Title: Yeah, about that..
Featuring: Jace LeRose
Date: January 12th, 2019
Location: You know
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

We see a tall man with blond hair standing in a spacious kitchen. He brings a portion of his wife beater to his forehead and wipes off some sweat that had been forming on his forehead. He grabs the refrigerator door and pulls it open as the light of the fridge brightens his face. He takes out a bottle of water and brings it to his dry lips. After taking a considerable big sip he closes the fridge door and walks to the right, into his large living room. As he sits down on his black, leather couch the camera focuses on him. He sees that the camera is on him and he smiles before speaking.


Jace LeRose: Welcome to my home, the place that earned after all the hard work I’ve done. For those of you who don’t know, I am Jace LeRose, the newest and biggest signing to the Championship Wrestling Federation. My first match is a huge one, it’s an open battle royale where the winner gets to choose the stipulation of their match in the tournament. I am very good at battle royals as I’ve won many times before but none have been as important as this one to me.


Jace LeRose gets up and walks over to his kitchen. He opens the fridge again and pulls out an apple. He brings it to his lips and takes a bite. He then walks over to his living room again and takes a seat on the couch. He puts his feet up on the couch and then continues on with his promo for the pay per view coming up.


Jace LeRose: I’ve come to Championship Wrestling Federation to show the wrestling world that I am the brightest star in pro wrestling. It’s been a little while since I have been in the ring but I will work off that ring rust. I’ve been wrestling for a few years now and this is the biggest show I’ve ever been on - pay per view. I love wrestling, I live for it. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be the best wrestler to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots and guess what, I am the best wrestler to lace up a pair of boots.


He pauses for a moment and then continues on with his promo.


Jace LeRose: I know there is a lot riding on this match. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and that’s great, but it is all a waste of time because I am going to walk into the battle royale and walk out with the victory. Some people will doubt me and that is okay. I have haters. If you’re anyone important, you have haters. It comes with the territory. The haters actually fuel me to become even better in the ring. They fuel me to be the best that I can, so bring on the haters. I love it.


He pauses and then continues.


Jace LeRose: It’s kinda funny, people try to say that they are going to win but they are wrong. There is only one person who is going to win and you’re looking at them. I’ve been in this business and I’ve seen and heard it all. Nothing shocks me or throws me off guard. I am the best thing since sliced bread. I am the greatest. If you think that I am just come to the pay per view and prove it. I’ll be there waiting. I’ll be taking on all comers.


He takes a breath and then continues speaking.


Jace LeRose: The time is ticking down. The clock is slowly ticking down to the time for the pay per view. It’s coming close to that time for people to get their butts kicked by me. It’s almost go time. Everyone better buckle up and get ready to see the greatest in the ring. I am going to go down in history and show them that I am what I say I am - the best. We’ve got some great talent and great competitors in this match. There are too many to name but just know that there is some great talent in the Championship Wrestling Federation.


He takes another bite of the apple and then continues speaking.


Jace LeRose: How great will it feel to toss out each and every other wrestler in this match. They are all going to get tossed out by me. If you think otherwise, all you have to do is prove it to the world. The wrestling world will be watching. They will be waiting to see who walks out with the victory but here is your spoiler, I am going to win. You can bet on me to win. It’s a guaranteed win. If you think other wise you’re wrong.


He pauses for a moment and then starts speaking again.


Jace LeRose: What else can I possibly say? Just know it’s time for me to do what I have to do. Be ready. It’s go time. Good night!


[The scene then fades to black.]

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