Title: Swan Song
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Nuts?
Location: Several nutty ones
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network

Do any of you know what it's like to have this belt for no reason, outside of being looked at as a shiny new toy that only deserves a shot based on that fact alone? How about being told that you're nothing more than a vicious weapon, bent on destroying any and all comers?

That was my advent. That was Loki Synn being born unto this world to cause hysteria and mayhem, the likes of which haven't been known to anyone in the CWF. We all see the end result. Forsaken putting out fires everywhere, The ever fragile Glass Ceiling picking fights with people they should really reconsider picking on. Two men claim that they are for CWF and fight under her banner, yet are at war with each other to find out who is in the right. And then there's me...

Loki Synn...

Brought in to act like some wonderful and bright toy of devastation. I cut a path through right to the top most prize, mostly on my own, correction... On my own. I was called nothing more than a "tool" of James Milenko, a puppet to a puppet master, and that is the extent of who I am. I stood my ground and I told you all to just sit back and watch as I proved my points, one right after the other. Winning the World strap is just a happy perk of being me, but have any of you learned your lesson yet? I am not one to be trifled with. I say something and I mean it. You can sit there and live in your delusions of Loki Synn being the monster in this horror story all you want, I'll be here saying what I mean, and then backing up what I say.

I fight for James Milenko?

Oh no. I fight for causing as much chaos as possible. I told everyone when I set foot inside the CWF to stay out of my way. I told you all where my gaze was fixated at. You didn't listen.

You threw me your precious MJ Flair and she learned the hard way that Loki Synn isn't one to be trifled with. So that brings us to Hostility and Civil War between Milenko and Stewart. Say what you will about the man, but he gives me what I want in the most unorthodox of ways. As days continue to drag by I care less and less about what it means to be in this match, what this belt means to so many people that appear to think that somehow...

I'm the fluke.

But in this match I have the opportunity to right so many wrongs. Shadow, we all know how much I long to get my hands around your throat again. Jarvis, you got a cheap shot in and I can assure you that that won't happen again. Just ask MJ when she cold cocked me upside the head. Oh wait, you can't because I put her on the shelf. But you have Duce and Freddie in your corner for protection. They're the ones the put me in the forefront Jarvis. Ask them how much they accepted from the powers that be to take out poor lil' Mia and put her in a position to become so much MORE. Was I worth everything and more boys? I owe you so, SO much after all this time and you have both earned my wrath. I can't wait to watch as I chase the life out of your very eyes with nothing more than a gaze. All you'll hear as you fade into Death's black embrace is my laughter following you to whatever hell you end up in. Of course there is this mystery being that is supposed to be a big deal, but historically speaking, how well have the mystery combatants faired in matches throughout CWF history?

But I'M the fluke. I'm the one that doesn't deserve the belt that I have. What have you done lately JarHead to even think about setting foot in the same building as me? You won a briefcase? Go you! You lost your title and you're crying until you get your own way because you think that your name means something. Here's a riddle Jarvis: what has ALWAYS been a king's enemy?

Give up?

Hostile Takeovers. No matter what kind of teamwork, surprise, or swerve you think you're going to pull on me, I promise that I'll turn it around and make it ten times worse. That goes for Shadow, Freddie "Lack o'" Styles, DuceBag, and whoever is too scared of my very presence to make mention of their name. No matter what, I am going to step foot into my Carnival as the worst thing to ever come to the CWF, and I am going to walk out after showing just how dangerous I can be. You thought what I did to MJ was bad? Wait until what is coming. Wait for when I'm let loose in a funhouse out of the pages of my dreams and your nightmares. Witness my Unholy Carnival and know what pain is. I'll see you all real, real soon.

Right Parenthesis.

Unknown Boardroom


Christopher St. James' tone is curt and crisp, much like his designer suit; red like the blood of his enemies. A sense of drama and power needed to be introduced to the group of old men, all shifting uncomfortably in their seats, and the man that could do just that is standing right in front of them. C$J uses his hands to straighten his almost perfect... NOW perfect fauxhawk as he flicks the excess hair gel to his sides. 

C$J: We are on the precipice of something big and you need to either get on board now, or get kicked off. The events leading up to this VERY moment have opened up the eyes of Mr. #1derful, yours truly, Christopher St. James, to the WONDERS that Hostility could do for the CWF. LOOK what they did to your ratings when even the slightest murmur of James Milenko came up. Yes, I'm well aware of all the chaos that has been caused, but what if it could be contained? Everyone has a price and I intend to exploit that. Maybe they won't want money, maybe they just need proper motivation, which I assure, I can be the one to deliver on that. Give me the opportunity to harness the energy that Hostility brings to the table and turn it into a profit for everyone involved. THIS is what I do gentlemen. THIS is why I am called God's Gift to Everything.

A murmur erupts from the board of directors of the CWF. Shouts of protest could already be heard and C$J wasn't fond of where this proposal was going. The old timers want to remain stuck in their ways? That was fine, but C$J wasn't going to allow their timidity about the idea of change to stand in HIS way to what he was positive, was a cash mine. His smirk turns from one of gentle assurance to vengeful wrath as quick as night turns to day. He pushes a button on his cell phone and his security detail swoops in, one per board member, and sets two briefcases in front of each one.

