Title: Got to start somewhere!
Featuring: Cade Allen
Date: 12 January 2019
Location: harlow, Essex, UK
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

Cade is sitting in Seth's personal gym after finding out that he is in a six way battle royal. “I will be facing Austin Bishop, Azrael, Jace LeRose, Kendo and Max Becker.” Cade is sitting on his sofa with a bottle of bud open in his right hand. “Winner gets to pick the stipulation of the upcoming first round match of the Modern Warfare Tournament.” Cade takes the last mouthful from his bottle of bud, before getting up and walking over to the fridge, he throws the empty bottle in the bin,only for it to bounce off the top of the overflowing bin of empty bottles and smashes on the floor. Cade opens the fridge door; the fridge is pretty much empty except for the last bottle of bud. “Damn, will have to make this one last until Seth gets back from the supermarket.” Cade staggers back to the sofa and manages to trip off his own foot, due to amount he has been drinking. Crashing on the sofa, still holding the bottle in his right hand. “Where was I, oh....? The Battle Royal.. Five other men, at this point I haven't got the first clue about any of them” Cade flicks the top of the bottle and take a big mouthful and then sighs with relief. “I don't even know, which ones of them are also rebutting in this match.” Cade downs the last bottle of bud, throwing the bottle in to the bin on the over side of the room. Cade notices a land rover pulling in to the drive and Seth climbs out and then after a few minute opens the back door.   “Cade!..” Cade slowly starts to try and stand up. Almost to a vertical point when he loses his balance and falls back on to the sofa. “Cade, for fuck sake! You need to sober up, and get yourself ready for your first match.” stated Seth. Cade decided It wasn't worth trying to move for now.    

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