Title: Chapter 5: Rough Times
Featuring: Tobias Devereaux
Date: Multiple
Location: Multiple
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

*Shortly after Civil War event*

The dimly lit parking lot greets me as I step out into the brisk night air.  I pull my hat down a little more onto my head as I make my way to the rental car provided to me by the CWF.  Rolling my gear behind me in a suitcase a gleam can see from my waist as despite taking a lost against the team of Elijah and Omega, the CWF World Tag Team Championship still rests around my waist.  However another gleam comes from my shoulder as the second title belt rests there.  I make a few nods to different staff members as I make my way to the vehicle.  I pop open the trunk and sit the bag and two titles down in the trunk.  Looking back over my shoulder at the arena, I know there will be hell to pay for what went down tonight.  However I can’t bring myself to thinking about that now, it was far too late to consider the repercussions, I did what was necessary.

I shut the trunk of the vehicle and go around to the driver side, I take one last look around the parking lot before getting into the vehicle and immediately locking the door.  I crank up the vehicle and slowly pull out of the parking place, as I pull towards the exit I slam on brakes as a figure steps into the light of my headlights.  It’s one of her Sentinels, I should of expected as much,I rev the engine in the hopes it’ll usher the figure out of my way.  However there is no response other than to slowly tilt their head as the dead eyes stare at me.  I put the car into gear and stomp the gas driving quickly past the figure and exiting the parking lot of the arena.  I won’t be scared or intimidated, the choice was made, the action completed, Loki Synn thinks she’s above everything and everyone.  She may be a wild card but CWF’s Ace in the hole is Tobias Devereaux.

Tonight was a night of changes, Hostility had come in to lay their mark on the CWF in a deeper way than ever before, however for the most part that attempt had been a horrible failure.  For the second week in a row my “partner” Jimmy Allen had proved himself to be a liability.  Guy didn’t even get into the match against Elijah and Omega, might as well of been a handicap match.  Sense he’s shown himself to not be title material, I’ve liberated said title, I’ll have to go about finding a proper replacement.  Then again given half of the teams the CWF has to offer I may just defend it by myself for a while.  Who knows, at this point I don’t think it much matters.  Then to put the cherry on top I took that bitch down a peg and cost Hostility the main event.  Some will wonder how I could backstab all of Hostility, but that’s the thing, did I?

It could be argued just as easily that Loki is the one who backstabbed Hostility. At least the true Hostility, Loki was never apart of the federation.  Milenko just used the Loki persona and slapped it onto a poor girl who was in over her head.  Loki Synn of Hostility fame was a smaller sized guy who was dangerous but mostly a jester in the traditional sense, not in the kill your family while chuckling to himself sense. Milenko just knew he could use the persona to untap something within that girl.  The problem came when he realized he bit off far more than he could handle.  So he and his wallet reached out towards myself and then Jimmy Allen.  A CWF guy and a sVo guy, so really Milenko is the only true Hostilite in the “Hostility” faction.  That is unless he convinced any of the old guard to stick around after tonight with him.  As much as I may of enjoyed my time in the old Hostility stomping grounds I was never really one of their core, I was always an sVo guy who hung around until sVo inevitably reopened their doors.  

I tried to stay loyal to Milenko, because his pay was good, however allowing Loki without consequence cost me my opportunity at the world championship was something that I simply couldn’t let stand.  Especially when there are others who have just as deep if not deeper pockets than ole Milenko.  I’d of been happy to bring Jimmay along for the ride as it were but as noted earlier the kid stopped pulling his own weight, not to mention this unnecessary drama with Dorian has become a hindrance.  Now I’m no fan of the Forsaken, and they certainly aren't too fond of myself but I’ve not gone out of my way to mess with anyone of them, other than maybe Zach.  Zach has been fun to toy with a bit here and there, especially locking him away the other week.

However it would appear that my actions are going to be coming to a head this week.  Not that it much matters, I have more important fish to worry about than Zach at the moment.  However I will do what needs to be done none the less, as I always do.