C$J: You see gentlemen, I was only asking out of polite courtesy. By the end of this meeting I WILL have at least majority control of the CWF to do with as I see fit. I am not out to end a great legacy such as CWF. If it wasn't for them the fire that is Hostility wouldn't have been rekindled. What the CWF lacks though is competition. In this market, in this business, a product THRIVES on competition. The one thing that CWF was lacking up until this point has been direct competition. Sure, they are in the WCWA with a couple other federations; but they are all either leagues ahead, or so far behind that it isn't funny. CWF is good, I can propel them to be great. Watch Civil War on the eighteenth. Witness the magic that is captured as moments are made. It doesn't have to end there gentlemen and I am the harbinger of that change that will be so great for the CWF as a whole.

In front of you are two briefcases. Each one contains enough that you could retire twice in your lifetimes. Each case is yours to do with as you please and in exchange all I ask is for your shares of this federation to do with as I please. You will not get this deal from anyone or anywhere else, I have made sure of that. In all honesty this is a deal that not a single one of you can afford to miss out on. I bring with me a force of change unlike that which you have EVER seen before. Do NOT get this started on the wrong foot because, one way or another, The Personification of Perfection, Mr. #1derful, you LOVE to hate him... Christopher St. James gets what he wants every damn time. Now... Go ahead and take your winnings, leave your signed transfer of ownership paperwork, and I hope you all enjoy a nice and early retirement.

One by one the men gathered around the table close their shocked mouths and collect themselves. Some look at the briefcases with the sickest of grimaces, others simply gather everything, the two cases as well, and walk out the door while still others peeked inside and contemplated their choice. What choice DID they have? They too eventually left. C$J doesn't say another word, he just sits back in the head chair and steeples his fingers in front of him, making eye contact with each person until it was just C$J left in the room with his faceless security drones. His smile turns to a snicker as he snaps his fingers and a pencil necked intern of a man comes from no where to start gathering up the paperwork that is going to put C$J on the map once again. While his PA works, he kicks back and hits a couple buttons on his phone before holding it up to his ear. He listens for a moment before he responds.

C$J: It's all taken care of. Yep, complete control. Now... I need another favor ol' friend. I need the number to Jon Stewart.
The Offices of James Milenko - Undisclosed Location

A sense of calm. That was all James Milenko was looking for when he found office space to rent out for his own personal doings. Its where he housed Loki when she was still recovering from the process that turned her into the monster she has become and it is where in this crazy world, Milenko goes to seek peace and solace from a noisy world. Putting together a Hostile Takeover show was stress enough in an already complicated world so in the few hours before he had to fly out to Madison for his crown jewel, he figures it would be a grand idea to just get some peace and quiet. Simple, pure, and...


Not going to happen on this day. Milenko looks up, his eyes angry but curious and the ruckus that seemed to be on its way to him. A knowing expression flitters across his face and he stands instantly just as his office doors crash open and in swoops the hooded figure of Loki Synn. She makes a beeline directly to the area behind Milenko's desk, grabs him by the throat, and throws him down onto the desk; mounting him, and trapping his arms under her knees. She keeps her grip on his throat as she speaks, her eyes filled with anger, confusion, and hatred.

Loki Synn: I'm only asking my questions once James and if you know what's best for you on this plain of existence, you will answer with little to no hesitation. Do I make myself clear?

Milenko tries to swallow, Loki tightens her grip and relishes the feeling of Milenko struggling to breath under her grasp. Concerned office personnel wonder what they should do and Loki only smiles, keeping her eyes on Milenko as she loosens her grip just enough for Milenko to give the all clear. As soon as one brave soul closed the office doors, Loki's grip tightens again.

Loki Synn: Question one and probably the most important. Who am I James? Am I just another relic from your forgotten federation or am I sweet and loveable for god knows what reason, Mia Rayne? WHO AM I?

Her tone has changed from the last time Milenko has heard her voice. It was low, deep, growly, and above all else dangerous. He tries to tell her that it was just a business decision but she squeezes harder, a slow and sick smile curling onto her lips as she watches him squirm.

Loki Synn: Do you have ANY idea what it's like, not knowing who you are, watching from the backseat as a vicious and violent persona takes the reigns and makes you BELIEVE, that not only are you capable of diabolical acts, but has you enjoy them, powerless to do anything about it. I've destroyed friends, fans, and family because of what you did James, so I hope that you are ready for the onslaught that you have brought upon yourself. I am no longer your tool. After Civil War, you'll be lucky if you make the status of "toy" with me. I'm not your pitch hitter, I'm not your ace in the hole.

I'm the wild card that you unleashed onto an unsuspecting world.

Loki gives James a quick peck on the forehead before releasing his neck and pushing off his body. He straightens his tie and suit before turning around, expecting to continue a professional conversation. Instead of finding Loki though, he instead is treated to the vision of her leaving, and being that he is alone, has no issue allowing his eyes to stay on his favorite asset, as crazy as she might be, as she left his presence. His voice carries its same cocky swagger that it usually has, but noticeably quiet to avoid Loki from overhearing him.

James Milenko: You're psychotic, but damn do I love what you do to me...
She’s “awake…” Finally

It's been a while hasn't it? Do any of you know what it's like to take a back seat to the everyday actions of your world? Watch as you get knocked senseless by people you thought were good people...

Watch as your boyfriend self destructs as you are right there, desperate to reach other and make it all better... Only to be held back by the demon of Loki Synn.

How about carving your catchphrase into the chest of a man who is innocent, then laugh at the look of horror as they look at their scars?

I might not be around right now and I honestly don't believe that I want to stick around. 

I am Mia. I am Loki. 

I am...

To be determined.

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