Title: Book 3 Chapter 8: Dinner Date
Featuring: Dorian Hawkhurst
Date: December 7, 2018
Location: Philly
Show: Evolution 37

Dorian Hawkhurst sitting and looking very un-Dorianlike. He sits behind a fancy looking table, with a perfect looking white table cloth over another, also pristine looking red table cloth. There are a couple of different glasses, gold utensils and a white tapered candle lit in the center. Dorian himself has his hair well groomed and tied back. Perhaps the most shocking thing we see is his attire. Dorian is wearing a midnight blue dinner jacket, white button down shirt, and a matching tie.

"Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man."

Dorian takes a deep breath, trying to settle himself down. He nervously looks at his phone, waiting for something. Next, he checks his watch, as though his phone is lying to him about what time it is. Dorian then looks up, his eyes lighting up like a kid on Christmas morning as his ex-girlfriend Morgan enters the room. She is dressed elegantly wearing a scarlet dress and matching shoes. Her honey-blonde hair practically bounces as she walks over to the table. She looks like a walking Pantene commercial. Dorian stands up, and pulls her chair out.

"Ever the Gentlemen."

Morgan smiles warmly at Dorian before sitting. Dorian smiles back, a smile we haven’t seen since before Mia’s disappearance. Dorian returns to his seat next to Dorian and turns to Morgan.

"So, Dorian, how is everything?"

"Okay, I suppose."

"Just okay?"

"I don’t know what to say. You know I’ve never been good with words."

"You’ve never had a problem with me."

"It’s different. I’m just not whole without you."

Morgan gently smiles.

"I thought you said you weren’t good with words."

"I’m not. I talk without thinking and act just as quick."

"So, talk to me."

"I just don’t know. I’m not clean. I can’t pretend to be. But, I’ve cut back. I just… I don’t know. I need to find a way to handle my shit better."

"How much?"

"Not a lot. Usually a beer or two when Chloe goes to bed. I have to be careful. I get tested every show I do to make sure I’m not showing up wasted. It didn’t go to well last time."

"Speaking of Chloe, how is she?"

"You want the honest truth or a happy lie?"

"Would you ever lie to me?"

"Of course not."

"The honest truth, then."

"I am lost. I have been for months. You know what you saw before you left. I can’t make heads or tails out of anything. I’m a horrible father."

Morgan cuts Dorian off.

"No. You’re not. You are one of the best father’s I know."

"Really? I brought Chloe into my world. Now, she’s sleeping at night wearing her Ataxia match. She tosses and turns clutching Lynk at night."

"Link? Is that some kind of Zelda toy?"

"I wish. It’s a frying pan. It used to be Mia’s. And you know how she looked up to Mia."


"So, there’s all that. Then, like the whipped cream topping on a fucked up sundae, it turns out Loki IS Mia."

"You’re shitting me. Please, tell me you are kidding."


"So, she turned on you guys?"

"About that… I don’t know, babe. She’s had a couple of chances to get to Chloe, and she hasn’t. She could have punched Chloe right in the face and she didn’t. It was like she… I don’t even know… it was like she was someone else for a moment. And then, we had The Glass Ceiling show up, and she joined us and went after them."

"So, she’s what? Back to normal?"

"I don’t know. Haven’t seen her since. I’m not sure I want to. This Loki Synn is a monster. I still can’t believe it is Mia. If Chloe hadn’t wrangled that mask off her, I still wouldn’t believe it."

"Wait, back up. Chloe unmasked her?"

"Not exactly. She managed to handcuff her to the ropes. Shadow pulled up her sleeve, and BOOM! Same scars. Same tats. It was Mia. I mean…"

Dorian lets out a sigh.

“It is Mia."

"So, what are you doing about Chloe? That’s got to be a lot for her to handle."

"Not a damned thing. The kid is wise beyond her years. She told me Loki was Mia and I didn’t believe her. It might be that I didn’t want it to be true. I just can’t deal, Morgan. I’m trying to stay dry, clean, whatever word you want to use. I just can’t let go. I wish I had the spine in me that Chloe has. She is such a strong young woman. She sticks to her convictions. She stands up for her friends. Hell, she showed up to support Autumn Raven a few weeks back. You believe that shit? She showed up because she felt Autumn needed support because of her situation with Silas. She did it because she felt it was the right thing to do. The kid’s a fuckin’ rock star and I’m just a poor, weak bastard who has to drown his sorrows with the three wise men: Jim, Jack and Johnny."

A waiter walks over to the table. Dorian, looks up, and mutters.

"Just water for me."

"And for the lady?"

"I’ll have the same, please."

"As you wish."

