Title: Something A Little More Permanent
Featuring: Nathan Paradine
Date: 13/-1/2018
Location: Here, There and Everywhere
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

Alliant Energy Center Coliseum
Madison, Wisconsin
December 18th, 2018

Dull cheers from somewhere far, far away. There's a tumultuous roar, and "From The Pinnacle to the Pit" by Ghost can be heard. The scene fades in on the gorilla position at Civil War, with various Championship Wrestling Federation personnel milling about looking anxious. The curtain leading to the ramp is torn aside and Nathan Paradine emerges, assisted on one side by referee Scott Dean and the other by a ring hand, his face screwed up in pain as he gingerly takes step after step into the backstage area following his grueling match against Dorian Hawkhurst.

Paradine: "I can, I can manage on my own-"

He attempts to shrug off the support and almost immediately stumbles forward. People rush forward to grab him however he raises an arm to signal that he is alright. Slowly, he rises up and clutches the small of his back.

Paradine: "Well that was a match, eh?"

He almost immediately falls forwards and this time there's no one ready to grab him. He hits the ground hard and manages to get to his hands and knees without assistance. Slowly, slowly, he rises to his feet and flashes a trademark Nathan Paradine grin.

Paradine: "I'm alright, fellas. Let's just get me to the locker room, eh?"

Slowly the whole group progresses forwards, Dean and ring hand still supporting Paradine. Someone passes him a white towel embroided with the Hosility logo; something he had custom made anticipating his success at Civil War.  He wipes the sweat from his brow and holds the towel out, staring at the Hostility logo. The group continues moving,  growing larger and larger as they progress through the hallways of the Alliant Energy Center. Eventually the group reachers the locker room door, and Paradine pauses again to look at the logo on the towel. He fought so hard, and gave so much, and still it wasn't enough. He takes a long, deep breath and looks at the group that has followed him.

Paradine: "The Championship Wrestling Federation... you know what? I think I kind of like it here."

He thrusts the towel into Dean's chest and barges into the locker room, slamming the door shut behind him. The whole group exchanges glances and peer nervously at the locker room door. Scott Dean looks at the sweat-stained towel in his hands, particularly at the Hostility logo. He shrugs and throws the towel to the ground as the group begins to disperse. 

Nathan Paradine's Home
Companion, Minnesota
January 11th, 2019

The "Australian Submisison Machine" is standing in his new living room surrounded by moving boxes. He gestures wordlessly and indicates for two removalists to place another box down to his right, next to several other boxes marked in crooked handwriting with "Nathan's Stuff" in black marker. Paradine kneels down and begins to rummage through one of the boxes as he speaks. 

Paradine: "You may wonder why I decided to hang around after my sound defeat at Civil War. The simple truth is... I discovered I'd missed being a wrestler. The roar of the crowd, the adrenaline of being in the ring... I'd missed all of it. So I decided to make my visit to the CWF a little more permanent."

He gestures around at the boxes. Several leather belt straps are hanging from one box in particular; "My Old Titles".

Paradine: "I can appreciate that Dorian Hawkhurst got the better of me at Civil War. On a card filled with silly gimmicks, Hawkhurst beat me in the silliest gimmick of them all. But it wouldn't really be Hostility without a few silly matches, wouldn't it? Dorian beat me... and that is a debt that will be repaid in full at the first opportunity. But we're not here to discuss bygones, oh no! We're here to discuss the future, and what that means for the entire Championship Wrestling Federation."

Paradine drags a belt from the box. It's a replica of the Hostility World Championship, a belt he held in 2011. He stares at the faceplate, sniffs, then throws the belt back into the box.

Paradine: "The future... is looking bright. Every single member of the CWF locker room can consider themselves on notice, because sooner or later we're going to end up in the ring together. I may be old, I may have slowed down a bit, but I am competitive as fuck. And without even trying, I already seem to have integrated myself into the tag team scene."

He pulls out another belt; this time it's the Sanctioned Violence Organization Tag team title. This is a belt he held with Cody Williams, a man Paradine has a long and storied history with.

Paradine: "Tobias and I have a bit of a history with each other... and when he came calling looking for a partner, well, I wasn't going to say no. You see, he owes me something of a favor... and maybe after Frozen Over, I'll owe him for handing me another title belt to add to the collection. Because try as they might, Jimmy Allen and his partner aren't going to get the better of me and my swamp dwelling pal. I don't care what their issue is. I don't care if they have problem they're trying to resolve. I'm here to wrestle, full stop. Oh, and maybe snatch a championship title away while I'm at it."

He grins and throws the belt back into the box.

Paradine: "I thrive on excellence. I thrive on competition. I'll find both of those things in the CWF, just maybe not in this tag team match at Frozen Over. Jimmy might still surprise me, but somehow I doubt it. I don't give two shits about your history with Tobias, because when you're lying on your back after the one two three you're just the same as everyone else. A goddamn failure, and a loser to boot."

He shrugs apologetically, but there's a wide smile plastered across his face.

Paradine: "I hope you enjoyed being a champion. Savour it. Relish it. Because it'll never happen again, you understand me? As long as I live and breathe, you'll never hold this tag team title again. You're a fluke, a trial run for a proper champion, and a proper tag team partner. I don't play nice with other people... but for Tobias, my friend, I'll make an exception."

Paradine holds his arms wide, still with the same shit-eating grin. This is a man supremely confident in himself, his abilities and his tag team partner. 

Paradine: "See you at Frozen Over, kids. And remember, try as hard as you can, but it'll all be for nothing... the Australian Submission Machine is back, baby. And it's been a while since I made somone tap out." 

With that remark, Paradine returns his attention to organizing his new living room. Once again, the Australian submission expert will step into the ring.. but after his loss to Dorian Hawkhurst, are his skills still up to par? And can he trust his new tag team partner, or will their "friendship" ignite like so many others before them?

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