Title: A new Philosophy
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 12-8
Location: Studio
Show: Evolution 37

Easy EB: Well, we are going to try this again, after last week’s debacle, Azrael has requested another opportunity to share his message and give us an inside peek into, not just his head but the world of CWF.  Welcome Azrael.

Azrael: Thank you for your kindness in allowing me to come back, especially after my actions.  The forgiveness you have shown is great.  Your actions have mirrored your words.  

Easy EB: I am honored by your kind words.  So last week you had a press conference in which you questioned what the best way to handle man.  Have you come to a conclusion?

Azrael: No, a plan is not what I need nor will it be helpful.  A goal and a direction are what I need.  You can take any path to get to your goal, and you know what direction to travel, but how you get there is up to you.  With this approach, I won’t be disappointed when things don’t go according to plan.  

Easy EB: I’ve never thought it like that.  That is such a positive way to look at how you handle and deal with things.  I’m going to try and do that myself.  

Azrael: The same could be said for religion.  That religion is rigid and has rules to follow, making it in-flexible and unable to change as the tides change.  Where what you truly want is faith.  Faith allows you to have the belief in a higher power, in God, but it allows you change your mind to adjust to life.

Easy EB: That sounds like with faith, you can justify anything you do?

Azrael: Yes, there are some who will take it to that extreme, just like there are those who took religion to that extreme.  The difference is mainly in viewing what is a sin against God and what is not.  It doesn’t change what is right or good and what is wrong or bad.  Just how you believe those things will be accepted by God.

Easy EB: How will you know what is and isn’t accepted?

Azrael: Prayer and meditation.  Communication is always the key to any good relationship, and your relationship with God should not be any different.  He is always talking to you, if you just stop and listen.  And by listen, I don’t just mean with your ears, but use all of your senses.  Let’s say you are sitting on a bench near a busy street.  Listen with your ears, what will you hear?

Easy EB: Cars and trucks whizzing by.

Azrael: Listen closer.  You will hear conversations happening between friends, families and loved ones.  You will hear birds chirping, and small rodents scurrying about.  You may even hear the weather.  That fact that you have this busy street, with these vehicles that can do great damage, but yet life is still lived amongst it, is a beautiful thing.  Now on this street, what do you see?

Easy EB: Cars and trucks whizzing by.

Azrael:  Look closer, what else would you be able to see?

Easy EB: I guess, I would see the weather if its nice or not.  I could see a family taking a walk down the street window shopping, or a pair of lovers sneaking a quick kiss.  I could see a rodent finding a meal, and bringing it home to share.  

Azrael: There you go, and as you think of all these other things, these things of beauty, how do you feel?

Easy EB: A little more joyous.  That there is more to life than the daily hustle and bustle.  

Azrael: Exactly, you’ve allowed yourself to hear God’s message to you.  You’ve opened your heart and your mind, and invited him in.  You see, that is faith.  Religion would tell you that couple you saw, if they happen to be the same sex, would be a sin, or even if they weren’t, if they were out of wedlock, a sin.  But relying on faith, and faith alone allowed you to see the beauty in  moment.

Easy EB: I get it now, it's all about perspective.  So what is the new goal for the Angel of Death, what direction is he going to take with man?

Azrael: No there is no new goal.  I am still here to help man deal with loss.  I’m just am going to change philosophy. Rather than allowing man to deal with loss by showing weakness, I will approach those who need help with love, kindness, and compassion.  If those methods fail, let's say more aggressive methods will be used. Help will be given.  Man may not realize it, but help is needed.  Help will prevent violence, and all things considered negative.  The help is God’s will.

Easy EB:: That is a little different from what you were preaching before.

Azrael: As I said, a change was needed, and after much prayer and meditation has shown me this is the only way.  The WCWA light heavyweight champion has loss in his heart and he needs help.  I know man, I know this type of man.  He is not the type to listen to kindness and love.  Not with the success he found lately.  Looking at the situation, an aggressive approach will help teach KC the humility needed to open his heart to accept God’s will.  

Easy EB: WIth that declaration, it is clear Azrael has a new attitude that is a little more preachy.  We shall have to wait and see how it works for him.  Join us next week.  


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