Title: Riddles and Rabbit Holes
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 1/11/19
Location: Various
Show: Frozen Over 1/15/2019

Have you ever taken a walk on the wild side? People say that "jokers are wild" and "the BEST way to play is with wildcards," yet when it comes down to it, they are the ones to bitch when they lose using said card. This is the point that I'm at right now. I came into the CWF. I told everyone what I was going to do and what I was there for. People kept trying to throw me off. I pushed back and I came out on top.

I was given Shadow right off the bat and showed him I wasn't one to mess with. Harley Hodge, a fabled CWF veteran, was fed to me in a match to this day, I have no idea who came up with but I enjoyed being thrown in it immensely. The names keep piling up. Silas, Autumn, Dorian, Ataxia, and who could EVER forget about MJ Flair?! The Golden Child of the CWF, born with an attitude of, "I deserve this because I say that I've earned it" all while passing by with a sickly sweet façade, enough to give anyone that comes in contact with her diabetes. For MONTHS she made herself to be damn near unbeatable, even defeating me once, when it didn't matter. Sure, that's a loss for me, but when it counted, when my back was against the wall and I swore that if I had my way, the CWF would lose their champion, I KEPT MY WORD. The universe essentially fed me MJ, she played right into my hands, having this crazy notion that she has to "defend" the CWF against Lil'. 'Ol. Me.

I won the World Title and it has come to my attention that I shelved MJ for an indefinite amount of time but being the "fighting champion" she is, she mocks me, my undeniable feats of prowess, and the fact that I'm just better. She challenges me, the walking and current champion, from her place at home, sitting on a couch. I can certainly see where people see your spunk wee one, but you need to learn when some fights are more than you can handle, I just so happen to be one of them. But let us not dwell on the past, but move onto the future shall we? Frozen Over, another of CWF's best and greatest events, not that we don't already have twenty of them every calendar year, is right around the corner and the powers that be have felt the need for me to defend a title I rightfully earned, against The Shadow, a low tier champion who hasn't had much luck when it comes to matches against me, and Jarvis who can't win any matches unless he has outside help from that wife, girlfriend, hooker he hired to make him look good he totes around and acts like she's something to look at.

She isn't by the way. She belongs in the back. People say I subject people to scenes too coarse for television?! Jar-Head's wench o' the day can clear any room. But I digress.

Before we meet for MY title, we had a chance to choose our partners for the evening and do battle. We all know how that ended for you both. Much like Frozen Over, I will once again stand tall above both of you. The fact that I get to absorb the Paramount Championship at the same time? Oooo, it’s too sweet for words. Imagine the world that is our soon to be future and believe that it is your own fault for putting yourselves there.

The future of CWF is now in my hands as CWF's flame of eternal youth, MJF, was extinguished by MY hands. The CWF has turned into, "The Everyone Hates Loki For No Reason Show!" 

And Loki Synn will be main eventing weekly because she is THE champion to see, she IS THE person to see and she IS the person to outdo in every sense of the word. If you have a doubt, if you think that you have to TRY?! You will fall. Do you have what it takes Shadow when I destroy each and every one of your druids that decide to get in my way? How about Myfanwy? What will you do as you lay helpless, her weeping by your side, trying to fend me off, and I do nothing but destroy her like I am going to destroy you?

Jarvis? Same question. You... Aren't really important enough for me to come up with an original line of questioning for you. Why are you even in contention for my title? You LOST your title to Shadow and you lay claim to it because of a flimsy piece of paper in a briefcase? The only reason you have gotten to where you are now is because of the people you surround yourself with. At least when people talk about my exploits they can only say "Loki did this," rather than "Jarvis with the help of, insert random name here!" You aren't a threat, you're a laughing stock, and the sooner you learn that you aren't even in the same league as me, the better off you'll be.

Gentlemen, did you hear that? Sounds to me like a bell and you're both about to get schooled.

Semicolon. Right Parenthesis.
The Offices of James Milenko Christopher $t. James
January 11th, 2019

C$J: Yes, thank you… Honestly? I don’t remember your name. Just know that you will regret the day you try to take advantage of MY champions.

