Title: Sleep Tight.
Featuring: Ozric Mortimer
Date: 12/15/18
Location: Sunnyvale
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network

Sunnyvale Mental Health Center
12.12.18 - 1:30 AM

[The entrance doors to the center fling open to see an older gentlemen, wearing a tattered suit - glasses barely hanging on at the bridge of his nose - storming towards two employees of the health center, who are standing by a slightly adjacent orange door with their arms folded.]

[They look like they've seen a ghost.]

[The older gentleman approaches them, leans over to look at the door, and then tries to regain his composure.]

“What do you mean he escape?”

[This was Jack Klingman - head doctor and director of the facility. Typically known as the level-headed man, that can counsel the ill to natural sedation, this morning marked a monumental exception. Neither of the employees - Johan and Meril - say a word. They look towards each other for some sort of resolve, but the silence only makes Klingman more aggravated.]

“He’s a level 6. You both knew this, yes? He’s - he’s supposed to have a ---”

“A supervisor - sun up to sun down.”

[Klingman takes a step back, baffled by how quickly Johan responds this time, then snarls.]

“So, there it is. Johan the Supervisor. What happened?”

“I have no idea, sir. Something happened to me, I woke up, and the patient was gone. No trace of him - nothing broken, nothing pryed - nothing stolen. He just -”

“Vanished?” [Klingman finishes his sentence. Johan shrugs with eyes full of emotion.]

“Do you both understand the severity of this situation? Who knows? Anyone else but you?”

[Johan looks at Meril, who pipes up.]

“We made it a point to not contact authorities until you were made aware of what happened.”

“Good.” [Klingman nods, turning his back on the gentlemen to look back down the hallway.] “We’ll keep it that way for now. I know him better than anyone. I’ll - I’ll see if I can locate him. Johan, you said - you said that fell asleep?”

“No sir.”

“But, you said that you woke up.”

“I was standing - and then woke up on the floor. I wasn’t tired. In fact, I have been boiled up with coffee. This wasn’t a simple doze off, sir. This was - something else.”

“So you believe you were drugged?”

[An alarm goes off - a loud one from the far end of the hallway. This is followed by red-alert lights flickering. Klingman turns around and eyeballs both of the employees.]

“Both of you have your stun guns?”

[They nod.] “Good. Go to the far left wing and try to stay in the shadows. If you see Nicholas, take him out as if your life depends upon it. By no means do you alert the authorities - not until I tell you to do so. If he’s in the building - which judging by the -- [Klingman points at the lights] -- he is, we’ll take him down ourselves and isolate him like we have before.”

“Sir, I’m sorry.” [Johan pipes up empathetically, but Klingman holds his hand up.]

“No - no time for that. This - this is just as much my fault as it anyone else’s. We let our guard down even for a second and these are the things that happen. He is beyond any limitations of dangerous, so keep a watchful eye. Stay alert.”

[Klingman runs down the opposite hall, shifting his eyesight from one side to the next, turning down a hallway - only to see his subject, veiled by a dark blanket. While attempting to stop, he slips and fall onto his backside.]

“Nicholas! Don’t you move. Don’t you ---”

[The veiled subject continues to walk towards the glass double doors that lead to the ouside.]

“The alarms, Nick. They’re going to get you and I’m going to tell you now - are you listening me? I’m going to tell you right now that they’re going to do things to you out there that you can avoid by simply coming back to me and listening to my orders. You don’t need to do this again. It never - you know Nick - this never ends well for you.”

[Laughter. Terrible, aching laughter comes through the mouth of the veiled subject as he swivels absurdly around until he faces Klingman. His face is covered with red circles - around his eyes, around his lips - an unorthodox makeup job from hell. He cocks his head.]

“You know…” [Nicholas says under his breath - yet it echoes exponentially.] “Nurse Gweneviere said something similar to that. When I turned her off, I found lipstick in her jacket pocket and painted her words. And you know what? I felt like such an outsider to her. How dare she get to illuminate her face with beautiful makeup and leave us vagabonds black and white. So, I shared in the entertainment - in preparations for what further entertainment is to come. What do you think, Jack? Do I look… pretty?”

