Title: A Complicated Life
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Evolution 37

November 29, 2018

Memphis, Tennessee


Sometimes.. I have good ideas, then there's times when I have bad ones and then, there's the shit in between. So for the life of me, how in the hell did I let this girl talk me into having Thanksgiving dinner at my house.

Sierra was real big on meeting my family, to be honest, none of us celebrated Thanksgiving. Family tradition. But she did, and seeing how she's pregnant with my child, things would be changing drastically around the Duce Jones household. Hell.. on the cool, it already had. Just barely four months pregnant and I felt as if she had taken control of everything.

Heh. Women, right?

Nevertheless, due to all of our conflicting schedules, we were able to gather a week after Thanksgiving. Don't you just love professional wrestling? Surprisingly we were able to get the whole entire family together for this occasion. Pops and Ariana was there with my younger sisters, even considering I socked him in the jaw a while back, there seemed to be no hard feelings. My cousin Calvin was there with his beautiful wife and three children. Calvin's sister and Uncle Kris’ favorite child, Amber was there with her two kids and her husband Silkk.

You guys remember Silkk right? My Uncle Kris’ right hand man in his enterprise that is the uWa. Yeah that guy. Let's not forget to mention that Uncle Kris even made an appearance, along with his wife Aunt Amy. The whole gang was here, Sierra had cooked a feast big enough to satisfy the gods’ hunger.

“Aye bro, can you pass the rolls?”

Oh yeah, Byson was here as well. Caught me off guard how well the family accepted him, even Pops had ended the animosity between the two of them. I would even admit that he had grown on me as well. But that was only because the three of us had a secret.

“You got you a keeper right there Duce,” Uncle Kris stated, looking stuffed from the meal. “You let her go, you're definitely outta your mind.”

“Haha.. I hear ya unc.”

“Allen.” He said looking at Pops. “So how's that school of yours coming along? I see you've made some renovations to the building.. where you get the money to pull that off?”

“Let's just call it a charitable donation.” Pops stated, giving Byson a side eye. “Now that ya bring it up, I've actually in the works of getting my own promotion started.”

“Is that right? So you're tryna bring some more competition?”

“I'm only trying to promote wrestling, give my guys a bit of exposure, something you know nothing bout.”

“I have billions of dollars so your opinion is irrelevant to me.”

That's really the gist of how there encounters always went. Dick measuring contest that unc always wanted to win. I loved the guy.. don't get me wrong, but a part of me wanted everything to come crashing down on him. But that was a story for a different day. The bickering between the two carried on for a while, which I intentionally paid no mind too. However Byson was able to grab my attention, motioning for me to meet him in the other room. Getting up from the table we both make our way towards a private room to have a conversation. Closing the door, Byson went in on me instantly!

“Are you outta your fucking mind!? What was that shit the other night on Evolution?” He said through tensed lips.

“I had t’get my point 'cross..” I replied nonchalantly.

“There are a million ways to get a point across bro. That shit there though was real incriminating though.”

“Look mane, we good. Fo’ all anyone kno’ I could'a paid dat guy t'wear dat sack.”

“I hope you know what you're doing, because if you go down. Me and Pops ain't going down with ya..”

If I could be honest, I really didn't know what I was doing… But fuck it..

“I got dis bruh, y'all ain't gotta worry 'bout shit.. Everythang gonna go down like it's ‘sposed to.”

“Aight, well it's time to do some cleaning up, before things get even further out of control. This Steel guy is in your head.. you need to get 'em out, asap!”

“I got dis..”

I really didn't, but I couldn't let him know.

“We'll handle it when I come back from New York..”

“It'll already be handled by the time you get back.” Byson stated seriously.

“Aight mane..”

I was growing tired of the situation anyway, the quicker it was handled, the quicker it could be in my rearview. Besides I had tag titles to win, this bullshit was the last thing I needed on my mind.




December 4, 2018

Manhattan, New York


Fresh off their win of the WCWA Tag Team titles, Freddie Styles and Duce Jones stands in front of a WCWA: When Worlds Collide backdrop. Sweat beads drip from their bodies, the WCWA Tag Team titles draped proudly over their shoulders. Both men are still breathing heavily from the hard fought tag elimination match that just took place. Cameras are all around them as press reporters hold out microphones waiting for comments from the new champs.

Freddie Styles: Was there… any question… what the outcome… was going to be?

Duce Jones: Aye Williams.. Allen.. do we got yo attention now? Aye Thea. Lex.. I guess... these country boiz… can do somethin’ huh? We put… our own.. 'Shield Wall’ ova’... dat match!

Freddie Styles: We did… exactly.. what we said.. we were going to do.. and that… was walk out with.. these.

Both men take the opportunity to display their newly won titles for the press.

