Title: Surprises and SURPRIZES
Featuring: Lucas Greene
Date: 12-14-18
Location: Home, gym, Madison
Show: James Milenko Presents: Civil War: Hostile Intentions December 18th 2018 LIVE on the WCWA Network

It has been three months since Lucas Greene last appeared on CWF television, and he has finally made his way back home to Arcata. For three months, Lucas worked his way back across the nation, from New York to California, stopping off at every bingo hall and high school gymnasium wrestling show he could find along the way. Life outside the squared circle continued to roll on without him, as he tried desperately to regain what he once had, once upon a time, in a little place called Hostility. He wasn't able to capture lightning in a bottle with CWF, only mustering an irrelevant feud with that suicidal crackpot, Azrael. With each appearance, a future in wrestling was looking less and less likely for Lucas. With every step closer to home, he knew he'd be back for good, and when he figured he had wrestled his last match, he gave up the arduous trek, and hopped on the first flight that would get him the rest of the way.


Now, Lucas sits at the foot of his bed, his bloodshot gaze fixed straight ahead at the old school rotary phone sitting on the desk across from him, but his mind wandering off into the infiniteness of space and time.


"All it would take, is one call" he thinks to himself.


Perhaps Lucas isn't as ready to give up as he had previously thought.


Suddenly, the shrill ring of a phone fills the room. Lucas continues to stare blankly at the rotary phone before him, eventually snapping out of his trances after several more rings. Lucas looks left and right, up and down, trying to regain his bearings. He reaches over and grabs the phone, and places the receiver between his cheek and shoulder. However, the ringing continues, even though Lucas has the phone off the hook. Not fazed by the strange occurrence, Lucas uses one hand to procure a Zippo from his pocket, while the other hand pulls the rotary dial off the phone, to reveal a half-smoked bowl of weed underneath. Lucas sparks  the bowl and takes a long haul through the mouthpiece of the receiver as some other phone continues to ring. Lucas lets the smoke stew in his lungs for a moment before exhaling, and then starts frantically searching through the months of laundry covering the rest of his bed, as he hears the call going to voicemail. Finally, he finds the phone under a pair of old boxers, and quickly brings it to his ear.


"Hello?" Lucas calls out, "I'm here. Hello?"


However, there is no answer, as Lucas forgot to hit the button to accept the call. He shuffles the phone out in front of his face to get a better look at what he is doing, while simultaneously realizing he just put old, dirty, boxer stank all over the side of his face. He shudders at the thought, and finally hits Accept Call icon.


"Hello?" Lucas calls out once again.


Though you can't make out what is being said from the other end of the line, there is definitely someone there conversing with Lucas.


"Really? Seriously?" exclaims Lucas as he hops up to his feet. "You want me back in CWF? You mean I can hav... wait, what?"


Lucas looks very puzzled at the last bit of news. He rushes to put his rotary bong back on the desk, and clumsily drops his cell phone as he fumbles to pull it from his neck crease in hopes of holding it more steadily.


"Hos..." is all Lucas can muster as his stoned brain tries to work out the logistics of it all. "You want me back... in Hostility? Wait, is this THE James Milenko?"


While the rest of what has been said from the other end of the line has been muffled, an audible sigh can be heard coming through now.


"What do you mean we didn't meet that long ago?" Lucas retorts with furrowed brow, "you mean that was you that gave me the bag of money for The Smokin' Aces a couple months ago? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. Say, how did all that work out for you? I remember you said something about an invasion or something like that. Did you ever get that thing off the ground?"


Lucas listens intently.


"Oh, you did?"




"Commissioner, you say?"


"Sorry, co-commissioner..."


"Really? So, like... a full on invasion?"


"And you got Talon, Bond, Tobias, Paradine, Marks, and more?"




"Who was this again?"


"Oh yeah, sorry James. You might not expect it from someone like me, but I'm a little stoned right now."


"You know?"


"Everybody knows?"




"Yeah, Madison, Wisconsin... on the 18th... I'll be there mang!"


"Don't call you mang? My bad bro... Mr. Milenko, sir."




With that, Lucas ends the call, and takes off like a shot to his bedroom door. He swings it open wildly and rushes downstairs to tell his folks the good news.




Lucas hits the deck as a couple dozen people pop up out of nowhere with streamers, party hats, and drinks. They all cheer as Lucas stumbles to his feet, looking completely out of sorts. His mom comes rushing over and gives him a big hug, and a kiss on the cheek.


"Sweetie, it's just so good to have you back home," she says with a smile.


"What the heck, mom?" Lucas cries out, "I don't know how many times I have to tell you! I hate surprises!!!"


