Title: Godspeed
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

[And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues
Da da da da da daaa da]

Kids never listen?

Kids never listen?

The sound of Trent's voice was a constant ringing in my ear. His message continuously repeating as if on a loop. A couple days had past since the son of a bitch put me through a door…

Usually I'd be the voice of reason..

Yeah… usually, but now you're starting to see things from my perspective. You see shit the way I see it now don't you?

Not necessarily.. but Trent is a necessary evil that needs to be disposed of; like a  mosquito, he's sneakily tried to drain the blood from our body.

He will not succeed..

He will fail.. he will fail just like everyone else who's tried to keep us down. Every head shot we've taken thus far in our career will have been worth it, to see the blood of Trent flow on the concrete.

For what he not knows, is that… while I've always been aware of all his capabilities.

He's only awaken the true beast.

And because of him… we are now one in the same… For the Kid that Never Dies evolves once more.

[I’m still on my job
I got work to do until my ma can quit her job
Put it all on me
Baby I won't let her starve
I rob Peter to pay Paul, turn back round and rob Paul
All I have in this world is my word and my balls
At the moment both my balls getting borrowed by your broad
Fully loaded pistol with my back against the wall
If its me against the world, then I plan to take em all - Don Trip]





Sunnie November Recreational Center

Memphis, Tennessee

January 3, 2019


Business was as usual inside of Pops’ school as I entered. Students were at full attention as one of Pops’ best friends and lead trainer, Tyler Meredith aka Extreme, spoke to them. After a quick nod to one of my former mentors, I head for the office of my father.

Pops had wanted to speak in person about his personal business venture that he was getting off the ground. A new wrestling promotion of his own to rival his older brother. Personally I thought it was a cool idea, something new and fresh to compete with the multitudes of companies that existed..

I can sense the sarcasm.. can you?

It's only fair.. I mean I had all the faith in the world that he could make this thing work. But at the end of the day, wrestling was wrestling.

Making my way towards the office, I respectfully knock as through the blinds on the window of the glass panel fixated on the door, I see that he has a few guest. With a quick nod of his head, I enter into the room. His visitors were no strangers to me, at least two of them were as we had trained together in the beginning of our careers, the other guy I only knew of his in-ring work.. however Pops made the formal introduction.

“Duce.. I'm glad you're here.. I'm sure you already know Ryan and Bryan..”

The fraternal twin brothers, Ryan, a brighter skin tone compared to the darker, Bryan both nod at me as I return the gesture.

“I'm pretty sure you've heard of this guy.. he's a second generation wrestler like yourself.. Garrett Johnson, but everyone knows him as…”

“WOLFE..” I say cutting Pops off, proceeding to shake the man's hand. “I'm familiar wit y’work, pretty damn good..”

“Likewise..” He responded back. “We should step in the ring one day to see who is the better between us two..” He said with a fangy smile through a bearded face.

“How about February 2nd?” Pops intervened energetically.

With a raised eyebrow, I replied. “T’fuck are y'all talkin’ bout?

“That's why I asked you to come here.. I was approved for my license to run shows and now everything is set into motion for the first show that's gonna be on the second of February.”

“Shit..” I reply in astonishment. “So dis is really happenin’?

“You fucking right it is, Kris is gonna be in for a rude awakening. So is you in or out?”

The four of them, all eyes on me.. I really didn't know how to respond.

“I'll thank about it..”

That was the only response I could give them. It was something I had to think long about, because just as much as Pops had something to prove, I did as well. With that I nodded and left, leaving the four of them to continue their business proceedings. I had a lot to think about.. a hell of a lot to think about honestly. Even though it should've been a no brainer decision. I had money invested into the idea as much as anyone else, but I had other personal matters that needed to be handled.





[You lil niggas too soft, cotton balls
I ball.. Cotton Bowl
Talk cash shit
That's all I know
Spit game so sick I might stop your nose
Hi, I'm fly with a flock of hoes
Let a bitch ride me she lost control
It's been 14 months since I shitted on niggas so pardon me while I drop a load - Don Trip]


It's the usual set up as I have my camcorder set to record. My location is my hotel room in Omaha, where Frozen Over will be presented. I got a few things on my mind and I need to get them off.

