Title: Christian STARR Diaries: Chapter Twelve
Featuring: Christian STARR
Date: May 30, 2018
Location: Boston, MA
Show: Evolution 22

Silver Linings Ent. 

A division of Eli Silver Industries
Presents: The Never Ending Paramount Championship Reign (Week 8
The Road to Redemption (Week 4) 

The Christian STARR Diaries:
Chapter Twelve

May 30, 2018

Started from the bottom now we're here.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to historic Boston, Massachutes, the sight of CWF's next edition of Evolution. Tires splash through the deep puddles left behind by the heavy rain on cold asphalt of McKinley Square. The hustle and bustle of the city is drowned out by the sound of the raging storm that surrounds the Custom House Tower, but that isn't enough to stop our crew from filming today. The camera is focused in intently on the large clock at the top of the near five hundred foot tower as the second hand ticks away behind the rain drops, like a perfectly timed metronome. 

Started from the bottom now we're here!

Slowly, yet surely the camera begins to descend the face of the gigantic skyscraper showing off the beautiful architecture of the building as it does. The floor to ceiling windows, the large Romanesque pillars, the concrete wonders. Eventually our shot reaches the bottom of the tower, where underneath the mezzanine, standing proudly in the middle of the stone stairway that leads to the entrance, we find a trio of CWF stars. 

Firstly, on the far left, towering over the others much like the Custom House Tower looms over the city of Boston, is Payne. His long hair and beard are soaked and dripping which only seems to add to the giants menacing appearance. He stands with his arms crossed across his chest, covering most of the sleeveless Christian STARR t-shirt that he wears today. His usual camouflage cargo pants fall down over his army style boots.

Next, to the far right, is the always lovely Allison Hollywood who's long blond and blue hair is draped in a wet mess over her left shoulder. Her once perfect make-up is now somewhat smeared across her face, the pink and purple eye shadow streaked down and across her cheek now looking more like war paint as opposed to a glamorous fashion statement. Her sky-blue eyes are squinted, focused in on the camera as water drips off of her Deadpool tank-top onto the cold concrete below.

Finally, standing tall and proudly between the two is our final, perhaps most important addition of this wet and wild crew. The always confident Christian STARR. His trademark leather jacket is also soaked in rainwater as more of it pours down his face, but much like the other two pieces of this puzzle it doesn't bother him. In fact it seems to drive him, influence him, almost encourage the rage burning deep inside of him. For the second time in his illustrious CWF career, he was pinned, and this time. It doesn't appear to be sitting too well with the former Paramount Champion.

Started from the bottom now the whole team fucking here!

Christian STARR: "Surprise, surprise, motherfuckers!"

He throws his arms out to either side, sending a bevy of rain drops flying haphazardly through the air. 

Christian STARR: "Despite the shit storm of a week I've had, I'm still standing! It's gonna take a lot more than a few of Ataxia's little magic tricks and Jarvis King's revenge to keep me down! It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a few imposters to stop my momentum! You may have gotten the best of me at Evolution last week, but I'm still Christian fucking Starr! I'm still the best wrestler in the world, I'm still the greatest man that ever lived! I'm still the ever shining supernova that this company should fucking revolve around!"

Christian slowly lowers his arms as the two people beside him nod along, in agreement. Starr takes a slow step forward, down the first step of the entrance pavilion making him the one clear focus of the shot. He adjusts the jacket on his shoulders, taking a look at the vacant spot on his shoulder as he does. A look of longing in his eyes. But it doesn't last more than a second before he pops the high collar of the leather, turning his now focused eyes to the camera. Allison half steps up behind him, wrapping her delicate fingers around his arm.

Christian STARR: "Did you think for one single second that you people could do anything that would deture me? Did you people think that you could stop me on my way back to the top? Did you really think that some little hiccup in like this would drive The King of Wrestling off his path to reclaiming his crown!? No, no, and no! If you think that a couple of nobodies like Ataxia and Jarvis King resorting to underhanded tricks and backstabbing attacks is going to keep me down, then you clearly don't know that first thing about what makes Christian STARR tick, so allow me to reintroDUCE myself for all you people that thought I would curl up like a scorned dog after last week."

The rain seems to let up as Starr's mood brightens. The water from his soaking wet hair dripping down his determined face just as a glimpse of the cocky grin that's become synonymous with the man over the last four months of his career. He wipes away the rain with his left forearm as his right hand intertwines with Allison's.

Christian STARR: "They say that all men are created equal? Well for the last four months, I have been living proof that they don't know what they're talking about! My name is Christian STARR, and I am the one true King of Wrestling! I am the best thing that has ever happened to this company! I have proven that time and time again! I proved it when I destroyed the Anderson's in my first match here. I proved it when I beat Marksman so badly he quit the fucking buisness, I proved it when I went on to be the greatest Paramount Champion in history and I will prove it again when I beat Duce Jones in the Beat the Clock Challenge in less time than it takes for Peyton to snap her way into being Mia Rayne!"

Allison Hollywood: "Uggh!"

The sudden outburst from Allison grabs the attention of Starr away from his promo, he snaps his head around to look at his girlfriend. She gives him the sort of look that questions what the confusion is. Never the less, with a look of disgust in her eyes, she parts her soft pink lips to explain.

Allison Hollywood: "Duce Jones is one doobie-snack away from being wrestling version of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Like, I don't care if you're a stoner, but don't let it be your entire personality! I mean, seriously, is you're life that boring that the only thing that makes you interesting is the pot? Plus it just makes him stink! Have you ever walked past his locker room? It's disgusting!"

Payne: "Not to mention the fact he always takes all the best food from catering."

