Title: Doubt me?
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 6/2
Location: Atlanta
Show: Evolution 22

It’s a lazy Friday in Atlanta, as Aurora is out doing some clothes shopping. Freddie walks into the living room, dressed in a black silk shirt, black slacks, and black boots. He stops for a moment, before taking a seat on the couch. He punches play on the laptop, and it begins to show the Xander Haze – Billy Anderson match from a couple of weeks ago. 

Hmmmm.....mistakes abound......makes me wonder what business he even has in the ring with me again. Sure, he's fighint with a lil bit of an edge, but he's still reckless and lost inside his head. The nerve.....he'll learn. If only Aurora was here....I could sure use a massage. I'm so excited about this match, I'm actually tense. I got this tag chamionship with Duce and now folks wana doubt me more?  I'm aching to prove people wrong. 

WIth that said...I have a few questions for you, Billy. Feel free to answer them or ignore them, but remember this; they are asked because you will be giving these things when you and I meet, like it or not. Are you willing to give your heart, mind, body and even your very soul to be victorious? Are you willing to be sent home in a box so that those who once knew you are able to weep over your shallow grave? Are you willing to have your career ended just for the chance to have that most advantageous last spot in Golden Intentions? Are you willing to give it all and pay the price to be a champion?

I am, and I will again if need be, because that is the type of man I am, and the type of man that you could never be. I have seen your work, and in my view it is done half heartedly. You are a man that has no emotion or feeling for the thing he does and that makes you disgusting to me. Billy. There is a time in every man's life when he must confront his greatest fear, and that fear is being less than the best.....being below another man. When you and I meet, this will happen to you. You shall find your limits and the things you cannot do. You will find that I am unstoppable, and then, Billy, you will learn fear, because no matter what you do to me, I will get right back up and come for more! Bring your best to this match, that way after I have demolished you, every man and woman on the face of this planet will know that I, Freddie Styles, is everything I say I am

Freddie gets up and goes over to the fridge, grabbing a couple of bottles of beer. He pops the cap off the first one, and takes a long sip. He sets the bottle down and begins to speak again.

Billy, I am on a level and in a league of my own. For you to step into that league, or even attempt to defeat a man such as myself is suicide, because you have no chance in hell of winning. Billy, you are walking into a no win situation, and blindly you will be left on the canvas in agony. You may have thought you knew what you were getting into, but you honestly haven't got the slightest clue as to who I am and what I can and will do. They say that truth is the first casualty of war......I say that you are going to be the first casualty of the new era and there is not a damned thing you can do to stop it! Look into my eyes Billy....look into the eyes of a champion.....you know it as well as I do.......you have no chance.

I don't fear you. Your entrance, your hall of fame status, the stories that circulate about you, they mean nothing to me. When the bell rings, you will be dissected and broken down until there is nothing left but bits and pieces. Billy, I am going to do things to you in that ring that haven't been seen in some time. Things that folks won't ever want to see again. 

He has about finished this bottle of beer, as he had been drinking it bit by bit as he was talking. Freddie grabs the second bottle, pops the top, sipping the beer as he begins to speak again.

It doesn't matter to me how tall or big you are, Billy. It doesn't matter to me about where you come from or how tough you are, because honestly, I'm tougher, faster, stronger, more agile and honestly just that much better then you will ever be. Once I have finished you off, you will be left to ask yourself, 'What is left for me?' When I finish kicking your ass, you will understand that you no longer have what it takes to be a champion. I will show you what makes a true champion during the match Billy.....that much you can count on. You are stepping into the ring with a superior wrestler, and when the match is done, you will see that truth laid out right in front of your face.  

This promo is over, I quit.

Signed Freddie Styles...

...with that BallGame to your face!

Freddie finishes off the bottle of beer after having one last sip. He takes the bottles into the kitchen, and tosses them onto the trash. He grabs his coat, slips it on, grabs his hat, puts it on his head, and walks into the garage, watching the door close as we fade to black'

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