Duce Jones: We tha champs! Which makes us… tha GTTIE!

Freddie Styles: What does that mean?

Duce Jones: Tha “Greatest Tag Team In Existence!”

Freddie Styles: I like that.

Duce Jones: I figured… y'would.. Hostile Takeover! Y'got somethin’... dat belong t'us!

Freddie Styles: And we want 'em back!

Duce Jones: Wooo! I feel like eatin’ some pussy right now!

Everything comes to a stand still as everyone shoots Duce a what the fuck look. Embarrassed by his outburst, Jones hangs his head and walks off causally, trying not to garner any further attention. Meanwhile Styles stands there at a lost for words, trying to hold back his laughter.

Freddie Styles: Umm… Interview over.. beginning to chuckle to himself. Yo Duce! Wait up!

Styles exits the view of the cameras and reporters as he heads in the direction that Duce took, the scene soon fading out.


-Later that evening-


We find ourselves in side of the CWF locker room, after walking away with their respective titles, Silas Artoria, KC3, Freddie and myself watch the main event intently when all of our phones suddenly go off, different tones flooding the room. As if we were all programmed, our attention was drawn from the match, all of us checking our phones.

Duce Jones: Civil War? T'fuck is dis bullshit?

The room is completely silent, all four men not knowing what to make of the message they just received from Jon Stewart.

Freddie Styles: Seems as if the battle lines have been drawn, but what the hell is an Unholy Carnival Match?

Duce Jones: Fuck all dat.. Why are we booked twice?

Freddie Styles: We might have to talk to Jon about this one.

Duce Jones: T'fuck is a Talon?

Artoria and KC3 can he heard chuckling to themselves, just as the WCWA World Heavyweight title ladder match comes to a close. Dane shown leaving with the big belt.

All: Damn!





December 7, 2018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I stood in front of a two story duplex located just in one of the better parts of Milwaukee. I looked at my phone, then back at the building to assure that I had the right location.

Why am I here you may ask. Well that's a question I'm asking myself as I walk up the driveway up to the walkway leading to the porch steps. Making my way up them, I press the doorbell and begin to wait patiently. After a good ten minutes, the door opens and before me stands a man who looks identical to Pops!

“I kno’ y'might not kno’ me-”

“Come in nephew.”

He stated, cutting me off and opening his door for me. I really didn't know what to expect as he was the only family member I hadn't met. Heard stories, but only stories, said he went to the military and hadn't been the same since. But with the road I'm going down, I wanted to make all things right on my end. Did I do anything wrong? Sure I did, but I'll never admit it.

Neither would I.

At least we agree on some things. But in all honesty, this was the missing puzzle piece that was the Jones family. But to be real, this was a sensitive and private matter that I really didn't wanna speak on, so we'll come back to that situation at a later time. Right now, it's time to shift the focus to a ‘situation’ that had me feeling kinda conflicted. I would get Tobias, Jimmy, and Trent all in the ring at one time. However, I wouldn't be going into battle with my trusted brothers.. I was teaming with… with… with…

Seriously who puts this shit together? Seriously did Jon and James have a smoke session and thought this would be a brilliant idea?

Fuck it..

I get paid to play ball and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. But there's scores to settle all way round the board. I find myself now in front of the Bradley Center where Evolution 37 will culminate from, the freezing cold wind ripping through my leather coat, cutting my face up… figuratively of course. But the wind was so brutal, I didn't know what made me fathom the idea that this would be cool.  Twenty one degrees and my dumbass was standing in the freezing cold. Oh well I had a promo to do, a cameraman in front of me, the WCWA Tag Team title slung over my shoulder and I few things I had to get off my chest.

“Tobias. Jimmy.. I think it's safe t'say we're all cut from t'same cloth. Y'all have accepted money from Milenko to do his dirty work. Just as I have done t'same.. guess you could say we got our connections. But dat's not what I'm here t'talk ‘bout.. naw I'm here t'get a few things straight..

Devereaux. Allen. No hard feelings but you boys have somethin’ dat belong t'me and Freddie, when the time is right we'll get em back.. Tha fact of tha matta is dat, tha only reason those CWF Tag belts rest wit y'all is cuz of a minor setback, which I have tha unfortunate pleasure of callin’ a tag team partna.. Trent--”

Before I could even get what I wanted to say out of my mouth. I found myself being forced to the cold concrete, thanks to a blindsided attack! I try my best to protect myself against the attack but it's fast, furious and vicious. Luckily CWF Security and staff were on hand to pull the culprit off of me. Finally able to focus, I see Fridge and a couple of guards restraining Trent Steel as he tries his best to get his hands on me.. Sitting up as some other personnel check on me, I can't help but to look up at Trent, clutching the back of my head and give him a sinister smile..


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