Title: Stay Calm.
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 12/26/18 and Beyond!
Location: Wouldn't you like to know?
Show: Evolution 38

The Offices of James Milenko

"What do you mean, 'you don't remember' where you were last night?!"

Milenko's face is red with anger, maybe fear; it's tough to say anymore with the ever present pest of C$J coming back into James' life. Something about his smirk, his tone, it doesn't sit right with James, and now he has his World Champion telling him...

Loki Synn: Exactly what I just said. Now answer my question. Who the fuck am I? I'm tired of the random dances and people knowing more than me when it comes to who I am under this "Loki" persona you've given me. I don't remember shit since before you entered into my life and now everyone is calling me names that sound familiar but I can't place. What is going on?!

Loki's face is shrouded by her hood, her head pulled back deep into her hoodie's recesses. Her voice echoes the anger displayed on Milenko's face and the two stare each other down.

Loki Synn: I might have forgotten everything about me James, but what I do know is that I can make sure that I make you regret the day that you even HEARD my name. Look at what I did to Jai...

James Milenko: I don't give a damn Loki! I'm not Jaiden! I've been in this business long enough to stand up to people like you and I don't give a DAMN about the history books. You have failed to deliver on countless occasions to deliver on your promises...

Loki slams her fist on James' desk, rattling Milenko's glass of ice. He almost wished it would magically refill with the bourbon he had been enjoying prior to this conversation.

Loki Synn: WHAT PROMISES JAMES?! Everything that you expected me to do was at YOUR request. Take out MJ so that the CWF wouldn't have a champion. I failed the first time, I got her the second. I came in with the intent on destroying the Forsaken so that YOU wouldn't have any opposition when it came to doing whatever dastardly deeds you had planned and they are still thriving. YOU brought in Tobias who cost ME the match at Hostile Intentions. And to top it all off James, I'm now getting memories of the time before James Milenko set foot in the CWF and you had better hope that you find a way to disappear if you know what's good for you. You have already put Duce and Freddie on my shit list, you better pray to whatever demigod you believe in that I don't find out you had anything to do with pissing me off even more Milenko.

James stares at Loki who only stares back at him from deep within the recesses of her hood.

James Milenko: Loki look...

Loki Synn: Oh I'm sorry James, don't you mean, Mia?

With a snarl Loki stands up quickly and throws the chair back, making James jump in surprise. With quickness normally associated with cat-like reflexes, Loki snatches up the empty glass of ice and smashes it on the desk sending glass shards and ice everywhere. James does his best to keep any emotion off of his face, but even the most steadfast of people would be scared if they had a psychopath just create deadly shards of weaponry on one's desk. Loki picks up one of the bigger pieces and almost caresses it with one hand, running her fingers lightly over the edges and smiling faintly as she draws blood. Making a fist around the glass she squeezes, blood beginning to pour from between her clenched fingers and dripping onto the expensive desk underneath. James can only look at the display in abject horror, his dedication to keeping emotions in check heading out the window. Loki Rayne... Mia Synn... The World Champion of CWF holds her fist out over James' head, allowing her blood to drip onto his shoulders, staining his white suit.

Loki Synn: My blood is on you James as is every other person's I have spilt and will continue to spill. I am no longer your lap dog and I will no longer tolerate people calling me as such. We hope that you’re well aware of the terror you have brought down upon your world. 

James recoils in revulsion as Loki, Mia, whatever you would like to call her, squeezes more blood from her fist before she flicks it in his face, splattering him with red. She giggles softly and backs out of the room whispering two words as she waves her goodbye to a bewildered looking Milenko.

Loki Rayne: Stay calm… Stay calm… Stay…



The door slams as James tries to catch his breath and wonders what fresh hell this was and how he was going to get out of it.
Stay calm.

I came to the CWF alone and lost.

We made a name for ourselves, became a member of The Forsaken.


We were accepted and almost loved by all. Won a title with Shadow, lost a title with Shadow. Gained a family…

Stay. Calm.

The Aces, they took me out. They will pay. Shadow is collateral damage at this point. The Glass Ceiling will be brought to my own brand of justice. They are just as guilty as Milenko and to get to The Aces?

Javis King needs to learn that there are better cards in a deck than a King. Aces are well and good but you know what would be absolutely wild?

The Jester.

See you soon Jar-Head. Shadow…

I’m sorry.

Stay calm…

Stay calm…



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