Title: Family Matters Part 2
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: 12/15/2018 09:20 AM CST
Location: Texas
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network

Family Matters Part 2

No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity, if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished? - Lee Iacocca

Thanksgiving Day
The Crooked M Ranch

Winter had finally arrived in Texas it would seem, I had to actually run the heater on the trip down to the ranch. As I pull up to the house, I hear and feel the crunch of pecans under my tires. That always brings a smile to my face, the ranch during the holidays is the place to be. Thanksgiving day at my parents house meant several things, Football, great food, and even better conversation. My mother cares a great deal about having all of her children around the table and in the house this time of year. I move the gear shift into neutral and set the break. Releasing the clutch I then kill the ignition. 

Jimmy Allen: Life is good….

To my right is my brother’s Platinum F150 Ford truck and next to it is Dad’s Texas Edition Silverado. I smile, the wrestling business has been very good to this family. Dad and Aeric come out of the house as I step out of my car, I feel extremely lucky to have been able to patch things up with my family. It’s never easy to admit that you were wrong. Sadly though, there are several people that I need to apologize to. Regardless, that’s for another day and this is about family matters today. By the look on Dad’s face, I’d say that Aeric had already told him his big surprise. I laugh and shake my head as I approach them.

Alex Walker(Mac Bane): Happy Thanksgiving

Dad smiles as I hug each of them and return the sentiment. 

Jimmy Allen: So, why the huge grin Dad? I don’t think I could chisel it off your face.

He laughs and points at my brother Aeric.

Alex Walker: Let double o-seven tell you.

I look at Aeric who has a huge smile on his face as well.

Aeric Walker - Two things big brother, first and most important, you’re finally going to get to be an Uncle.

I reach up and grab my “little” brother in a tight hug. I say “little”, he’s seven feet tall and four hundred pounds.

Jimmy Allen: Congratulations Aeric, that’s amazing news.

Aeric Walker: And….I’ve gone into the family business!

I feign my shock for Dad’s sake, I’d known about this for some time. Judging from the looks I got from both of them my ability to pretend to be amazed had credibility.

Jimmy Allen: That’s again….amazing….how in the world did you keep that hidden so well?

He gives a sheepish smile and I laugh.

Aeric Walker: It wasn’t easy that’s for sure.

Scene fades.

Voice Over

So, Emo...err….Elijah and Omega….yeah….Emo not only works but it fits. You requested a non title match with us for revenge? Revenge for what? We’ve gone against you in one match. I realize you probably have a history with my partner in crime Tobias but you don’t know me from Adam. Honestly children, you would be much better off if it remained that way. The why’s of it you’ll figure out soon enough, of course by the time you figure it out, it will be too late. At that point you’ll be staring at the ring lights from your prone position and the bell will be ringing. That also happens to be appropriate, it kinda goes with the holiday season ya know?

The bells will be singing the sad, sad news…..I love Christmas music don’t you? It’s a time of giving and I do live for the opportunities to give. It’s also a time of reflection and hope. Some like Ol’ Tobias and I, we’ll be reflecting on what a great year we’ve had. I mean what else can the tag team champions do really but reflect on how god damned good we are. There are exactly two teams in this company that matter. Neither of them is called Elijah and Omega. No, The Aces and Hostile Takeover are the only teams that matter. We’ll deal with them soon enough but the more pressing issue is Civil War.

Civil War has been a long time in the making, for some people involved in this little show of fuckery it means an opportunity for revenge. To bring closure, a chance to redeem themselves at least in the depths of their own guilty conscience. This has been the crux of what James Milenko has wanted to achieve from day one. This is the reason that he paid Tobias and I so much money to take over the tag team division. This is the reason he did what he did to Mia Rayne to transform her into Loki Synn. 

Many believe that he planned that out, but the truth is, that the war between The Forsaken and The Glass Ceiling is what caused that opportunity to present itself to Milenko. James is an opportunist, that’s the most polite way I can put that. When The Glass Ceiling took Mia out, James jumped into action and took the steps necessary. What he did, completely undermined the foundation of this company. The steps he took and continues to take, even if all of his plans end at Civil War. Even if this company wins, it will literally take years to right the ship. If you believe for a moment, if you believe that can happen in a single night…..put down the rainbow colored crack pipe and step away slowly.

You literally have no fucking clue as to how much damage has been done to this company. So, while you are sitting there reflecting on this past year and hoping for a better year. You just need to realize that until you get off your ass and do something about it, things will never change. Unless you’re the lead dog, the view never changes. The next time any of your so-called heroes want to try and convince you that all the blame lies at the feet of James Milenko, Loki, Tobias and myself. Well, maybe they should look in the mirror and realize that it always starts with the person you see in that reflection staring back at you. 

Not that our little group is perfect, no, far from it. See, James and Loki forget who got them to the dance. Loki seems to forget that she didn’t get that title on her own. She didn’t stand alone against the entire roster and defeat countless opponents to get to the top. She was gifted a title shot, she failed. See The Hostile Takeover is really Tobias and myself. We always have each others backs. We can’t say the same about James and Loki though, take a look at what she did to Tobias. He had Flair beat and she interferes in his match costing him the title. 

We were brought together to take back what James claims was stolen from him. The problem is that while we’ve been fighting for him and reclaiming the company he swears was stolen from him, he and Loki have been stealing from us. While Tobias and I captured the tag titles with ease, yes the same titles that Elijah and Omega held. We will now have come full circle kids, the result won’t be any different than the last time. It will become painfully obvious that you are out of your league and in over your head.


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