Title: Chapter 4: A New Foe Arrives
Featuring: Tobias Devereaux
Date: Multiple
Location: Multiple
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network

It’s been a few weeks now sense the Hostile Takeover officially took over the CWF with Loki Synn capturing the world championships while myself and Jimmy took over the tag division.  Although the occupation hasn’t been completely smooth given the tensions that keep flaring up between Loki, Milenko, and us.  Who would've thought the one that I’m seeing eye to eye with the most is the guy who I was just slung together for no particular reason but we were both new to the group and were just the “muscle” for Milenko’s Loki driven invasion.  Or at least that’s the way people kept trying to spin it.  Surely by now though that misinformation has been rectified.Despite a bit of a step back against Trent Steele and Duce last week, we’ve been going pretty strong since our formation.  

So strong that on a card advertised as Hostility finally coming to destroy the CWF once and for all they have placed myself and Jimmy against the old card Omega and Elijah.  A team that we defeated for the shiny pieces of metal that adore our waists at the moment.  Milenko assured me it wouldn’t be for the title so no worries about CWF’s faithful somehow trying to pry the belts away so I’m all for the match personally.  I heard plenty of murmurs about how if Omega and Elijah were fresher they would of wiped the floor with Jimmy and me.  Almost as if they forgot we had been in other matches as well.  Suppose it was easier than accepting their heros weren’t all that they were remembered to be.  Oh those rose colored glasses do obscure the faults that others see so clearly.

I’ve had plenty on my plate outside of wrestling as well, the training of Christian has been going well enough but trying to give a guy a crash course in a whole world of weird while still being on the road isn’t exactly easy.  Oh yea, let’s stay up all night staking out a vampire nest, somewhere along the way I’ll get in my workouts and film study for my match.  Sure no problem….I’ll just magically make another eight hours in a day.  Actually I should totally ask Death if that’s a possibility.  I mean so much of this shit I barely understand so maybe?  To be fair, he’d most likely not tell me because I would totally abuse that shit and he knows it.

Currently I find myself sitting in a run down pick up truck parked outside a bar.  A real shit hole sort of place, can’t even afford a neon sign, what sort of bar doesn’t rock neon?  Christian is inside scoping out the clientele, he’s suppose to come back out and give me a run down of what we’re possibly looking at.  Unfortunately been doing this for so long that my reputation has gotten out there a bit.  So either I have to wear a disguise or run risk of being made pretty quickly.  A few minutes pass before Christian comes from the bar and makes his way over to the truck getting in on the passenger side.

“At least two demon’s, one bartending, the other playing pool in the corner of the bar.  Didn’t really spot anyone else of interest, but it certainly just felt off.  It was like everyone was staring at me yet when I’d sort of glance around as if I was looking at the televisions around the place I could never spot anyone actually looking at me.”

“Most likely it’s just cause yews were watching everybody else yew instinctually felt like dey was watching yew too.  Sort of normal, dat sense of paranoia just comes wit de job mon amie.”

“No, that’s not why you cajun son of a bitch.”

The voice pierces through the darkness and hits my soul in the dark gravely tone.  Christian immediately goes for his pistol on his hip but I snap my hand over to the right placing it on his wrist.

“Yew really don’t wanna do dat mon amie.”

“Listen to the gator fucker kid.  This is a fight you don’t want. Especially sense your ability to notice anything is about as good as this fuckers.  There is at least twenty demons in that bar right now, ten that you can see, the others in the back.  You were the only non demonic thing to step into that bar in months.  That’s why they were all watching your every move.  You’re lucky they found it so amusing they let you leave.  You’re most certainly made and if you step foot back into that building they’re going to rip your soul from your body, slowly...very slowly.”

“‘Ello Hamish, pleasant as always mon amie.”

“Go fuck yourself Tobias, you’re lucky I’m in a good mood or I’d put a bullet in your friend for making my job harder now.”

“Oh, which one sent you this time?”

“The one that minds their own fucking business, that’s the one.”

“Alrighty den, well if’n it’s okay wit yews we’re just gonna go den.”

Christian goes to speak up but I cut my eyes over at him with a look that says if you speak right now I will let him royally fuck you up.  The message luckily comes through clearly as he stops himself almost immediately.

“That’s probably a good idea Cajun, this is about to get ugly.”