With a snarl C$J hangs up his desk phone with a slam. Talking to the people at SEE was like talking to a group of elementary school children put in charge of a student political campaign. There is no leadership, their… “Athletes” for lack of a better term, ran the ship for the most part and somehow, some way, the CWF World Champion has found herself in a triple threat match at a non-CWF event. The newly crowned owner of the CWF steeples his fingers as he takes in the silence of his freshly redecorated office. He had come too far to let SEE dismantle his champion right before Modern Warfare season. NO. It wasn’t going to happen like this and he knew just how to get around it. With a smirk he pushes a button on his phone and an electronic voice comes on over the intercom.

“What can be done for you Christopher?”

C$J: I need to set up a meeting with Jon Stewart. Next Evolution, we need to come together to stomp out SEE. Be sure to tell him that I come from a position of… Wanting to extend an olive branch of sorts. I’m not Milenko, I don’t want to destroy the CWF. Quite the contrary. I want to see her THRIVE. Tell him that.

The intercom beeps again and C$J sits back, smiling coyly. SEE might be jealous of what the CWF has, but that doesn’t give them license to defile it. They should honor it, even aspire to be as good as it, maybe someday. As if. There wasn’t anything that C$J could see that would be worth saving on that sinking ship of desolation and desperation. Why not let Loki go hog wild on them? They might complain that they don’t know what the CWF is or who any of the roster members are, but they would learn in time. Especially since most of the CWF that SEE has come across already has completely and totally dominated them at every turn. They want a triple threat with the World champ as opposed to a handicap? Fine, so be it. But when Loki wins, why not have the resulting match with Loki taking on the Daughters of Desperation on CWF’s terms? But that was the future. For now there was Frozen Over and Modern Warfare to look forward to, not to mention a pet project that he had concocted since returning to the limelight. Another matter of time and patience and his dreams would be realized. Again though he was getting ahead of himself. Just because he fired Milenko didn’t mean that he was out of his life forever. Just because he owned the CWF didn’t mean that he would be welcomed with open arms. There were murmurs from Jaiden Rishel, trying to instill a sense of… Vindication for his father. C$J bought the company out from Milenko’s grasp, the man that came with the intent to destroy, and C$J is coined as the villain. So be it, let Jaiden and his team come. Rumors say that he already has a name for his group. It was almost cute for someone to think so highly of C$J that they need to come up with a posse to try and chase the new boss out of town. Save the family name and bring the Rish’s back to power. Or something like that. 

In all honesty if one were to ask C$J, which no one has yet surprisingly, if he were to care about the rumblings of the anti-Hostility group that rose from Jaiden’s crazy mind, C$J would only be able to scoff lightly and laugh as he walks away. Trivial matters and the people that dream them up didn’t concern him. Matters of money? That’s where his focus always led him. His pockets run deep, deeper than they ever did. Jaiden is scared of Hostility and wants to stop it? Puh-leaze. Hostility was dead and buried a long time ago. C$J isn’t James Milenko. Hostility isn’t coming back to overthrow old and tired regimes. It’s coming back to show those old and tired regimes everything that they have done wrong in life and offer a place for wandering souls to recuperate away from the stupidity of the world outside. Hostilites are loyal to the brand, they are loyal to their home. Someday the world would understand this and leave the Hostilites alone to do whatever it is that they want. But until that day of bliss comes, there was only one thing that would sate the hunger of the men and women that C$J is planning on bringing under his wing and teaching the ways of being Hostile. Money could buy a lot but at the end of the day there was one thing potent enough to quell the raging fire that James Milenko lit and C$J was going to carry on.

That of course would be blood.
It’s been days since the events of Evolution thirty-eight where Loki Synn came out and expressed that she had no idea who on Earth she is, was, or will be. Imagine the mental state that such a person would be in. Mia Rayne, sweet yet psychotic, loveable to a certain extent but loyal to a tee, taking back seat to the sadistic Loki Synn. Imagine how Mia felt as she watched herself toss MJ Flair, someone she considered a possible friend from the ring and injuring her for an indefinite amount of time?

The torturing of Shadow in a demonic game of cat and mouse?