“I gotta set that mood real quick.. Scuse me for a moment..”

I step out of frame for a moment, soon returning with a lit blunt between my lips.

“So.. we've truly come full circle in tha career of Duce Jones..”

Inhale. Exhale.

“What a ride it's been huh? F'tha betta’ part of a year, I've been proving inside of dat rang dat I belong.. F'tha betta’ part of a year, I've been a champion in some type of capacity. F'tha betta’ part of a year, I've been consistent and relevant. Yet..”

Taking another drag off of the blunt.

“...being called Champion of tha Year feels like a slap in my face! Specially when tha Superstar of tha Year is someone who's only accolade is winning the World title twice? Can I blame MJ f'only takin’ advantage of tha opportunities dat were presented in front of her… Naw I can't do dat, it's not fair t'her.. Dis year I just gotta do betta’.

What does dat mean though? Where can Duce go from here? I've won just about every title that CWF has t'offa’.. ‘Cept f'tha Impact belt.” I wink at the camera. “But dat's small fish compared t’what I have in store fo’ a new year. And dat all starts with ya Trent..

I point at the camera, taking a drag from the blunt with my other hand.

“Anarchy is what I asked fa and anarchy is what I'm expectin’ from ya.. Dis is as much about me wantin’ t'watch that blood flow from ya unconscious body as much as it's more so me tryna prove some shit t'myself. Can I be just as sick and sadistic as tha Son of a Bitch himself? Wit nowhere t'run.. nowhere t’hide.. Just tha two of us inside of a ten foot deep concrete pit, putting it all on the line and fa what? Tha honor of CWF? A company who honestly could give a fuck bout me?

Stewart acts like he's concerned, but he's not.. At that end of tha day, dis is business. Hmph… business.. it's what the world runs off of, since tha beginnin’ of time.. So I get it.. No longa’ will I take shit personal, especially when it comes t'tha defendin of dis company. So Trent.. consida y'self t'be tha end of a new beginnin’ in my career.. a means to a necessary end.

Consida y'self t'be dat proverbial steppin’ stone. Y’probably don't care though.. violence dat's tha business you're in. Pullin’ toungues through assholes and pissin’ down throats.. R. Kelly style.. You're in tha business of snappin’ necks and breakin’ bones and honestly I should be cautious. You're a legend in dis business, very accomplished at dat. I could give a fuck bout any of dat shit. Since dis is a business, I'm treatin it as such.. I mean y’can't thank morals matta in dis situation. Shit don't matta’, just two muthafuckas goin into dat pit lookin’ t'put an end t'tha otha’. And since y'want smoke.. I'll gladly give y'cancer..”

Inhaling, then exhaling a huge cloud of marijuana smoke. Soon bringing the recording to a end.


[Who gon stop me?
I'm still waitin for a candidate
All these busters swear they riders until they ridin in an ambulance
I'm more wealthy than I ever been
Success is sweeter than gelatin
I'm bout it bout it
And all my closets got choppers inside them not skeletons]


I switch the camera back on as I feel I haven't gotten my point across.

“Shit just not sittin’ right wit me… I've calmly sat back and watched as MY title gets passed around and disrespected. I have t'sit idly by and watch as tha title I neva’ got my fair shot at gainin’ back my prized possession. Sit on my rightful throne as supreme rula’ of tha ranks of dis company. No loopholes… which makes Modern Warfare null and void for me.. I want my fair shot outright at dat belt and in 2019… I'm gonna get dat shot, so just kno’, dat afta’ I'm done dealing wit Trent and he's out of tha way, afta’ Freddie and me prove dat these otha’ teams are obsolete when it comes to tha Aces. I'm comin’ f'what's rightfully mines and dat's tha CWF World Heavyweight Championship. So I want every last one'a ya t'get dis one thang clear.. If ya touch dat belt, you're a target.. friend or foe, just kno’ dat Duce is about t'kick in tha doe’.. It's time I introDuce y'all to a new era of handlin’ business. And if y'thought Duce was on tha loose befo’... Wait till y'see what I got in store fa dis year.”

I press end on the recording, confident that win or lose, people will give Duce Jones his due. What more do I need to do to prove that hands down I'm one of the best in this company. No disrespect to my partner because I know he feels the same way, but when our names are brought up, as much as we respect each other we don't want to be lumped together. Because at the end of the day, we're both equally great.