The waiter walks off and Morgan reaches across the table and takes Dorian’s hand. Dorian looks up and smiles meekly.

"Listen, Dorian. You’re a wolf. You fight for your dreams and your family’s needs. Whoever tries to mess with your family has already lost. Everyone sees you as a role model."

"That sounds like stole it from somewhere."

"I saw it on Facebook. But, it’s true, Dorian."

"I suppose."

"How about this? How about we just have a nice dinner, talk about us, and go from there?"

"I want you to come home. Not now, of course. But, I want you to at least consider it and go from there. I want to make this right. I’m going back to meetings. I’m going to see a counselor. If there is anything else I can do, please, PLEASE tell me.’

"For now, let’s just have a nice meal and try not to get ourselves too worked up. You’ve got a lot on your plate. If I wasn’t willing to try to make this work, I wouldn’t be here."

"Fair enough."

Dorian sighs.

"Are we going to be okay?"

"I don’t know, Dorian. But, I’m willing to try if you do. It sounds like you are doing a lot, and I appreciate that."

The waiter walks over with the pair’s water, placing the glasses down on the table. As the camera pulls away, you can see the uncertainty in Dorian’s body language as the scene fades out.

We now watch as the scene fades in to Dorian Hawkhurst looking very much himself. His hair is free and he is wearing a Mia Rayne t-shirt with the arms ripped off. Standing with his arms clasped together, he looks every bit the picture of confidence, the very thing that was lacking the last time we saw him.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am your host, “The Forsaken Demon Dorian Hawkhurst. Today, we’ve got a very special show for you, it features our guest, something I have been looking for a lot lately, and that, my friends, is answers."

Dorian smiles with the cheesiest of game show host smiles.

"I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t have all the answers. But for the first time in a long time, I actually have some idea what is going on. I’m not going to lie, last week I got back to the locker room and I was sitting there like Ace Ventura. You know that scene where the camera switches back and forth and he’s like “Finkel is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkel. It was kind of like that, but with Mia and Loki and without the getting sick at the end. Now, I have more questions than I did before, but I also have some idea what questions I should really be asking."

Dorian strokes his beard and it is obvious that he is trying to think before he speaks.

"It is painfully obvious that our business with the Glass Ceiling is far from over. It’s like a coin flip each week to see exactly who it is that we need to watch out for. I feel like I’m playing Russian Roulette with two chambers left and two bullets in the chamber. I guess that’s what happens when you are the Alpha, all the Betas come gunning for you."

"So, here I am. It’s another week where I am thrown into a match for no reason whatsoever. We all know that I should be squaring up with Duce, Freddy or Jarvis. We all know that the “Forsaken Demon" should be handling his business. I guess that’s bad news for you, Alex Rain. That’s real, real bad news."

"The thing you need to realize right quick is, oh, yeah, that you ain't funny, joke man. You need to realize that running around trying to be all funny doesn’t work out. Are you familiar with Loki? You know, the trickster God? Yeah, not the one I don’t quite know how to deal with yet. Let’s look at Loki, or maybe the Joker. Two fine examples that show that while you might think you’re funny, you just can never win. If you took things seriously, you would recognize that I do what I do for several reasons."

Dorian puts his hand up with all five fingers extended.

"Chloe, Ataxia, Mia, Shadow and Zach. That’s right, for you keeping score at home, I said Mia. Now that I know what is going on, I am going to do everything I can to pull Mia back or exorcise Loki Synn from her body or whatever I, no, we have to do."

Dorian seems unusually calm, considering this is the point in the promo where he usually gets really worked up.

"I don’t know you, Alex. I’m not going to pretend I do. I’m not going to sit her and talk down to you. That’s not my style. You know what is my style, Alex? Telling the truth. I am as subtle as a sledgehammer and I hit just as hard. I don’t fear any man or woman that stands across me in that ring because I know that just by standing up for what I believe in, it is a victory on a personal level. Unlike some people around here, I do thing because I love this. I do this because I want to be a role model, not just to my little girl, but to anyone out there that has ever walked the wrong path, to anyone who wants to turn themselves around, to anyone that wants to be a better person than they were the day before. I’m not perfect, and I am man enough to admit that."

Dorian’s words are calmed and measured. He seems unusually relaxed.

"Alex, you don’t know the things I’ve seen or the things I’ve done. I assure you, they have forged me into something more of a man. While my demons still haunt me, I know they will always haunt me, with each and every single breath I take. I am more than willing to do whatever I need to do to ensure my victory."

"I’ve told you why I do this. What do you stand for Alex? I guess your answer doesn’t really matter, because no matter what you stand for, you will fall when you’re the one GETTING HAMMERED!"

The scene fades out with a wide smile across Dorian’s face.

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