[Jack doesn’t respond. Nicholas, on the other hand, starts to slowly move towards the doctor.]

“Jack? Am I pretty?”

“Yes… yes, Nicholas, you’re pretty. Just come with me, okay? We’ll figure all of this out in my office.”

[Nicholas shakes his head with a smile, showing his discolored teeth.]

“Oh no, Jackie. It’s just too late for that. I’ve already got a date, and you know me - not the blow off type. You know how important punctuality is with me, Jackie. You don’t need me to remind you of that, do you?”

[Jack tries to play along.] “Absolutely not, Nick. What in the world was I thinking? I should have made it a point to express my adoration towards you a long time ago. Tell you what - I’ve got those - those licorice sticks that you really like in my office. Why don’t we have a nice talk over one. Whatdoyasay?”

[Those licorice lollipops were coated with sedatives - an easy way for the mentally incapacitated to rediscover their safe place. Nicholas seems to take the bait, releasing the blanket and exposing a bloody hospital gown - likely the blood of the nurse that he mentioned.]

“My favorite.” [Nicholas starts to walk toward him.] “If Nick was here, he’d take you on that offer. I’m sure of it.”

[The doctor’s face turns pale. Oh no. Oh God no, he was late.]

“Wait now. Where -- uh, where did Nicholas run off to?”

[Nicholas lets out a terrible growl and gets down on all fours, like a rabid wolverine. He places his hand against face and rubs all of the red circles on his face until it’s nothing but a devilish blur.  This wasn’t Nicholas at all. Jack knew this. He swallows hard and calls out to his subject properly.]


“Hello my dearest! So nice it is to see you again.”

“Yes, Ozric.” [Klingman nods his head with a half-smile - his heart beating a million miles an hour. He gets to his feet.] “The pleasure is absolutely mine. Is it possible that I can speak with Nicholas again?”

[Ozric starts to move toward the doctor, stalking like a vicious, feral cat.] “No, Doctor, I’m afraid that won’t be possible. Nurse Gweneviere? She sends her regards.”

[Klingman furrows his eyebrows in confusion.] “And where is she? Because, you understand that I must help her if she’s hurt. I understand that she may have gotten in your way and I understand how you react to that - but just let me know where she is so that I can help.”

[Ozric blinks, smiles, and then points.]

“Behind you.”

[Klingman turns around - only to see a disemboweled Nurse Gweneviere rolling in a wheelchair down the hallway - her intestines literally plopped onto her lap. Klingman’s eyes seem to want to roll out of his head as he’s beside himself from the scene. He runs to her, stops the wheelchair, and checks briefly to see if she’s still alive - even though he knows that she isn’t.]

[Then, that ever-so-familiar echoing cackling from behind him.]

[Jack turns around to see Ozric opening up the door.]

“Ozric, don’t do this. Please. They’ll kill you this time. There’s no coming back.”

“Kill me? Are you so sure about that?”

[Jack nods his head, swallowing hard again in place of an actual response.]

“We all have obligations in this experience we call life, Jackie. You see, I have a shadow to chase - and you know me, I like playing hide and seek. Let ‘em come, let ‘em follow! The more - the merrier, my dearest friend! But understand this, most importantly - I’m beyond the concept of death - beyond  interpretation of what becomes of existence when a heart chooses to cease its beats. I’m the surround sound that crawls against the walls - and the bitter tune that bounces around your head like an unforgiving itch. I am everywhere.”

[Klingman starts to walk towards Ozric, but randomly collapses. His vision starts to blur as he raises his arm towards Ozric, before falling into a comatose state - one seemingly similar to what Johan experienced. The doctor’s arms and head slam against the tiled floor.]  

“Sleep tight - and don’t you dare let the bed bugs bite. I heard they’re poisonous.”

[Ozric laughs again before closing the door and drifting into the cold, midnight air.]



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