[Me so arrogant
Me no give no fuck
Pop quiz, who the shit?
Alright pencils up
Where my competition?
Oh I wish em luck
Cause I don't give a shit
And I'm not giving in
And I'm not giving up
Rob the game blind
Alright stick em up
Fuck your feelings until I get a nut
All this money, still I can't get enough
Count so slow shawty, I'm not in a rush





A man's work is never truly done.. That's what they say, until the day we die, we have to provide food and shelter for our queens. Half of the time they're ungrateful, but we still do it. Probably the reason why I went at ahead and accepted the match against WOLFE for Pops’ debut show to get his brand out there. Especially since it's a new product, we gotta promote, promote, promote..

Sierra was far along in her pregnancy to know that this shit was real and soon I was becoming a father. Shit's crazy, I'm only twenty-three and I would be a fucking father.. At least I wasn't a teenager like Pops but the fact of the matter was that the shit was happening.

Things were moving kinda fast for me… I didn't care though… What's the cliche? I'll sleep when I'm dead.. Besides at this point in my life, I've never felt more refreshed. At Frozen Over VII, Trent Steel was on the menu. Then I had Daughters of Darkness along with Williams and Allen to keep focused on, then there was this… Pops’ brainchild with a lot of money invested in it from a bunch of people, myself included, that's why doing this radio show with Clark Steele was on the agenda.

I sat across from Clark as we both wore headsets. We both met up in Omaha for the show, he had a booking on one of the other indy promotions as I had my thing going with the pay per view.

Clark Steele: Welcome back to the Steele Mill and my guest at this time is the young up and coming star in professional wrestling, Duce Jones who's signed with Championship Wrestling Federation! Duce.. How ya been?

Duce Jones: I've been good, happy t'join a legend like ya tonight..

Clark Steele: Likewise brother, likewise.. So let's get right into it..

Duce Jones: Fa sho…

Clark Steele: First, let me start by saying… Trent Steel… no relations.. but Duce, do you have a death wish or something because you stepped right up to him like a seasoned vet in this business. What were you thinking?

Duce Jones: Don't get me wrong.. growin’ up I was big fan of Trent Steel. Tha thang is, he stepped on tha wrong turf wit all dat tough shit.. So I had t'check em..

Clark Steele: I don't know if you notice, but I'm from Toronto and the way you put words together baffles me at times..

Duce Jones: Haha my bad, I get dat a lot, hell even had some thots call me illiterate.

Clark Steele: Thots?

Duce Jones: Those hoes ova there… But I'm not here t'talk bout them.. Trent's who my focus is on at the moment.

Clark Steele: Man you would have to be crazy to step up to someone like him. The guy is psychotic!

Duce Jones: Y'must don't kno’ who my Pops is?

Clark Steele: I've been knowing him about fifteen years now.. I see the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

We both share a quick laugh.

Clark Steele: Speaking of your father, you guys have a big business venture coming into fruition at the moment I've heard. When's the first show?

Duce Jones: A day dat's near t'my heart, February 2nd.. my mother's birthday.

Clark Steele: That's cool, so I'm sure that night is going to truly be special for you.

Duce Jones: It is.. also I would like tha fans t’kno’ dat forty-five percent of tha money we brang in is bein’ donated t'cancer research.

Clark Steele: That's real good to hear, well we gotta pay some bills right now. We'll be right back with my guest, Duce Jones..

With a nod, the ‘on air’ light goes off, Clark and myself holding a conversation off air. I mean how could you not love this job, you get paid to travel the country, you get paid to be on television, you get paid just to talk on fucking radio. At first it was all about the love of the sport, but now those paychecks have been looking real pretty lately and I'm not looking forward to having them stopped. As they say, if you're not talking dollars, you're not making sense.

I'm still on my job
I got work to do until my ma can quit her job
Put it all on me
Baby I won't let her starve
I rob Peter to pay Paul, turn back round and rob Paul
All I have in this world is my word and my balls
At the moment both my balls getting borrowed by your broad
Fully loaded pistol with my back against the wall
If  me against the world, then I plan to take em all…]

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