Being unable to contact Ataxia and let him know that she is ok. The urge to reach out and touch him, be able to kiss him once again… But would he ever forgive her?

The indifference to all of Dorian’s struggles, threatening Chloe…

Her family… 

After she woke up, she couldn’t believe the devastation that Loki had caused and probably will cause. 

You aren’t strong enough Mia…

Loki of course is right. After the devastation that has happened, what business is it of Mia’s to even bother trying? She doesn’t deserve a second chance, she wouldn’t give herself one, so why would The Forsaken? She wasn’t worthy, she didn’t deserve it…

It’s ok Mia… I’ve got it from here, but understand this, you will need to seek my penance if you ever want to see the light of day again. You must learn from your mistakes and understand that I only intervene to prevent Loki from doing any lasting damage. You can call me… Cheshire.

Cheshire. A name that has only been associated with the cat character from a set of fairy tales told to children at bedtime. Riddles and rabbit holes. Helping the lost find their way and appearing when needed. Ok, so now it’s I, Mia, riding with Cheshire without Loki.

Welll… There is yet another caveat dear. As it turns out, Loki has been a part of you long enough to take up permanent residence. I can’t do anything about that Mia but what I can do is silence her. She will be conditioned as you will be and in time she might turn into a weapon to use for our benefit. One day, maybe she’ll be something for your use, but that isn’t today. Today, Cheshire comes out to play and show that when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It’s a new day, a new era. You will not be forgotten Mia, but you will be saved, that I promise you. Now rest, we have a big match ahead, and one that I don’t plan on losing. The world is about to know the name Cheshire, they will feel my presence, and the CWF will be better for it. 

This is going to get confusing…

It already is isn’t it? We’re here though so all we can do is push forward. I don’t know the answers, I just know that you’ve seen a lot and need the time to mend. We can’t very well let Loki loose upon the world now can we?

Guess not. So what’s next?

I would think that to be obvious. I have a belt to defend and you have a few lessons to learn, first being: You are stronger than you let yourself onto be. You don’t need anything but yourself. Sure, you’re damaged, but what good hero doesn’t have their own flaws to work out? Their own cracks to heal? You have been damaged, backs turned on you. You have turned your back on your own family and don’t believe that you deserve another chance at redemption, but why? Everyone has their own sins Mia, Loki is no more but you should know that you have always had the power to stop her. You just found it easier to let her go on. Reflect on this while I turn my attentions to Jarvis and Shadow. 

I know that you both are reading this, your brows furrowed in concentration as you try to peer into the mind of the broken and damaged. Your intrusion isn’t needed and while your intentions might be noble Shadow, you are no longer needed in this venture. Mia is under my protection now and you will not have access to her until I say otherwise. That said, you come to this title match after winning the Paramount Championship from the third member of this menage a trois. You worry about winning a championship and then losing it right away, yet you have managed to retain that belt while I’m at the disadvantage of not having to defend this belt since winning it. Do you think that this will only show my inexperience or fire me to further lengths? Do you think this is where the CWF World Champion stumbles and falls or soars to a new height, successfully retaining the World title while merging it with the Paramount Title? I’m curious to see how this plays out myself as we seem to keep being robbed of our one on one matches by one circumstance or another.

That’s right Jarvis King, I’m referring to you as nothing more than a circumstance. A road bump in my story, my legacy. You think that you are owed the world after getting to where you are with help from the people around you. YOU haven’t earned anything, Elizabeth earned that briefcase for you. The Smokin Aces put you where you are as part of your Glass Ceiling. You say that you want to propel people up past the status quo, yet you hold back anyone that dares question your tactics. You talk a big game, but The Aces stomped Mia into the canvas and into oblivion. She isn’t coming back. There will be no trumpet call to this story and she won’t be riding in on a white horse to right all the wrongs that were brought on by Loki. 


As leader of The Glass Ceiling you have been found guilty by association of The Smokin Aces in the demise of Mia Rayne! You don’t get a chance to plead, you are the worst kind of human known to this world and at Frozen Over, you will meet your end by MY hands. My name is Cheshire and I WILL be your demise.  

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