Lucas' mom looks a little hurt that he didn't appreciate the get together she planned for him.


"Don't be such a party pooper, Lucas," she pleads, smacking him in the shoulder for good measure.


"Mom, I just got home this morning after catching the red eye," Lucas explains exhaustedly, "but now I have to take off again. There is a show in Wisconsin that NO ONE is going to want to miss. So thanks, but no thanks."


With that, Lucas rushes back up to his room, collects the least vile laundry he can find, shoves it all into his gym bag, and heads back downstairs to bum a ride to the airport.


"See you in a few weeks, it's been a slice!"he calls back to his flabbergasted parents, as he disappears out the door with his second cousin, and her car keys.




A few days later...


Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Lucas Greene exits the locker room of an unnamed gym in Madison. Fitting in some last minute training before hitting the ring for what could really be his last chance in the big leagues, Lucas isn't taking any chances this time. He pulls a green water bottle from his gym bag, and flips up the built in straw.


"Only the best for me," Lucas assures the people around him; mostly fans from the area that happened to be in the gym that day. "Gotta make sure I'm in peek condition."


However, instead of taking a swig of refreshing water or some other hydrating and replenishing fluid, a bubbling sounds can be heard, as Lucas takes a hit from his water bong incognitus.


"Like I said," he says with a chuckle, "only the best."


He suddenly bursts into a fit of coughing, as his little chuckle sent smoke down the wrong way. He tries to regain his composure as he approaches the front desk, but suddenly sirens start going off, balloons and streamers start falling from the ceiling, and a multitude of people come out of the woodwork to congratulate him for some reason. There is even a news crew set up to interview him. Bewildered, and choking even harder through his coughing episode, Lucas tries to duck away from the cameras, but it's too late.


"Sir. SIR!" the reporter shouts as he rushes up to get in Lucas's face, "You sir, are the gyms 100,000th patron, and we're here to help celebrate the huge milestone!"


Lucas is normally pretty chill, and laid back, but even this was too much for him.


"Slow news days in Wisconsin, hey?" Lucas mumbles snidely between coughs.


The reporter looks a little hurt from Lucas' jab, but continues on anyway.


"Sir, if I could just get your name..."


"Listen," Lucas interrupts him in a snippy manner, "I have a lot on my plate right now, and I'm sorry, but I don't really have time or the energy for this."


Lucas takes another hit off his secret bong, and blows the smoke back in the reporters face.


"Besides," Lucas continues, looking slightly angrily at all the celebratory decorations, "I HATE SURPRISES!"


And with that, Lucas storms out of the gym, and off towards Hostile Intentions.




The following day...


Standing out front of the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum, Lucas stares up at the marquee, and the name HOSTILITY. On the 18th, he will once again have the honor of wrestling under the Hostility banner. Not that he holds anything against CWF. They were good to him while things lasted, but it just wasn't meant to be. But now, if getting his shot back into the big time, meant helping Hostility take CWF and burn it to the ground like they once did to Hostility, then so be it. He doesn't want it to come to that, but it is what it is.


Lucas looks down as a flyer caught in the wind ends up stuck to his leg. He reaches down and gives it a once over; it seems to be a promo booklet for Hostile Intentions. He begins perusing the pages, finding a small write up on his match. He hadn't receive much info, other than when and where to be for the show.


"Beautiful Bobby Dean, and Bubba Love..."Lucas muses aloud to himself as he puffs on the fat blunt between his lips. "The only guy who could probably keep up with me in a smoke out, and the only guy that seems to get the munchies worse than me... but man, having them in my corner... the good old days."


He then looks at the names across from theirs, representing the CWF side of things.


"Autumn Raven... Alex Rain... The Lost Soul," Lucas says their names out loud, but it does nothing to help him think of who they are. "Man, that Raven chick sounds familiar, but the other two... I wouldn't know them if I tripped over them."


He reads on, getting the lay of the land, and an idea of what his match is going to consist of, and that's when he sees it...


"...with the surviving  members of the winning team going toe to toe to grab... whatever a... MILENKO SURPRIZE IS!!!"


His eyes grow wide at that last part, and he almost begins jumping around with glee. He takes another long drag of his blunt as he does a little happy dance.


"DUUUDE!!!" Lucas shouts out almost in sing-song, "I LOVE MILENKO SUR-PRIZES!!!"


With a hop, skip, and a jump, Lucas rushes into the venue to get a closer look at everything. Whatever, happens on December 18th, regardless of which side wins, Lucas Greene is ready to put on the show of his life. Who knows, he might SURPRIZE everyone!

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