We open a few days later with the image of myself sitting in the library of the one we refer to as Death.  Across the table from me is Christian, who has his nose buried inside a book, meanwhile I have my feet up on the table, a book in hand lazily flipping through. He’s found himself here more often than not sense we figured out he just wasn’t that good at reading situations and ascertaining his surroundings.  So basically he was unable to go on any hunts without me, which made him more my researching and assistant than replacement.  He’s been obsessed sense running into Hamish what could power the ornery bastard.  I’ve tried to convince him to leave that particular door closed but he just won’t do it.  Something about Hamish always draws people to him even though he’d rather repel them.  

“So what we know for certain is he was born Hamish Graham, approximately in the early sixties or late fifties. Within the first decade of his life he already lost both parents and found himself on the streets fighting to survive.”

“‘Ell at least dat’s de way he always told de story.  Who knows if’n he ever told de truth back in de day.  Dis is de fella who once claimed he got into a fight with Satan himself over control of hell and when it looked like he was going to win Satan opened a portal and cast him back to de earthly realm.”

“Are you sure that’s not from Samurai Jack?”

“From wha?”

“Nevermind Tobias, So lived most of his years stealing and fighting until he turned of age at which point he became a shoot fighter and bare knuckle boxer to support himself.  This eventually turned into a life as a professional wrestler.”

“I know dis story already Christain, why is yews telling it again.”

“Because there is obviously something missing Tobias.  I get he had a fucked up life, I get he is like seventy percent scar tissue.  I get that he lived in so much pain on a daily basis that if he didn’t do exorbitant amount of drugs and alcohol he couldn’t function.  However this is no way he suffered so much that his soul can power the way he can.  Not without a deity channeling into him.  Not to mention if no one is channeling into him, how did he even come back?”

“I don’t know mon amie, I’s told yew all dat I knew.”

“I know Tobias, just saying something doesn’t add up here.  I’ve been reading into the lore books and guides but nothing even begins to touch on this stuff.  The only thing even close is this very old prophecy written in Aramaic, talks about four beings that death was only the beginning for.  That is literally it, no real details just says four people in existence will die and suddenly be reborn with immense power basically.  I refuse to believe that sort of shit though.”

“Why?  It’s okay to come back if’n we’s got a deity but not if’n we’s just dat powerful?”

“No one is more powerful than death.”

“If’n dat so den why he need us eh?”

“Because you serve a purpose, but never forget your place.  I’ll gladly shove you back into that casket from which I pulled you from.  However this time I’ll put you in your current state so that you can asphyxiate over and over again for all eternity.  Does that sound pleasant Mr. Devereaux.”

The dark gravelly voice from over my shoulder sends chills down my spine.  I put on my best smile as I spin around in my chair slowly.

“Ello sir”

“Good evening Mr. Devereaux, why don’t you find something more productive to do than question those who have done good for you?”

“Yes sir”

His half skeleton face just smirks at me, well I think it’s a smirk, hard to tell with no lips.  He walks off back into the darkness of one of the aisles of the library.

“How bout next time a heads up mon amie?”

“Nah, it’s more amusing to watch you have to squirm a little.  Besides you know he’s not going to actually do anything to you.  You’re like his favorite little pet, you pee on the carpet and he’ll yell a bit, but he’ll never rub your nose in it or pop ya.”

“Dere’s worse tings to be in dis world.  I’ll takes it.”

I suddenly get a bad feeling, it washes over me like a high tide coming in while you’re standing in the surf at the beach.  You know that wave that just hits you out of nowhere in the back of the head. I see Christians eyes growing wide for a moment as I hear the faintest whistling noise.  I push off the table with my feet causing my chair to fall backwards, reaching down by my side to grab a pocket knife I keep on myself, looking up I see a figure with what looks like an executioner's axe and mask to match.  The axe swings above me where I was sitting seconds before.  The would be axeman spins around and brings the axe above his head to bring it down upon himself but I roll back and kick him square in the breadbasket.  I roll to a knelt position and pop my knife, it’s not much but it’ll have to do.  Meanwhile Christian leaps up on the table and runs across the table leaping into the air and diving at the axeman.  Not bright but brave, the axeman side steps and raises the pommel of the axe up before driving it down into the back of Christian causing a sickening snapping sound. I hear the scream of pain pour out of his body before he goes limp.  

