Title: Pick up the mantle
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 12/15
Location: Unknown
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network


That which drives us in one direction or another. Fear defines who we are to some extents, those who are afraid of heights simply refuse to go up high and, whether they know it or not, people who refuse to go up high are influencing their lives with every conscious or subconscious decision not to take the "risk". They are missing out on experiences and simply don't know about it. Others, who are afraid of enclosed spaces, may refuse to go in an elevator and therefore take the stairs instead, all the time not meeting the people in the elevator that they were meant to meet or meeting people on the stairs they would never have met going up in the elevator. Fear changes the course of our lives, one who lives without fear does whatever he wants to do and lets nothing stop him for he is not afraid of the consequences. To live without fear is to live like a god, and that is what Freddie Styles does.


What is meant by this word, and why is it used so much? Well the dictionary has two definitions of this wonderful word, the first being the one we all know of, "a foolish or stupid person", which describes most of these Hostility wrestlers perfectly, but the second is more fitting . This definition is more complex and is  "A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers".” Now doesn't that describe our opponents perfectly? Mentally retarded and can't put words together…


In our attempt to bring education to the masses we once again consulted our dictionary so that, the next time that Styles calls himself a champion, you'8d know what he was talking about. A champion has many definitions, most of which you know already, but the two that stand out are two that are truly perfect definitions of yours truly. “One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner - and - One who fights; a warrior.” Both of these are perfect definitions of Freddie Styles, he clearly has all the attributes of a winner, including a title belt, and he believes himself to be a warrior. Every week we're asked why I think that I'm the best, why I believe that I am a champion and that, my friends, is simply why. If the Oxford Dictionary want to add a fifth definition to the word "champion"  then they need only add two more words: Freddie Styles. There is no other man in the CWF, or anywhere else for that matter, that defines the word as well as Freddie Styles. If you believe that I'm wrong then that's your business...but I dare you to find a man as talented as myself to prove me wrong.


Something that everyone fears and yet something that must be overcome, that must be conquered for the greater good. James Milenko thinks he's the boss, but is he a threat?? Of course not, he is no more of a threat than anyone else in this federation, and yet he thinks that he DESERVES IT as everyone does. He DEMANDED this show. Why can a man who got passed over to legally be in the CWF want to make a CWF show?. Other questions to ask. Why is it that every man in this business believes themselves to be the best? Why does everyone think that they are on top of the world? Why doesn't anyone realize that to be the best you have to work hard and show commitment.  You can't just hop off the couch like Talon and Chris Bond are being asked to do and face the best tag team in this business today.

James Milenko

He's a perplexing son of a bitch, isn't he? He believes himself to be different from the last time he ran Hostility into the ground, that trying to ressurect a dead brand on the back of a thriving and successful one will make up for the obvious shortcomings in himself, when he isn't just delusional. He claims that his best is better than out best, which isn't true either. What does this tell us? That James Milenko is full of shit. Of course when you're the champion you're supposed to raise the bar, you're supposed to set the level at which this game is played, but there is a problem. If James actually goes in to this match thinking that his little group of 5, including the beltholder Loki Synn can win then he and them will be in for a surprise. Loki doesn't scare anyone any more, at one time, when she had the achievement of being a winner, her words perhaps meant something but no longer. The rest of that team, like Talon and Bond, will find out quickly that CWF is far above anything Hostility could bring to the table right now.


That's what you see whenever you begin to watch a Freddie Styles promo or see the Smokin Aces in the ring, no boring shit, despite the Hostile objections, just plain quality, so much so that most people can't handle it.  Duce and I....wehave an undying quality both in and out of the ring and that is what makes us  who we are. James Milenko and his seven dwarves lack that quality and that, above all else, is why CWF will win this civil war. If you think otherwise then that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion, but let me tell you now, when the final bell rings, there will only be one winner and that name won't reside in Hostility, it'll be the champion, the man who beats any man whenever and wherever. Think I'm wrong? Good for you...but I'm not. Watch this space yall....after Talon and Bond get smoked by this bionic Chronic and the CWF walks into and out of the Carnival as the victors, you'll feel stupid if you bet on James Milenko and Hostility, won't you?

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