A figure walks past my window, he’s about six and a half feet tall, solid muscle build.  THe figure it decked out in all black with a long black trench coat.  No hair but quite the long goatee that is braided down.  His face is full of scars, the most prominent one across his left eye.  As the figure gets to the front door the bar Christian finally breaks the silence.

“Who the fuck is that?”

“Yew know how I told yew dere is fighters for different deities.”

“Ah so he’s another champion as it were.”

“Not quite, see normal representatives are chosen because of de fighting spirit, tormented soul, natural abilities to channel de powers dat we’re gifted upon being brought back.  Some people are sought after quite heavily.  Den dere are people like Hamish, Hamish lived his entire life fighting and being a royal dick bag.  He’s also had a few run ins with dese forces before so he was tainted in a way.  Den you add in all the suffering he’d gone through in his life, cause dose scars, dey from before.  Yew add all dat up and yews get one of de most sought after vessels in history mon amie.”
“Shit...so who does he work for?”

“Dat de ting mon amie, no one knows, dere is rumors dat he’s a freelancer.  Just takes jobs from any diety that has a method to peak his interest.  Dat don’t fly wit me dough, he has to be given de power from somewhere, remember we are conduits for our masters power as well as our own.  De amount of power he has, dere is no way it’s all his, not to mention who brought him back?”

“In any case, he’s really intending to fight twenty of them by himself?”

“Don’t worry bout him mon amie, we just don’t wanna be here when he gets going or else we’re liable to get hit in de cross fire.”

At that I crank up the truck and start to pull out back towards the main road.  Out of the corner of my eye I watch as Hamish reaches under his trench coat and pulls out a broad sword.  There are a mixture of runes and sigils glowing upon the blade.  I just shake my head as we drive off as he enters the bar.  In the rear view mirror I can see flashing strobes of bright white light.  Christian just looks at me in a bit of wonder. I just shake my head as I try to put as much space between us and that mad man as possible.

“He sounded like he knew you.”

“We’ve had a few run ins over the years. Believe me, I liked him alot better when he was alive.  Wasn’t nearly as scary….yea that’s not accurate he’s always been a mean cooyon.”

“Never seen you scared before Tobias, it’s something when the literal embodiment of death you’ll take the piss with but this guy you become as straight as an arrow.”

“Yea yea, yew laugh if yew want mon amie.”

He was right to be honest, however he didn’t understand one key thing.  Death is one thing, but there are far worse realities in this world and Hamish knows at least five off the top of his head. He also has no qualm with making you feel each and every one of them just to amuse himself. I force those mental images out of my head and focus back on task on hand.

“Anyway, I tink de ting yews forgetting is evidently yew were in a hive of demon activity and only spotted two.  Your training isn’t going as quickly as hoped, so looks like yew gonna have to really step it up.”

“To be fair, I’ve been doing this what three weeks?”

“Dey don’t care about dat Christian, never forget dese tings we fight, dey are literally de tings of nightmares. Believe me I's know.”

The cab gets quiet. I hate being tough on the new guy but our world is tough. I just hope he never has to learn how tough.


A few days have past since my run in with Hamish. Death was none too pleased to hear about the new player on the board as it were. However currently I have other business to attend to. As part of Hostility  invasion event not only do I find myself in a tag match but also a wargames style match. Itll see some hostility faithful verses the best CWF has to offer, including the always elusive mystery partner.  Wonder who it'll be, some hero from yesteryear? More than likely someone I've already defeated in my short tenure here. Amazing how fast time has gone by since my arrival. The victories just keep adding up though.

A war game is not for the faint of heart, rather brutal of a match. However although I don't seem the most logical for the brutal style match, I actually make great sense. My style depends on very little physical strength or effort. It's all about technique and leverage. It is also quite handy in breaking down opponents, so CWF may find my participation to be a linchpin of the match up.

I do hope Milenko knows what he's doing though, it's one thing to bring in the likes of Bobby Dean or Simon Mark's. It's a different beast altogether to bring  back the Hero of sVo Talon and his buddy Bond. They aren't liable to be fond of the things we've done. It's a bit of a wonder they've played along with this scheme at all to be honest. Guess the bitterness or allure of an easy payday gets to even the best of us. 

I am looking forward to seeing some of these people again none the less. It feels like a family reunion of sorts. A violent dysfunctional family but family nonetheless.  Even got the creepy uncle in Oz coming back. Nothing like a possible literal serial killer fighting for the cause. I swear there is no low Milenko won't stoop to in his search for revenge. Shall be fun to witness.

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