“Well dis don’t rightly seem fair mon amie, I mean dat an awful big axe yews got dere.  Not to mention yews like two times de size of ole Tobias.  Why yew’s wanna quarrel?”

The figure snarls back something that I don’t rightly understand, which is strange considering at this point I speak like seven languages.  

‘Yew kiss your mother with dat mouth?”

I prepare myself for a very unpleasant moment as the axeman charges towards me, he suddenly stops and stiffens. He looks down as does my own eyes as it fixes on a bloody hand gripping what appears to be the heart of the figure.

“You fucking dare to enter my domain and show aggression!”

The pure venom and malice dripping from the words send chills down my spine in a manner I don't even know how to describe. The axe man is lifted up off the ground and thrown clear across the room revealing Death standing there seething. He steps over to Christian and waves his hand over the broken body. Christian slowly starts to come to. Death's head snarls lowly as his head snaps back up staring at the carcass of the axeman. 

“Prepare yourself Mr. Devereaux, you're about to witness why you don't piss me off!”

I silently just nod my head as Death lumbers over to the carcass, I swear his body growing with each step. 


EVO 38, After Match

I find myself sitting in the locker room, my head in my hand. Things just don't seem to be willing to go my way. I found myself at the mercy of Zach Van Owen this night. Things had been going so well to start with my run in the CWF. I was on a tear for months. Then I suddenly started to slip in the ring. I was having issues getting any momentum in the ring. It was like everytime I tried to get going with the gameplan it would just slip between my fingers. This was not the time to be falling apart. I have not only a match against Jimmy to decide which of us truly is the tag team champion. There is also the tournament for a title shot coming up as well. This is the time to be rising up not crumbling under the pressure.

I stand up and lash out at everything around me flipping the bench over and solidly punching the nearby locker. A grimace etching upon my face as I grab my hand. Fucking cooyon! I shake out my hand as I start plotting for my next move. I need to procure a team partner to take on Jimmy. Who would even care about ole Tobias enough to team with me. Can't go to a member of Cwf already made enemies with most although it was only business. I obviously can't ask any other member of Hostility after the actions at Civil War. I've created an island for myself. Ya damn cooyon Tobias, what are you going to do?

I fix the bench back and collapse down upon it looking up at the ceiling, I lean my head back and close my eyes. Breathe Tobias, you're better than this. I can't depend on CWF, I can't depend on Hostility….but I've been elsewhere. Oh yea, maybe it's time to bring in some Sanctioned Violence….yea and I know the perfect person. Now how do I convince that aussie, well automatic championship may be enough. That or invoke some sVo pride...either way he's my best bet. 

I take a deep breath, I'll give him a call in the morning. It's going to work out, it'll be okay.


It's funny, how two people can come together as strangers just thrown into a match together and quickly become battle brothers. Within a month or so becoming one of the most crisp tag teams an organization ever seen. We were a well oiled machine but then the rest of the world got involved. You were the one who drove me into making the decision to take out Loki. Yet when it was time to fight that battle you had to go and get so distracted with Dorian that you couldn't focus on our tasks on hand. You started to drag behind. I'd allow that once in a while but it started to be weekly that you dragged me down.

You went from being an asset to an anchor. It's a shame in all honesty as I had such high hopes for us. However fear not Jimmy, I'll keep my championships in good hands. See there is this mean ole Aussie who is one of the only people who may actually be better technically in the ring than myself. I've seen him pretzel some of the best in the world. I'm sure he'll be more than capable of keeping that belt warm for ya. Meanwhile you can go handle whatever business you got going on with Dorian and Chloe. 

Don't get me wrong Jimmy, I don't hate you or anything, this like most things I do is just about business. So try not to take what we do to you and whoever your partner will be too personal. I promise after you get out of the medical center and get those sore bones and muscles attended to I'll be happy to buy you a beer. Not an expensive one but a beer nonetheless.

See you soon mon amie.

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