how things go? We don’t have to go too far. My car is here so I don’t want to go far anyway. Let’s see if we like each other. If we don’t, it’ll be only fifteen minutes wasted. What’s your name by the way?


Jessica: My name is Jessica, what is yours?


Jace LeRose: I’m Jace. Shall we walk?


[Will these two hit it off? What will happen on their fifteen minute date? Who will end up being Jace LeRose’s valet and girlfriend. Stay tuned as this story unfolds.]

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