The bombshell blonde can't help but to let out a chuckle at Payne's comment. Both her and Christian turn their attention to the giant who has otherwise been silent up to this point. Payne shrugs his huge shoulders.

Allison Hollywood: "That would be your biggest concern with that stoner, but do you know what the worst part about Duce is?"

Christian STARR: "It's that he couldn't cut it in the ranks solo, so instead of turning his pathetic career around and recapturing the World Title he so desperately needed to prove himself as more than just the stoner with the horseshoe up his ass he instead decided to tuck his tail between his legs, make a deal with the devil himself and resort to lowly ranks of a tag team division that was already in shambles."

Allison Hollywood: "Uhh, yeah. Sure. That. Not that it makes him a lazy slob..."

Christian STARR: "What I can't stand about Duce Jones is that for months upon months his one and only focus was reaching the heights he once had. At one point Duce was one of the hottest stars to come out of last years Modern Warfare tournament, something not many people can claim; But after that he just couldn't cut it. He got himself a rematch for the title, and lost it to an eighteen year old girl. He made himself out as the end all and be all of the CWF when in reality he couldn't even lace the boots of the men and women he was losing to week in and week out! He was backed into a corner, and instead of fighting his way out like a man... The Kid That Never Dies, dug his own grave."

Christian STARR: "He decided enough was enough. He decided to kill his own career. No longer is Duce Jones on a list of contenders! No longer is Duce Jones a main eventer! No longer is Duce Jones a superstar! No. Now Duce Jones is riding Freddie's coattails as one half of the Tag Team Champions, and if that's not career suicide then I don't know what is. You had you're name in lights! You were the marquee, an icon, people paid to see you, and instead of embracing it and fighting, and earning your way back to the top, somewhere in that diluted little mind of yours the last few brain cells you had thought that the Smoking Aces would save you're career. But that's just not the case, is it?"

Christian STARR: "I mean really. You're one half of the tag team champions. You've reached the pinnacle of tag team wrestling, but now what? Where do you go from here? You've peaked, and there's only one way to go from here, Duce. Down.. All that's left for you is the inevitable plummet to rock bottom and frankly I don't think you have what it takes to bounce back from that. So when you decided to shake hands with Freddie Styles, and form the Smoking Aces, you effectively blew you're own career up in smoke, Cheech!"

Christian STARR: "Maybe that's the reason behind your life style, maybe you realize that you'll never amount to anything. That's why you have to smoke weed, to numb the pain. Numb the part of your brain that knows you should hang up the boots. Numb the voice in your head that tells you to retire. So go ahead Duce, roll another joint! It may be the only thing that numbs the pain after I roll right through you on my way to Golden Intentions where I will not only win the whole damn thing, but also take back what's mine from Jarvis King!"

Christian STARR: "And at WrestleFest, Christian STARR will become the first man to ever hold the World and Paramount Championships at the same time!"

Payne: "If I don't win the rumble."

Christian's eyes narrow, his lips purse as his neck slowly turns to look at Payne.

Christian STARR: "Excuse me?"

Payne: "After the embarrassment I faced at the hands of Ataxia I have something I need to prove; I'm entering myself into Golden Intentions and I intend to win! I'm going to WrestleFest, and I will be the World Heavyweight Champion!"

Christian takes the step back up to stand almost nose to nose with Payne, however he still has to look up at his bodyguard despite the fact he's standing one step above him on the concrete stairway. Although not entirely serious, you can feel a certain amount of tension rising between the two. After all, it hasn't been the best of months for the pair of them after having both facing loses to Ataxia in recent weeks.

Christian STARR: "You really think that you're gonna beat me at Golden Intentions? In case you're forgetting, I taught you everything you know! There's no chance in hell you're gonna outlast me in the Rumble!"

Payne smiles a big toothy grin through the mess of hair around his mouth, he pumps his chest out at the much shorter Christian which causes him to stumble backwards, almost losing his footing on the wet concrete stairs. Payne flexes his buldging biceps as he leans down to look Christian dead in the eye.

Payne: "Well you can't teach this! And there's no way you're scrawny ass is getting through this brick wall!"

Christian takes a step forwards, but before he can get another word out, Allison steps in between the two temperamental men and with a perfectly manicured hand on each of their chests, pushes them apart. Her sharp blue eyes dart back and forth between them.

Allison Hollywood: "Okay, enough! You two don't need to be at each other's throats already! Golden Intentions is still a long way away, and we've got bigger things to worry about! ... Like a Beat the Clock Challenge!"

Christian STARR: "That doesn't matter! It doesn't matter if it takes seconds, or hours to beat Duce. It doesn't matter if I beat the clock! It doesn't matter if Payne is in the match! It doesn't even matter if Duce squeaks through the cracks! Because one thing should be clear by now, if nothing else then Christian STARR always makes a statement! How does the old saying go? Go big or go home? Well, I always go big! Everyone's worried about getting that ever covetted final spot in Golden Intentions? They all want the easiest path? They all want to take the shortcut to the top? Not me. I'm Christian Fucking STARR! Here's you're statement, here's the headline of the next Church versus State! Win, lose or draw. It doesn't matter. Christian STARR is number one, and Christian STARR is going to WrestleFest!"

Christian STARR: "What does matter, is that this week, on Evolution. In Boston, Massachustes.. The King of Wrestling is on a war path, and he is taking back his kingdom by force! All that's left to say is to stay the hell out of my way, unless you want to end up like Duce Jones, because he's the unlucky son of a bitch that has to be conquered first, and this week The Kid That Never Dies, loses his fucking head!"

Christian STARR: "HAIL!


With that Christian raises one arm above his head, much like he had done for months as the Paramount Champion. He and Payne share one more tense look at each other, however both letting a smile crack across their faces as the camera fades to black.

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